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Code 11 KPD SWAT Books In Order

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Publication Order of Code 11-KPD SWAT Books

The Code 11 KPD SWAT series traces the life’s of guys on the SWAT team in Kilgore in Texas as they fight bad guys and for love. Each of the Main characters is outstanding and the series is full of humor that balances well with the tense situations the men find themselves embroiled in. All the main characters seem real as they handle real life like situations. In the first book, Center Mass, the main character is known as Luke Roberts who is a single dad trying to balance a busy schedule and bring up a daughter. In the second book ,Double Tap, the main character is known as Nico who is doing his best to reunite with his high school girlfriend. The problem is that both their pasts have created issues that are troublesome to deal with.

Center Mass is the first book of the Code 11 KPD SWAT series. In the book Luke Roberts a SWAT oficer goes to the small sleepy town of Kilgore, Texas in the US, with the sole objective of forgetting. Luke wants to forget why he left, to forget the emerald green eyes that haunt him in his dreams. He wants to forget the pain he suffered to have his heart broken by a woman who didn’t like the fact that he had a kid, a daughter. All goes well until he meets Reese Doherty who breaks through his well erected defenses and makes him feel love again. Reese is trying her best to bring up her little daughter. She moves from where she grew up to live in a little boomtown, about an hours drive away, and take up the job of a school nurse for Kilgore’s small kids. This is the school that Luke’s daughter attends and he first meets her here. Their meeting changes the rest of her life. Luke Roberts is a sexy man who likes driving fast, lives life like it should be lived, and who takes risks to make the world a better place. Luke drives Reese crazy as he shows her life. Luke becomes somebody so precious to Reese that she cannot live without him. Luke is a SWAT officer and his work involves taking dangerous risks and Reese has to deicide if she can live with that or not. This she must decide before she and her daughter become too attached to Luke. Just as she prepares to give herself to him whole heartedly, her world suffers a big blow and everything she thought she knew doesn’t seem so again. Luke doesn’t quit thought, and he proves to her that he will be there for her when things right, whether she wants him or not.

Double Tap is the second book of the Code 11 KPD SWAT series. In this book Nico is the main character. He met the woman of his dreams at the age of seventeen. But Georgia was too young and he realizes that the difference between their ages is too great to make a move until she is of legal age. Nico decides to join the United States Navy in order to pass time as he waits for her to grow up and he can come home to her again. In his absence tragedy strikes, and Georgia alone and vulnerable has no choice but to leave. She disappears without a trace. Nico spends months looking for her, and when he finally finds her, he realizes that he has to give her time to be on her own in order to sort out her problems by herself. So he lets her be in the knowledge that if she feels anything for him she will go back to him. But it takes Georgia years to return to Nico and in that long duration Nico changes too. He has been through a lot, seen too much, done too much and lost too much. Nico is a SWAT officer with the KPD and only goes through the motions of everyday life. He is only half a man and not the good half because the military took that part of him. When Georgia finally goes to Nico the big question arises. Will Georgia love Nico as the man he has now become or will she leave him because he has changed and is no longer the man he used to be?

Bang Swith is the third book of the Code11 KAP SWAT series. In the book the main character is Lachlan Downy who is a lover and not a fighter. Lachlan is chasing his stubborn neighbor and at the same time hiding a secret that can break them apart in a Bang Switch! The truth is that Lachlan is a fighter too but nobody knows that an particularly not Memphis and her attitude when it comes to cops and so called – men like him! Memphis Tennesses Conner knew policemen, her father having been a cop. Her father was also the president of a motorcycle club, and as is to be expected her father is as alpha as they come. Memphis is tired of overbearing men who think they know best how to run her life. When Memphis meets Lachlan a smooth talking man, she realizes that she will have to take a strong stand against his smooth talk, and his promises of fulfilling her needs. Lachlan isn’t a quitter though and he is determined to get her. Lachlan is a SWAT officer who is the hostage negotiator for the KPD, and he has never met a person, be it a man or woman, he cannot turn into his way of thinking. Lachlan is in for a rough ride though as Memphis is about to show him that he has seriously miscalculated. Memphis will show him that he isn’t as smooth as he has always thought of himself!

Code 11 KPD SWAT is a best selling series written by Lani Lynn Vale, an American author who was born in Longview in the United States. She is a writer in the Contemporary, Suspense and Fiction genres. She is also the author of the best selling Dixie Warden MC and Free birds series.

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