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Publication Order of Cold Mark Saga Books

The American writer Scarlett Dawn is largely known for her fantasy, romance and paranormal novels, along with her ability to conjure up far and distant worlds that are large and expansive in their imaginative scopes, as she takes her readers on a journey into another land, with characters that also resonate on a deeper level too. This is something that she’s been doing for some time now, as she gained the attention of both critics and readers alike, garnering critical and commercial success for her efforts as an author and writer.

Creating long-running franchises and setting up entire universes for her characters to explore, her readers have found themselves invested in her stories, as her themes and ideas speak on a universal scale. One series that she is particularly known for is that of her ‘Cold Mark’ series, which heads off into the world of science-fiction, as it asks some of the biggest philosophical questions posed to humanity. Taking a look at what happens after the planet has been destroyed, she sees humanity heading off into space in the hope of starting a new colony somewhere in the stars, creating something new. With this, though, comes a lot of hardship, as the inhabitants of this ship look to make the most of things, as they come to terms with life in interstellar travel through space.

Running for over five books so far, they’ve all been collated into one large novel recently, as Scarlett Dawn has created one overall volume of the series in 2015. Not available individually anymore, the book works on its own as ‘Cold Mark’, with the individual original titles being ‘Fall’, ‘Sink’, ‘Stop’, ‘Rise’ and ‘Soar’, which make up the whole. These all work together creating a book that sets up the complete journey of its leading protagonist of Braita Valorn, the young eighteen year old girl looking to make a new life on this ship into the stars.


Originally published in 2014 on the 16th of July, this was initially released on the Kindle for a worldwide audience of science-fiction fans and devotees of the author. Setting up the premise of the series as a whole, it manages to capture the essence of the genre, making it work not just for those who are already fans of it, but for those that aren’t as well. Establishing both the style and the tone, it manages to convey everything that Scarlett Dawn is trying to say and put across with the series, with both its themes and its ideas.

With grand ideas of survival against all odds, this title opens up posing some of the biggest dilemmas and predicaments of the series as a whole. Questioning where humanity’s place is and where humans will find themselves in the future, it takes a look at what it takes to make a new life despite the difficulties faced. This also takes very real qualities like love and romance, as it isn’t cynical or jaded, with it providing hope through its characters, as it sees how they interact with one another. Setting the majority of its action over three planets that the humans have a chance of possibly inhabiting, it sees the main characters trying to make a new life for themselves. This is in the solar system called Kline, where the last of humanity has found itself after its long journey to discover a new home and a happy existence. Dealing with the aliens called the Mian, the majority of the action takes place after ‘The Travel’, which is how they term their long interstellar journey there. Focusing itself around the character of eighteen year old Braita Valorn, it narrates the action through her perspective and outlook on the course of events.

Trying to live on the small ocean planet of Joyal, the humans soon find their existence encumbered by a tsunami that hits their village there. Three hundred of them are then transported to the planet of Triaz, along with Braita Valorn, as she soon finds her entire existence torn apart. Getting put into slavery for the Mian, Braita finds that she must adapt and survive if she ever hopes to make it in this new and deadly world. Will she be able survive? What does her heart tell her? When will she fall?


Initially brought out in 2014 on the 1st of November, this carried on from where the last title left off, as they are fairly episodic in their nature. Brought out on the Kindle once again, it works at recapturing the essence of what made the first title work, allowing the action and the narrative to progress in the process as well. Whilst these may have been compiled into an overall book now titled ‘Cold Mark’, the traditional saga like quality is still evident there overall, giving it an engaging and exciting feel, with its cliffhangers and suspense throughout.

Narrating its action through the eyes of Braita Valorn once again, it allows her character to develop from where she was last left off in the previous novel.

Now with a more experienced and worldly idea of how things work, she has been living with the Plumas, another race of people, as she hopes to defend herself against external threats once more. The style and tone are also a little more somber in this book, as it reflects the action overall, creating a sense of foreboding for what is to come in the future.

Once happy with the Plumas, Braita now finds herself thrown back out into the world and into deadly enemy territory, as she must deal with the Mian again. Her one weapon against them may be the sun, as she heads on a mission with Jax to infiltrate the deadly Crank Pit where the Mian lurk. This doesn’t go as she hoped, though, as she finds herself caught once again, and must deal with the threat and danger of capture once more. Will she ever break free? What answers do her heart hold here? How much lower can she sink?

The Cold Mark Series

A complete series that feels conclusive and whole, it’s the perfect start for any reader hoping to get into Scarlett Dawn’s writing and find out more about what she has to offer. The characters are well drawn and their arcs feel complete, giving a sense of realism and grounded style of purpose, showing an author who is clearly within her element here. Knowing exactly what it is that she wanted to achieve with this novel, she has managed to do what she set out to do, in that she has created a highly visual and entertaining series. The Cold Mark series is definitely a franchise for anybody interested in the genre, and even those who might not be, as it’s engaging and thought provoking, creating one of her most compelling franchises to date.

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