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The agents of large publishing houses are starting to take a closer look at self-publishing sales. These are indicators of trends and have led to a new category for publishers to consider, that of young adult romance fiction.

The success of some self-published authors has turned some heads in the industry. One of the most successful self- published authors is Colleen Hoover. She was one of the first to be picked up by a large publishing house for her first book entitled Slammed.


As an independent American author from Texas, Colleen Hoover came to writing as a hobby, but still something she felt compelled to do. Like most modern working women, she balances her work, her marriage, her two young sons and still finds joy in writing and promoting her own creations.

As all good writers realize, she writes what she knows – family, friendship, change, and especially love. Her plots and characters have immense appeal among young women readers, and she sets her characters in modern day situations of friendship, new relationships, first love, and heartbreak.


In her debut novel, Colleen Hoover jumps in with an emotion-packed romantic story that captures all the confusion and titillation of first love, from a teen girl’s perspective. She takes the perspective that falling in love can be a lot like falling into poetry.

The title, Slammed, is a reference to poetry readings which are called “Slammings” at coffee houses and cafes where they are featured. In this story we meet Layken, an 18 year old forced into the new setting of small town Michigan after being raised in Texas.

Her father has died tragically and she is losing hope. In her new home she makes new friends and meets an attractive neighbor. The neighbor is also her poetry teacher and he attends slam poetry readings. More drama ensues and their relationship is slammed to a sudden halt. They struggle to find balance between the feelings that pull them together.

Add to this an important secret that threatens to keep them apart. Hoover writes with description that captivates her readers and doesn’t let go. In this story it is only through poetry that the truth is in their hearts, and the characters of Layken and Will hope for a future where their love can be a cause for celebration, not regret.

Point of Retreat

In the sequel to her enormously popular bestseller Slammed, Colleen Hoover continues the story of Layken and Will and their passionate connection. As their emotional story continues, an unforeseen and stunning revelation twists the plot right from the get go.

Questions about Will’s past leaves them wondering about what they really know about each other. The two must decide if they are willing to fight for a future together when it is all put at risk of falling apart. Will the drift back into solitude and heartache or persevere and overcome together.

Sometimes a relationship is truly tested. How far will these characters go to prove their love for each other? How far apart do they have to fall to realize how much they belong together? What is the point of retreat? How will the decisions the make effect the people around them that they hold near and dear to their hearts?

This Girl

The third installment in Colleen Hoover’s immensely popular series has the story told from the point of view of Will, Layken’s love in the original two books. This is a genuine story of young newlyweds, and the years of discovery still going on between these two beloved characters.

Untangling stories of the past is a recurring theme in Hoover’s writing and she doesn’t disappoint here. By the end of the trilogy, it is apparent that the future rests on how well Layken and Will manage to deal with their pasts, together.

Other Books

Colleen Hoover continues to craft novels that have become bestsellers, and not through the conventional publishing house methods. She is a forerunner in an emerging group of independent romance writers that connect with their fan base in blogs, websites and book signings.

Today, it is easier than ever to truly communicate with an author and to get response to comment, praise and even criticisms. This is what fuels self-published independent authors. Instant response from their readership, that can guide their projects, and even their plots, to meet the demands of their readers. Five books in sequence have all led Colleen Hoover to best-selling status in the New York Times.

For her fan base, Hoover has also made available a novella for free called Finding Cinderella. How unusual for an author to provide a “thank you “ to their fans for continued support. This is the beauty of internet marketing and social media. Even tough Finding Cinderella is a sequel of sorts, it can stand alone too as its own work.


Here Colleen Hoover has emerged with a new story based on Sky, a high school senior who has her first romantic encounter with Dean Holder, a boy with a reputation and a mysterious past. Writing about dealing with people who have devastating pasts is very current theme for Colleen.

The two are drawn to each other, even when they try to resist, and as secrets are revealed, their bond is intensified. Change in both of them is paramount and both characters hope to heal their emotional scars and live with less boundaries in their young lives. In the companion book Losing Hope, Colleen take the story further, but this time from the perspective of Dean, the troubled youth with secrets to reveal.

Feelings of guilt and remorse have plagued the young Dean, and he searches for a sense of peace in his dilemma with Sky. When they finally reconnect, a greater pain embraced the young man. For the second installment in the series, readers learn more about Holder’s youth, and his search for redemption in the act of saving another.

Connecting with Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is a regular blogger and also posts random videos on Instagram for her followers. It’s on her Facebook page that you can really hear from her, leave comments, get replies and keep abreast of her upcoming projects. She will candidly talk about where her characters are going, what she likes to reveal about her plots and what she hold dear until it is develop into something she is truly proud of.

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  1. May Anciaux: 4 months ago

    Have read them all am anxiously awaiting the next books…. ditto to all the comments… love them, even reread them they are so wonderful

  2. Julie: 5 months ago

    I have read all but 4 of your books on the above list. I have loved all of them. I am going to be sad when I finish the last ones. You are an exceptional writer. Great job!!!!!

  3. Andrea Singer-Lepow: 10 months ago

    I’m addicted!!!!

  4. Maria. Sagliani: 1 year ago

    I’m obsessed with your books! My first one was Verity, couldn’t put it down. I’m working on reading all of them. You’re truly an amazing writer, thank you!

  5. Patricia: 1 year ago

    A great started reading these books and now all the women in the family are into them. My favorite is “Confession.” couldn’t put it down and the ending blew me away!! I never saw it coming!!!! For Christmas, all I ask for under the tree was Collen Hoover’s books!!

  6. Patricia Dunn: 1 year ago

    The first Colleen Hoover book I read was “Verity” and now I have a new favorite author. A close friend recommended the book and I was absolutely floored by how emotional and gripping this book was. The ending left mope somewhat confused and wanting a concrete ending. I’d love to read a sequel and I’m sure other readers agree.

  7. Kamile Vaitkute: 2 years ago

    I have read verity and November 9 and cant wait to get my next book from hoover !

  8. Pauline hetherington: 3 years ago

    I first read the slammed series / loved I laughed cried loved it have read them again , I enjoy your books you have an amazing mind to write . I just read it to late in two days , l loved it thank you for being such a gifted person to give us amazing stories , I read them and feel lost i your story / thank you Pauline


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