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Colony (Michaelbrent Collings) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Colony Books

The “Colony” saga by Michaelbrent Collings is an original series that makes you rethink what you know about zombies. Everyone, except for .1% of the population in the world, is killed or changed and turned into a zombie. And the whole thing happened in the span of ten minutes. These “zombies” (if you can call them that) cannot be killed with head shots or at all, that just makes them angry. Each second, they are getting smarter and smarter and stronger. It is much easier for people just to ignore them.The books focus on Ken Strickland, a high school teacher who knows some martial arts and deals with having a family in the apocalypse.

The series is self published by Collings himself, and has seven novels to the series. The most recent novel concludes the series. The books can be found in many different digital forms and in paperback. It is also a best selling series on Amazon.

“Genesis” is the first book in the “Colony” series by Michaelbrent Collings. Ken Strickland has lived through the beginning of the transformation process that has killed just about everyone (99.9% of the population) on planet Earth. His family is out there still, somewhere. He wants to find them, if he can, assuming they or he does not become one of the many who succumb to the disease. This novel is the first six hours of the end of the world.

Fans found that the book was the latest that shows Collings’s unique story lines, and in this novel’s case, takes the world of zombie fiction to a whole new level. Some loved the novel for the fast pace and Collings’s ability to keep them reading the whole book in one sitting. Readers love that you get so involved with the characters and their urgency to save themselves. Some loved that there was nothing dull in the novel. Collings was able throughout the book to describe things very well, with gruesome detail.

Some did not think that Collings allows the readers to settle in to the book and moved a little too fast. Some found the development of both the characters and the story to be lacking and that there was a little too much frantic energy coming from the book. Some do not like the way this novel just ends, making it so that you have to keep reading the next one to figure out what comes next, almost as though these are not full novels, but part of one long seven part novel.

“Renegades” is the second book in the “Colony” series by Michaelbrent Collings. If you are alive, you have more that can be taken from you. Zombies have taken over the world and now they are adapting and becoming smarter, faster, and stronger; they are also working together to kill the rest of the humans that are left on Earth. Ken found his family, but that is not the same thing as keeping them. The people who have survived find that there are monsters out there, and not just the zombies, but humans too. They humans are among the worst of the monsters there are now. They must fight through, even though they have been pushed to their breaking points.

Fans of the novel found that they liked the second installment more than the first. These novels attract some people who do not read much zombie/ survival fiction, and they find themselves wrapped up in everything that is going on in the book. Some found Collings’s writing to be incredibly vivid, almost as though you could picture everything and make a movie in your head of what was going on. Some felt that there is a seamless transition from the first book to this one, finding that there is more thrills, adrenaline, and no rests.

Readers who did not like the book found themselves being desensitized to all the action in the novel, finding that it was all just too much. There did not seem to be much in the way of coming down some, just go go go, action all the way. Making this series too intense for some people. There were readers who felt that the novel just ends with no real conclusion, just a set up for the next novel in the series.

“Descent” is the third book in the “Colony” series by Michaelbrent Collings. A small group of survivors are trapped by a much larger horde of zombies in a building. Ken’s life, as if things were not bad enough, are falling apart around him. His son is gone, his wife has lost all of her trust in him, and his daughters are changing. The survivors have a lot of fight left in them, they want to live, but some of them will not make it out alive. There will be some who die, or worse. Anyone looking to survive must put themselves through a lot more terror to survive.

Fans of the novel like how non-stop and relentless and intense these books are, and how with each cliffhanger, the readers find themselves signed up for the next book in the series. Some found that the characters have some downtime and there is more humor in this novel. Things slow down action wise, which allows for the readers to get to know the characters some more; even more than in the previous books in the series. Fans liked that Collings worked on the relationship that Ken and Maggie have together, finding that even though they are having problems, they pull it together and figure things out.

Readers who did not like the book said that there is more resting, but still far too much intensity, not enough progress in the overall story, and still a lot of action throughout the novel. Some found that the suspension of disbelief needed to read this book was much too high, and it forced them to stop reading the books in the series. Some found that the books are much too short and that there are so many books in the series to make more money off of people than just to give people fuller stories. This felt like snack storytelling, not full meal storytelling.

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