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Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery Books

Spells and Spiced Latte (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magic, Mocha and Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enchantments and Espresso (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Familiars and French Roast (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Incantations and Iced Coffee (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery is a cozy mystery series by Jinty James. The series stars Maddie Goddwell, a young woman with a thriving coffee truck business and a great personality. She doesn’t run the coffee business alone; she has the help of her best friend Suzanne and her Persian cat Trixie. While the three girls live in a sleepy town they lead happy and active lives. Yes, they get in trouble from time to time, but the girls are having the time of their lives. Maddie knows a thing or two about magic, and whenever she can cast a spell for the overall good of the friends and family, she is not afraid to take action.

Spells and Spiced Latte

The first book in the Coffee Witch Cozy mystery series was initially published as Lethal Latte. The story features Maddie Goodwell, who runs a coffee truck together with her best friend Suzanne Taylor in Estherville, Washington State. She has lived in this town all her life, and while she thinks this is a sleepy town, one thing stands out for her. At the age of 7, Maddie found an ancient book titled Wytchcraft for the Chosen. She has kept the book for years, and at 27, she discovers that the only spell she can cast is the coffee vision spell. The spell allows her to see her customers’ future through their coffee.
Thanks to her special power, Maddie sees a lot in the future of her customers. A curious look at Joan’s future presents a dead middle-aged woman lying in a kitchen. Joan is one of Maddie’s regular customers, and when Joan is found dead in the kitchen, Middies’ vision comes true. So who killed Joan, and what was the reason for ending her life? Should Maddie be concerned about the other visions she has seen in the past?

Maddie feels guilty because she did not warn Joan when she had the time. Suzie, her BFF, and Trixie, her Persian cat, helps Maddie in her search for the killers. Despite the warning that Maddie gets from a greying cop about getting involved in this case, she is adamant. She goes to great lengths to piece the events that led to Joan’s death together. Maddie and Suzanne start their investigations by asking questions to Joan’s family and her friends. The questions do not sit well with the killers, and soon enough, Maddie gets a threatening note. While the note scares her, Maddie is satisfied to know that she is on the right path. Otherwise, why would anyone want her to stop with her investigations?

The girls form quite a team, and their adventures are going to leave you in stitches. From brewing excellent coffee to doing investigations on murder, the police are not so keen to solve; these girls are a lot going on. Maddie and Suzanne have beautiful personalities, and the mystic cat is just the right spice to the sauce. Add a dash of magic, and the story is nothing but perfect.

Spells and Spiced Latte is a paranormal story featuring a good witch, a mystic cat, and loads of fun characters. The story is fun and uncomplicated, and the characters are easy to love. The book is a short 169 pages meaning that you can enjoy it in a single sitting. If you are a fan of paranormal stories that are not too dark, the Spells and Spiced Latte is a perfect choice.

Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino

Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino is the second book in the Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery. The book is centered on the upcoming coffee festivals and the preparations that are going on. Thanks to these festivals, people are buzzing- and for all the wrong reasons. Things take an interesting turn when an obnoxious radio personality is killed. The killing steals the show from the coffee festivals. Since the radio personality was a part of the judging team, it is understandable that contestants also focus their energies on the killing.

Even before investigations start, a conclusion is made that Maddie is involved. The radio personality dies with Maddie’s coffee in her hands. Maddie’s business suffers, and the negative attention will have an effect on her performance at the competition. While the radio personality had blackmailed Maddie for free coffee during the competition, this young entrepreneur had no reason to hurt leave alone kill her. The radio personality turning up dead with a Brewed by the Bean to-go cup in her hands leave Maddie no choice but to get actively involved in the investigations.

Maddie is innocent and she is determined to clear her name. She starts by asking herself why anyone would want to link her business with the murder. From where she stands, it is easy to suspect that her competitors are involved. This could be a ploy to ruin her business and chances of participating in the prestigious Seattle competition. Maddie dedicates a good part of her time to investigating the competition, and while she has little information on what transpired, she has two spells she can put into good use. Then there are her friends Suzanne and Trixie, the cat who has been quite helpful in the past. Will this be enough to catch the killer before more people are killed?

Join Maddie and her friends as they rush to find the truth and catch the radio personality’s killers. As long as the murder stays unresolved, Maddie’s chances of bagging the prize and engaging in a higher competition in Seattle is minimal. This could also make the end of her business. The girls leave no stone unturned, and the discoveries they make are quite shocking.

This is a sweet tale with a corpse, an unusual cat, and a dash of magic. There are no gory details, and the magic is only used for the overall good. The book is short, and you can read from cover to cover in a single sitting. If you need a sweet paranormal story you can enjoy when you are relaxing by the pool, Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino is a great choice.

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