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Publication Order of Cold Case Investigation Books

A Cold Day in Hell (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Murder Book (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Means to an End (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Full Cold Moon (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Parting Glass (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catch Your Death (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cold Case Investigation Series
Cold Case Investigation is a mystery series by Lissa Marie Redmond. The series stars Lauren Riley a detective with a sharp mind, a sharp tongue and morbid humour to boot. Throughout the series, Lauren, her friend and fellow detective Reece, and other colleagues will be doing what they do best- put the bad guy behind bars. Their life will be put in danger enough times, but this is something they are used to. In this series, you will get a feel of how it feels to be a detective in the office and the field. The author has done her homework, and for most parts, it will feel like she is narrating real-life events. There is also some courtroom drama involved—definitely an excellent series for any detective stories fan.

A cold Day in Hell
A Cold Day in Hell is the first book in the Cold Case Investigation series. The series stars Lauren Riley, an accomplished detective with Buffalo, New York police department. Lauren is shocked when her archenemy defence attorney Frank Violanti approaches her about a case involving his godson, 18-year-old David Ryan Spensor. David is accused of strangling Katherine Vine with a scarf after a rough sex session, a crime he vehemently denies. Frank wants Lauren to act as a private investigator and work to clear David’s name. Lauren doesn’t want to get involved in this case, given the media circus surrounding it. However, when she meets David, she is pushed to help this young man stay out of prison.

The arresting case in David’s case was Joe Wheeler, an investigative officer and Lauren’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Lauren views Wheeler with content. The fact that she thinks that David is innocent after conducting her own investigation, makes Lauren decide to work with Frank. As she scraps for information on Katherine and her husband, Lauren is forced to reach out to her ex-husband, Mark Hathaway. However, this move ends up complicating her life even further. It doesn’t help that her DA, Carl Church, is not happy about her working for Frank. Is this case worth all the trouble? Could Lauren’s instincts about David’s innocence have been wrong?

Things take an exciting twist when Lauren learns that thanks to this case, she has also attracted a stalker. Now the talented detective has to look over her shoulders as she works to collect information that could exonerate her client’s godson. As Lauren unravels this case, the author offers insights on Lauren’s daily activities. The twice-divorced mother of the grown-up girls works in Cold Case Homicide. She is a rising star in her department, and she has a great working partner in Shane Reece. In another case, she and her colleague Reece are investigating the stabbing that led to the death of Vinita Ortiz in 1993. There is also the Stenz case, otherwise referred to as the vampire slaying.

A cold Day in Hell makes a perfect blend of a crime thriller and a courtroom drama. The story is characterized by drama, numerous twists and turn, and a pace that doesn’t ease up until the last page. You are going to enjoy the relationship between Lauren and Reece and the banter they share. The everyday tasks offer a glimpse ow what happens in a cold case homicide unit while Lauren’s investigations expose you to the thriller side of such case. If you are looking for a well-written, highly engaging, and action-packed story, this book is ideal.

The Murder Book
The Murder Book is the second book in the Cold Case Investigation series. Once again, we get to see Lauren Riley and her partner Reece is action. The book starts with the stabbing of Lauren when working at her desk late at night. Lauren didn’t see the attacker. However, before she blacks out, she sees the city issue shoes worn by police officers and the green cover of her murder book. With these details, Lauren knows that her attacker was a man, a policeman for that matter, and he was interested in one of her case files. The only reason Lauren is alive is that a colleague came back to pick a hat only to find her blacked out on her desk.

Why would one of her colleagues want her dead? Why was the murder book so important to the attacker? After a mysterious phone message, Lauren starts to work through the haze to find out who wanted her dead. The only other person she can trust at this point is Reece. To ensure that her investigation is exhaustive, Laureen reaches out to retired lieutenant for help. Together, this team digs deeper into the Buffalo Police department, and it’s hidden past. No stone is left uncovered as the detectives know that letting the attacker go only means more members of their work-family are in danger.
They will uncover a terrible secret a fellow officer is willing to kill to protect, and a witness who is desperate to stay hidden. Packed with suspense, this story will throw you into the life of a relentless detective with morbid humour. This is a police and a psychological and procedural thriller all in one. Unlike in A Cold Day in Hell, we get to see Lauren work as a police officer and not as a PI. However, she is still strong, funny, and flawed, just like in the first book. We also get to meet Lauren’s mom, sisters and daughter. Characteristic of Redmond’s writing, this book is easy to read despite its many unforeseen twists and turns.

Overall, The Murder Book is a compelling read. The author has excellent police knowledge, so this reads like a true story. Lauren continues to diligently do her work even when her life is on the line. You will laugh over her banter with Reece and marvel at their expertise in unravelling criminal minds. This book is slightly over 300 pages. You may want to clear your afternoon to enjoy it all in one afternoon. Once you open the first page, you can be sure that you will not let this book go until the end.

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