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Publication Order of Code Of Honor Books

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One of the best inspiration romance novel series, Code of Honor by Irene Hannon, are entertaining reads that will have you wanting more. Irene Hannon is an award-winning and bestselling author who has been writing sparkling fiction since she was 10. She was one of the honorees in a complete a story contest in a children’s magazine, that she has said was her informal coming out. Since then she has gone on to pen more than 50 contemporary romance novels. Her novels have won a range of awards including a RITA award, a Daphne du Maurier, and a Career Achievement award from RT Book Reviews. She is an inductee into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, one of only 16 ever to get that honor. She went to St. Louis University for her B.A. in Psychology before she proceeded to her M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia where she got her M.A. in journalism. She worked as a communications executive with a Fortune 500 company for several years before she quit to become a full-time author. When she is not writing she loves to sing, garden and cook. She is a trained vocalist and has sung in musicals such as “Anything Goes”, “Oklahoma”, and “South Pacific” among many others. She also loves to travel with her husband and spend time with the family at the local coffee shop, particularly on the weekends. She currently lives in Missouri.

The Code of Honor Series is a series of contemporary romance novels themed around characters with a moral code combined with an investigative element. In “Dangerous Illusions”, Trish and Flynn are looking to resolve the mystery of a tragic death. Trish had had it rough in the past few years, having to take care of a sick mother, a demanding job, and lately memory loss, which may have led to the death of her mother. Just like Trish, detective Colin comes has had a difficult past but has the passion to do his work as is expected of him. He is persistent in seeking answers to a tragic murder whose facts he is convinced does not add up. The second novel in the series features Kristin Dane and Luke Carter. Kristin is a woman that cares for her community and opened a fair trade shop to make a positive impact. But then people associated with her shop start dying with no explanation. Detective Luke Carter is a charismatic man determined to get to the bottom of the case. He had vowed to never get romantically involved with anyone ever again, but the strength and compassion of Kristin always seem to get past his defenses. The lead in the third novel in the series “Dark Ambitions” is Rick Jordan a former Army Night Stalker. He has dedicated himself to caring for foster children but a mysterious incident in which someone that visited the camp turns up dead leaves him baffled. He is determined to get to the bottom of the conspiracy he is convinced is intended to derail his work.

In “Dangerous Illusions”, the first novel of the Code of Honor series opens to Trish Bailey teaching art in a school in a poor neighborhood in town. She believes these students deserve to get the education just like those in the more affluent neighborhoods. However, all is not well as she lost her father and husband in an accident, which left her mother with severe complications from a stroke. Her parents had been wealthy and had instilled in her the value of giving back to her society. Trish’s mom needed an accountant and their pastor recommended Matt Parker. Matt is an affable man and though he wants to have a relationship with Trish she does not feel any chemistry. But odd things start happening and the stress in Trisha’s life seems to be making her more forgetful. When her mother mysteriously dies from her medication, the police open an investigation led by Colin Flynn. He is determined to get to the bottom of the case but believes Trish is innocent. Meanwhile, Matt seems to have had a change in personality and piles pressure on Trish asking for more power to run the foundation left behind by her parents. Can she trust Matt, he is no longer the affable and easy-going person he was. When Trish is the victim of a mugging Colin thinks and his partner believe it is not a random incident. There are many layers to the players and circumstances but they are determined to unearth whatever is going on.

“Hidden Peril” the second novel in the Code of Honor series is a story about Kristin Dane. She is part of the Treehouse Gang introduced in the first novel that includes Rick and Colin that have been friends since they were twelve. Now adults, Kristin attends Colin’s wedding where she meets Detective Luke Carter. He lost his wife three years ago and he has not yet recovered from the pain and hence finds weddings too happy to bear. Kristin never expected to see the man again until he shows up as the lead detective investigating the murder of her assistant. Kristin sells all manner of goods from across the world in her fair trade shop the WorldCraft, which fosters economic development in the third world. But things get even more complicated when she learns that her business was being used to fund terror cells. It is a complicated case that is more than investigating a known assailant or a robbery. Kristin has to work not only with local law enforcement but also with the FBI who want more information about her involvement. The positive thing about the whole affair is that it brings her closer to Detective Luke, who also cannot resist the spark between them. He had always struggled with replacing the love of his life but with the help of Kristin, he may just get to love again. He has come to know that he has an unlimited supply of love that he can still offer a worthy woman. But now that he has opened up his heart to love, he needs to ensure that his new love is safe from a mysterious enemy.

In “Dark Ambitions” the third novel of the Code of Honor series of novels we are introduced to Rick Jordan, an ex-Army Night Stalker. He spends the winter months running a camp for foster children. However, something is wrong at the camp where a mysterious person visited and left a telltale trail of blood. The visitor left two clues which help identify the man that soon after turns up dead. The police declare it an accident but Rick believes there is something more sinister to the incident. Teaming up with Heather Shields a private investigator, he sets out to resolve the case. But there is someone determined to stop them from ever finding out the truth.

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