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Publication Order of Resonant Earth Books

Broken Mirror (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Believe and Live: The Horrific Prelude to Broken Mirror (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tortured Echoes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Made in L.A. Vol. 2(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Made in L.A. Vol. 4: Beyond the Precipice(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cody Sisco is an indie author that is best known for ‘Broken Mirror’, a science fiction novel set in an alternate universe.

Cody Sisco did not hit it big until the mid-2010s. Some people might go so far as to call him a bit of a late bloomer, especially when one takes into account the sort of edgy fiction he produces. But Cody will be the first person to tell you that there is no right time or age to begin writing.

Cody needed a few years to allow his ideas to properly marinate in his brain before he was finally able to put his concepts on paper.

Cody Sisco writes what is known as speculative fiction. The genre typically sees authors create fictional worlds that mirror the real-world. Like most authors of speculative fiction, Cody has the uncanny ability to create imaginary places that explore the problems of the real world.

The author’s settings are discomforting because they feel like they could be real, and the negative situations Cody creates feel like they could play out in the real world. Cody likes to play with morality. The people in his books are forced to walk that middle ground between good and evil as they attempt to carve out a semblance of peace in the chaos of their existence.

Cody is a fan of authors like Frank Herbert and Kim Stanley Robinson, and their influences can be seen in his work. The author appreciates the genre in which he operates because it allows him to dissect and explore life’s most difficult issues from a distance.

Cody did not set out to write a hit when he first embarked on the journey to producing ‘Broken Mirror’, his first novel. The author had a consultancy gig in Geneva, so he was taking a train from Paris. As the train fell into the shadow of a mountain range, Cody Sisco felt like his life back in the United States was an illusion and that he had become a completely different person.

The level of disconnect from his real life that he felt was a shock to Cody and it got him thinking about the ease with which people can change. This thought pattern kept snowballing until Cody had created his mirror world and the mentally ill protagonist that is trying to make sense of his identity.

The book might have put Cody Sisco on the map but it wasn’t easy to produce. Cody’s first attempt at writing ‘Broken Mirror’ produced a 600-page manuscript. Everyone he spoke to told Cody that no one would read six hundred pages from an untested author.

Rather than give up, Cody chose to break his novel into thirds. However, even then, turning the first third into a novel was no easy task. The author has admitted to writing more than a dozen drafts of the first book over a period of two years.

Cody had to keep fine-tuning the manuscript even as he mastered his craft. But the hard work paid off. The book brought readers to the attention of Cody Sisco, a name that is set to turn the speculative fiction genre on its head.

Cody has a fond opinion of the self-publishing industry. He accepts that things are difficult for indie authors. Marketing is a challenge, especially when one doesn’t have the money or the connections that a big publisher brings to the table.

Cody also knows that indie authors have to work harder to prove the quality of their novels than traditionally published authors. However, Cody Sisco has never shown much interest in working with a traditional publisher. He is not comfortable with signing away the rights to his work, not even for a decent advance.

Over time, Cody has grown to appreciate the connections he has built with his fans and the support they have shown him over the years.

Cody Sisco’s advice to aspiring authors is that they should use every opportunity to write. Additionally, they must learn to share what they write. Cody thinks that the biggest problem new authors face in the modern world is their determination to go at it alone, writing and publishing without first acquiring feedback about the quality of their stories. Cody believes that this behavior has only encouraged the disdain people have for indie authors.

Cody imputes his own success to his critique group of writers and the beta readers who helped him refine his first manuscript, this ensuring that the first book the author put out met the necessary standards of quality. If Cody had his way, every aspiring indie author would have writer friends that can help them master their craft.

When Cody isn’t writing speculative fiction, he’s reading comic books, playing video games, running and practicing yoga, not to mention traveling.

+Broken Mirror

Victor has Mirror resonance syndrome. As a result, he must deal with hallucinations and vivid nightmares, not to mention his overreaction to even the smallest confrontation. It was his grandfather’s goal to find a cure for Broken Mirrors.

When he dies, Victor makes it his goal to find the truth behind his murder. But his condition doesn’t make things easy. He doesn’t even know if his meds are helping his condition or making things worse.

There’s a conspiracy afoot and Victor doesn’t know who he should trust. Aunt Circe could be on his side, and so could his former classmate Ozie. But Victor isn’t sure about anything, not even about Elena who suddenly jumps back into his life.

The world might have discovered the cure for cancer and delivered self-driving cars to the masses but it is far from perfect. Victor is caught in the middle of something he doesn’t quite understand.

+Tortured Echoes

With his mirror resonance syndrome finally under control, Victor Eastmore turns his attention to his grandfather’s murder. Victor believes that his family’s attempts at fixing people like him might hold the answers, so he runs off to New Venice in the Louisiana Territories. What Victor finds in New Venice tests his determination and moral fiber.

Broken Mirrors like Victor are quickly creating fractures in a society that doesn’t really want them. Victor must overcome his own demons before he can give a helping hand to others like him.

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