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Cold Fury Hockey Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cold Fury Hockey Books

Sawyer Bennett is an American published author of fiction. It is the pen name used by an author that also goes by the names S. Bennett and Juliette Poe. The author is known for primarily writing romantic stories in genres that include romantic suspense, paranormal romance, contemporary and new adult romance.

Sawyer is a snarky Southern woman that used to be a trial lawyer and has left that world behind for the world of writing. She always had a lot of stories that were going on in her head and she decided one day that she was going to start writing all of them down. She is married to her market researcher husband and together they share their life, home and bed with three very large dogs that tend to take over the bed. The author says that she does not have many weaknesses but milk chocolate is one of the few that exists.

Sawyer Bennett is the creator and the author of the Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series of fictional novels. This series first started off with the publication of the debut novel, Alex. The debut was quickly followed by the second novel, Garrett. There are plenty of books in this series to enjoy! If you are a fan of sports, hockey, or romantic stories, then you will definitely want to give this engaging series a try.

Alex is the first book in the Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett. Check out this sexy first book from a best selling author that may just be hot enough to cause ice to melt!

Main character Alexander Crossman has earned a bit of a reputation. The hockey star is rumored to be cold, a player that does what he wants and looks out for himself on and off of the hockey rink. He originally got into the sport thanks to his father, who had a drinking problem and wanted his son to play hockey. Now he’s in the role of being the man that everyone loves to hate, but he’s still an MVP.

Management, however, doesn’t like the fact that their star is so ready to give fans the finger. His attitude has become a problem as far as they are concerned. Alex is now faced with the choice of trying to reform his image in the public. He can either take on some community service hours or choose to sit on the bench. It’s not a great situation.

Alex doesn’t want to lose all that he has, but also doesn’t want to be pushed into becoming a poster boy for the team. Could a redhead that is too hot to handle convince him otherwise? Sutton Price is a social worker that has become used to having to contend with people that are difficult. Now she’s working with Alex to come up with a drug awareness program for youth that are at-risk.

The goal is to help the kids and if his image gets better as a result, great. Sutton doesn’t like Alex at first, and she finds him way too arrogant to be a love interest. But the more time that they spend together, the more that it’s turning around for her. She’s too professional to act, but will the hockey player and star move first? She’s interested in this bad boy, but could sparks turn to an explosion? Read this romance book to find out!

Garrett is the second book in the Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series by author Sawyer Bennett! If you love sports or romance or both, check out this story of a playboy athlete that finds a gorgeous woman and what he does next.

Garrett Samuelson is the type of guy that always wants to have fun. He could be playing hockey or doing something with friends or going onto the red carpet– it doesn’t matter. He wants to live each moment to the most that he can. That includes his next target, Olivia Case. The girl seems just like his type. She’s smart, hot, and confident.

He’s already lined her up as his next fling. But it turns out that this woman is different from the others. As he goes after her, he finds out that this one is different. He feels comfortable sharing sides of himself with her that he’s never shared with anyone. But Olivia has a secret of her own. She’s not sure how long she will live thanks to her medical issues.

This means a relationship could be off of the table. The hockey player wants her more than anything, and even if he is a playboy, she sees the real him. Can Olivia resist falling for Garrett? Or will she tell him the truth and scare him away? Read this compelling novel to find out!

Zack is the third book in the Carolina Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett. Catch all of the sports action and romance by reading this book!

Zach Grantham is a huge star that is on the rise. But he’s been in grief and it’s been affecting his career in sports. Now he’s back with his team, but can’t seem to shake all of the baggage that he is carrying with him emotionally.

On top of that, he needs help to take care of his son as he’s now a single father. The new nanny seems to be working out well and his son loves her. But Zack isn’t sure that she’s the right woman for him to start moving on with. The only thing is that she’s so attractive that he’s wondering whether resisting the chemistry is the right move.

Kate resists men like Zack too, thinking they’re too attractive to have any substance. He’s her boss too, so she can’t go for it. But with the sparks flying, can Kate resist for long? Or will she find that she’s willing to risk everything, from her job to her heart, to fight for love? Read this novel to find out and check out the others in the series too!

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