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Publication Order of A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Books

Criminal Confections (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerously Dark (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Semi-Sweet Hereafter (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead and Ganache (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Peppermint Mocha Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colette London has published several books since she began writing nearly a decade ago. Her best selling series book The Chocolate Whisperer was released in 2015; it is a story about a naive detective Hayden Moore. She begins her sleuth assignment with a chocolate company. In this review; we shall explore The Chocolate Whisperer and analyze some of the books in this series.

Criminal Confections #1 A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery

Hayden Mundy Moore is a new detective tasked with uncovering crimes committed in chocolate confectionaries. She has more knowledge of all things chocolate, more than the company owners does. Due to her extra ordinary knowledge of chocolate ideas and its manufacturing intrigues, companies contract Hayden to analyze their chocolate businesses and point to where the problem might be. Hayden inherited a chocolate empire from her late uncle; she traveled all over the world in search of the perfect cocoa bean to create some of the best chocolate confectionaries in her town.

Hayden desires to settle down one day, but her crazy schedule won’t let her fulfill her heart’s desire. During one of her missions, she travels all the way to San Francisco at a prestigious hotel consulting for the Lemaître Chocolates new series of chocolate caffeine. Hayden thinks this is a bad idea, but she’s reluctant to relay her hunch to the Lemaître Chocolate boss, Christian. The entire establishment fills the air with all the chocolate variations and themed spa it’s hard to concentrate on work with all the natural goodness of chocolate everywhere.

As Hayden waits for Danny, she chimes with Adrienne, the in-house chocolatier who introduced the bogus chocolate line to please her boss. Hayden agrees to help Adrienne prepare the new ingredient, opting to relay the bad news later. Soon afterward Hayden finds out that Adrienne ends up dead! She’s shocked by the swift turn of events since Adrienne loved her job and died so carelessly. Danny arrived just in time for the bad news. He is an expert criminal detective, and after listening to the whole story, he believes that Hayden was the target. But who would want her dead? Nobody knows her in San Francisco besides the people at the chocolate company.

When the police arrive, they insinuate that Adrienne overdosed on substance. They have to perform an autopsy to determine what exactly happened to her. Hayden decides to take a different route and does some sleuthing on her own. She feels indebted to the late Adrienne and vows to honor her memory. Hayden comes off as a naïve and stubborn protagonist. Danny comes off a s a true loyal friend to Hayden. Bernard has a deep love for chocolate and his chocolate establishment, he comes off as a reasonable boss but too slow on making smart business decisions. He still believes in the old way of doing things. He has a sporadic bad temper, which is not too good for someone of his stature and business standards. Sometimes his erratic demeanor frightened Hayden. Other characters include Isabel, Christian, and Rex. Christian is a hard-nosed business person. In the last chapters, he comes off as a stable likable character. It came as a surprise when we learn that Rex is the actual murderer, though his personality does not convince one of this heinous crime. He had the motive to kill, but not Adrienne.

The series has mouth-watering chocolate recipes to die for! Everything is soaked in chocolate at the Maison Lemaître. From the melting chocolate caramel frappes to cake dripping chocolate desserts, it’s hard to concentrate on work. San Francisco is a big, diverse town, and the hotel provides a perfect location for the imagination of the isolated community to this incredible mystery. It offers a fun, juicy experience to explore the world of chocolate. The mystery has an engaging story from the beginning to the end. The murderer, the truth and all the shocking details following the death of Adrianne are quite surprising and unexpected.

Dangerously Dark #2 Chocolate Whisperer Mysteries

Hayden the “investigator” discovers her best friend’s fiancé Declan, found dead in her food van. Hayden feels that this was not an accident but a premeditated murder. She believes there’s a killer on the loose. Travis – Hayden’s financial advisor is too cute that Hayden openly flirts with him, especially when they speak on the phone and she goes “what are you wearing?” It is refreshing to read how these two casually chit chat without offending one another. Chocolate-whisperer Hayden has arrived in Portland, Oregon, at a friend’s engagement party where she enjoys soufflé and cacao cocktails. Fresh from seizing her first candy-coated killer, Hayden does not mince her words or actions when she’s working. The groom turns up dead right in the middle of a slated session dubbed Chocolate-After-Dark tour.

His friends think it’s an accident, but Hayden believes this one is a crime of passion. As they contemplate on the freaking accident In the midst of merrymaking with tasty habanero and mocha-chunk gelato chocolate flavors, a Chocó-fan lies in wait to make his second move. Hayden must use all the witty skills to apprehend the elusive murderer under the guise of a friend to the engaged couple. But she just may have more on her plate than she presumes. Taking him down will not be that easy as she thought.

The Semi-Sweet Hereafter#3 A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery

Hayden’s latest adventure takes place in London, to work for an established sleek chocolate-patisserie. She’s tasked with teaching the establishment’s staff new ways of baking chocolate recipes. Phoebe Wright, The shop owner, is a wealthy woman from an aristocratic family and barely knows how to clean let alone cook. Her husband, Jeremy Wright, is a self-made chef who came from a humble family living in public housing projects. Hayden discovers Jeremy’s body lying lifelessly in the guest room. As she tries to solve the murder case, she suspects a few fellows who worked closely with Jeremy. Liam was his unenthusiastic personal trainer and Nicola, as his assistant. With profound and unwavering support from Danny, Hayden explores the posh shop, public housing, where Jeremy frequently visited, to try to seek clues on the killer. Meanwhile, Phoebe learns how to make chocolate British sweets through lessons from Hayden. Danny and Hayden grow closer, and their relationship intensifies, he loves her, but cannot express his feelings to her for obvious reasons.

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