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Colebridge Community Books In Order

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Publication Order of Colebridge Community Books

The Basement Quilt (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Potting Shed Quilt (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Funeral Parlor Quilt (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Jane Austen Quilt Club (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghostly Quilts on Main (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quilted Lilies (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Colebridge Quilted Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

A native of the St. Charles Missouri and a former shop owner, Ann Hazelwood is a certified quilt appraiser who has always adored quilting throughout her life. Hazelwood is widely known for the Colebridge Community book series. She considers writing to be one of her greatest passions.

Colebridge Community Series

The Basement Quilt

The Basement Quilt is the first installment in the Colebridge Community series. This is a family story that shows the importance of every person in a family as well as the bond that they share within that family. In this installment, the author, Ann Hazelwood introduces the readers to Anne Brown, her family, and her friends as well. Ann Brown is a plucky florist, whose up and downs on a day to day basis, will seem quite familiar. The reader will undoubtedly identify with Ann Brown from the very beginning. The book begins as Ann decides to get familiar with quilting so that she can assist her aunt. In the process, she is also going to learn various family secrets. After some time, Ann discovers an exceedingly mysterious presence in her mother’s basement. As she gets familiar with quilting, Ann also gets to learn about love in various forms. It is important to note that the basement quilt is not just the title of the novel, but it is also a character in the novel.

The reader will want to meet the other quilt characters throughout the book series. Anne and the other members of the Colebridge community go through some huge life changes. Are the decisions that these community members make wise or do trouble lie right ahead. With that said, the Basement Quilt is a brilliantly written novel that revolves around Ann and the women of Colebridge community. Apart from being a light read, the Basement Quilt is also quite enjoyable. This novel has been filled with the right amount of mystery to keep the reader, reading on.

The Potting Shed Quilt

The Potting Shed Quilt is the second installment in the Colebridge Community book series. It is important to note that a majority of book series of these type always tend to be light murder mystery series. However, all the books in the Colebridge Community book series are not only relaxed but also discuss life in an exceedingly small town of a remarkably busy shop owner, Ann and her wedding plans as well. Despite the fact that the novel starts out slow, the book is quite enjoyable once the reader relaxes and enjoys the slow pace. In this saga, we meet once again with Ann Brown, the protagonist. Apart from Ann, the author, Ann Hazelwood introduces the readers to her fiancée, Sam. Sam and Ann are looking for a house since they are planning to move in together. As it was the case with the first installment, a quilt holds clues and keys to extremely important family secrets. However, whose family does the quilt hold the keys and clues this time around?

Furthermore, why would anyone hide a quit inside a potting shed? Nonetheless, life continues as usual for Anne, her family and friends as well. With that said, if you are a person who loves cozy mystery series, then you are going to fall in love with the Potting Shed Quilt. The narrative is not only interesting but the author, Ann Hazelwood shows promise.

The Funeral Parlour Quilt

The Funeral Parlour is the third installment in the Colebridge Community book series. As the third installment, the Funeral Parlour Quilt is action packed. The book begins as Ann has just hired a new girl to work at the shop. Nancy and Richard, Anne’s friends, relocate back to Colebridge so that they can take over the funeral home from Richard’s father. Anne and Sam, on the other hand, get married, and the two finally settle in, into an exceedingly huge house. As the book progresses, Anne and her friends welcome new members and new comers into their lives. Anne comes across some exceedingly weird death practices and unusual uses for quilts as well. In turn, these events give Anne and her group of friends a pause to consider the deeper meaning of life. As it is the case with all the other two books, The Funeral Parlour Quilt is not just the title of the book, but rather it is also a character as well. With that said, The Funeral Parlor Quilt is a well-written novel that revolves around the life of Ann, a plucky florist, whose day to day decisions, tends to remind the readers of their own.

Ann Hazelwood has done an excellent job of developing brilliant and well-developed characters, who are not only realistic but also highly entertaining. Hazelwood has also done an excellent of ensuring that the plot has several twists and turns that will keep the readers at the age of their seats. By reading this installment, the reader will be reminded that friends, family and good intentions are the ingredients of a happy life.

The Jane Austin Quilt Club

In this fourth installment, we once again meet with the protagonist, Ann Brown and her quilting friends as well. Ann Brown and her group of friends are tasked with the responsibility of developing a Jane Austin masterpiece. The Jane Austin masterpiece should represent the life situation of each of the members of the group. When the group eventually enter their quilt into a show, someone replaces the quilt with an entirely different quilt. As the group tries to solve the mystery, they are forced to persevere their life challenges both professional and personal. As the fourth installment in the Colebridge book series, the Jane Austin Quilt Club is highly entertain and full of twists and turns.

The Ghostly Quilts on Main

In the Ghostly Quilts on Main, the protagonist Anne Brown, a busy flower shop owner takes on the responsibility of helping out shop owners on Main Street. A unique quilt show develops which impacts heavily on the street throughout winter and fall season. Some ghost participants reluctantly assist Ann Brown. Ann grandmother, on the other hand, initiates several activities which may undoubtedly reap some extremely harmful results.

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