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Publication Order of Queen of Hearts Saga Books

Queen of Hearts (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood of Wonderland / The Wonder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
War of the Cards (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Elly in Bloom Books

Publication Order of The Second Favorite Daughters Club Books

Sister Sabotage (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Wendy Darling Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Black Coats (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sister of the Chosen One (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Children's Books

Niko's Night and Day (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colleen Oakes is an author of books for adults and for young adults. These include the Wendy Darling and Queen of Hearts series, which has been optioned and is being developed.

Oakes resides with her family in North Denver. She is married and she and her husband have a son together. When she is not busy writing or planning some new writing material, she is likely pursuing one of her hobbies like traveling, swimming, or getting into some pop culture of the nerd variety. She’s always loved reading!

She graduated from Concordia College in New York with her Bachelors degree in creative writing and English.

Colleen Oakes is the creator and the author of the fictional series Queen of Hearts. This creative fantasy fiction series was first made available to 2012. It also goes by the alternate title of The Crown. The sequel would come out shortly after and is titled Blood of Wonderland (alternate title The Wonder). 2017 would see the release of War of the Cards, which is the third book and made this a complete trilogy!

Queen of Hearts is the first novel in the fictional series by the same name. When it comes to fantasy, if you are looking for a good read, then you should definitely check out this book!

They say only the queens that have hearts are able to bleed. This is a story that is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but it is certainly not the exact same story that readers have come to know. This is a totally different girl and a totally different world.

This time, things have changed. This time, Alice hasn’t managed to accidentally fall and find herself tumbling down and further down the rabbit hole. Nor is there a cat that appears to know everything appearing on a branch and wearing a Cheshire grin.

This is the Wonderland apart, a mysterious place. Every smile that you see is hiding a secret. Every tart that you receive also has strings attached and you may find yourself obeying a demand. Here, it is only the dishonest people in the jail that are prisoners that are able to tell truths.

Readers meet the main character of Dinah. She’s a princess and one day, she is destined to take her rule over Wonderland. Dinah has not been able to yet see the kingdom and its dark depths. She wants to have the approval of her father as well as a brighter future shared with the one person in this world that she loves.

Dinah never sees that a future betrayal may end up causing her pain and breaking her heart. But when it also threatens to take her throne, this princess will find that she is signing up to play ball when it comes to the sharp political game playing in Wonderland.

This princess is finding that she has to be one step further than her enemies are at all times. If she isn’t doing her best to keep up in the came and be ahead of everyone else plotting against her, she stands to lose more than just her rule. The crown will be gone, and her head will be gone along with it.

Something is going on in Wonderland, and she doesn’t like it. Something out there is starting up, and it appears to be evil in nature. But could this same thing be starting up in someone like Dinah? This princess always wanted to be a queen, but with a beating heart, is that the last place that she should be?

Find out if she can protect her throne and life in this awesome series debut from Colleen Oakes!

The Wonder is the second novel in the fun fictional series Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes. They say that it is a tough job to be queen, and that is something that Dinah is going to have to find out for herself. They say that it’s trial by fire, after all– rise to the occasion or fall to the bottom.

Gone from Wonderland thanks to an ordered exile, Dinah has been forced to depart. Her father always was particularly vicious and never wanted the best for her. She lived in fear of him, and now he has risen up against her.

Framing her and blaming her for a horrible murder, placing her as the main suspect in her own brother’s intentional killing, he has now accomplished his main goal. He has been able to take the entire kingdom and turn the people against her.

Dinah is forced to go into hiding. She has chosen the lush Twisted Wood, a totally mysterious place. With just her war horse standing by her side, she faces a difficult choice. She can either decide that she will depart forever and never return, or go back and fight for the throne that is so rightfully hers.

To get the throne back, Dinah would have to take on her father. But in a fight between the two of them, she is not sure who would win. She does know that if she were to take it on, it would be a difficult battle. It would also be one that would be likely to result in blood shed by both.

Dinah doesn’t know which path to take. But a random encounter with one of the old enemies of her father brings her more help and friends than she would have thought possible. It is beginning to feel like a war breaking out is the only thing that will happen.

Dinah has her doubts about rushing into combat so readily. To do so is to choose to involve her people and lead them into a fight that they may not all survive. Before she acts, she has the burden of confronting the truth regarding her heart as well as her destiny.

Can Dinah deal with what she has gone through and make the right choice? Or is war coming her way? Either way, the battle will begin at last for Dinah. Find out what happens in the end by picking up the exciting second book in this fantastic fantasy retelling from Colleen Oakes.

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