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Precious Thing (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Life I Left Behind (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Act of Silence (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Call Me a Liar (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Killer Women(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Women Crime Club Anthology #2(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colette McBeth is a popular writer from the Scotland, who is very famous for her crime, contemporary, and fiction books. She has written several stand alone novels in her career, which are widely successful. In addition to writing full length novels, also McBeth has also penned a few anthologies. The list of her well known books include Killer Women, An Act of Silence, Precious Things, and several others well. Before starting her career in the field of writing, author McBeth used to work as a news reporter. She spent ten years working for the BBC. While being involved in the reporting job McBeth developed an interest in writing. It was the outcome of her avid reading. McBeth was very much interested in reading all kinds of novels and stories right from a very young age. And eventually, when she felt the need for trying her hand at writing her own novel, she decided to first learn about the basics of writing. So, she enrolled herself for a novel writing course at the Faber Academy.

McBeth was successful in finding a place at the academy and the first thing she did after that was to resign from her job at the BBC. She went on to complete the writing course and began writing her first book. And when she finally finished the writing part, McBeth took it to her publisher for editing and publishing. The result of this hard work and dedicated writing work was her successful first novel Precious Things. Her immense success with her very first book gave her a lot of motivation and encouraged her to keep writing. Author McBeth was born in Greenock, Scotland, U.K. She is married and has three beautiful children. As of today, author McBeth resides in with her beloved husband and children in London. McBeth has a particular interest in living near the seaside. She has a dream of building a home on a beach for herself and her family, and she is putting in all the efforts to see her dream turn into reality. McBeth considers lucky to have found the career path of writing. She enjoys doing it more than any other work. Her husband and children has always supported and encourage her with her writing works and it gives her immense pleasure to have such a wonderful family.

The debut book written by author Colette McBeth in her literary career is entitled ‘Precious Things’. This book was released by the Headline Review publication in the year 2014. It features the primary characters in the form of Clara and Rachel, who are depicted as best friends. At the start of the book’s story, the author has mentioned that people generally forget about the person they sat beside on the first day of their school. There is a very little chance that they will become close friends or remain in touch after growing up. Generally, people move on and go on to make new friends, and get busy in their own lives. People who are best of friends during their school days generally fizzle out after graduating and begin their work life. Rachel & Clara knew the day would come for them too when they will get separated and hardly get in touch. So, they promise themselves that they are not going to let it happen and make their friendship last forever. The two girls got acquainted with each other when Rachel joined Clara’s school as a new admission.

Clara was very popular in her class and everyone wanted to be friends with her. Their common interests and likings enabled them to connect and become best friends. When the girls reach their twenties Rachel life changes for good and she possesses everything she wanted, but Clara’s life becomes miserable. She feels her life is spiralling out of her control and she cannot do anything about it. And soon after, Clara vanishes from Rachel’s life. Later, Rachel comes to know a shocking truth about Clara that forces her to question all that they had shared together. Rachel realizes that the truth has been always there in front of her eyes, but she was not able to see it because she was too involved in her friendship with Clara.

When Rachel met Clara, she was a popular, confident, and beautiful girl. But, Rachel was quiet, overweight, and drab. They were different from each other completely. And as the days pass by, things get better for her, while Clara struggles to keep her life on track. So, she decides to distance herself from everyone, including her best friend Rachel. When Rachel learns about the sudden vanishing of Clara, she sets out to find her as she thinks it’s her duty as a best friend. The story is told from the point of view of Rachel, who describes it in a letter that she writes for Clara. The narration goes into flashback repeatedly for describing the earlier lives of both the girls. Author McBeth has described the complicated lives of Clara & Rachel in an excellent way. Her intriguing characters and interesting writing style make this novel serve as a good psychological thriller. The readers who love the works of Elizabeth Haynes and Rosamund Lupton have enjoyed reading this novel very much. McBeth hopes to continue such exciting results with all her future books.

Another exciting novel that author McBeth has written is called ‘The Life I Left Behind’. It was published by the Minotaur Books in 2015. In this book, McBeth has mentioned the lead characters as David Alden, Melody Pieterson, and Eve Elliot. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Melody Pieterson faced an attack on herself around 6 years and was left to die. A dog walker passing by saw her by chance and saved Melody’s life. After this incident, one of Melody’s neighbors, David Alden, was found to be the culprit and was jailed for his crime. Melody was in good terms with David, but his betrayal and the deadly attack turned Melody Pieterson into a completely different person. Now, she finds it very difficult trusting the judgements of her own. And neither does she trust any friend.

Melody distances herself from all her friends and begins living a lonely life. Her condition worsens so much that she locks herself behind the walls of her well secured house. After some time, David Alden gets released after serving his prison time and it is discovered the next day that Eve Elliot has been murdered in the same way Melody was attacked. A new investigation begins and Melody is again pulled into the disorderly world from her secluded life. As she begins to study the murder case of Eve Elliot, she starts wondering if David was not the one who had attacked her. This means the killer is someone else and he is out in the open making plans to take other innocent lives. But more than this problem, Meldoy wonders how she is going to face David Alden, knowing that he had not betrayed and was wrongly imprisoned because of the attack on her.

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