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Publication Order of Colorado High Country Books

The “Colorado High Country” series is a set of romantic suspense novels by Pamela Clare, a USA Today bestselling author.
She started out as an investigative reporter and columnist and over the years, she rose through the ranks and ended up as the first woman editor in chief at two major papers.

During this time, she won many national and state honors including the National Journalism Award and the First Amendment Award. In 2011, she won the Flame Lifetime Achievement Award by the Society of Professional Journalists of Colorado.

Clare has also made the final shortlist for a RITA award twice and her “I Team series” has also made the Daphne du Maurier award shortlist three times.
The author is a huge lover of history since she studied archeology at university. She also loves to travel and has lived in Denmark and Europe for more than three years. She has said that her passion for historical romance came from visiting the many castles and ruins in Europe.
She currently makes her home in Boulder, Colorado, where she can enjoy views of the Rocky Mountains.

Pamela Clare first fell in love with fiction when aged nine she discovered “Misty of Chincoteague.” By the time she turned twelve, she had read everything by Marguerite Henry and the works of the likes of Ayn Rand, CS Lewis, Fyodor Dostoevsky, JRR Tolkien, and of course the “Nancy Drew” series.

It was at this time that she was convinced that she was destined for a career as an author. Her first encounter with romance was when she was fifteen years old and read Kathleen Woodiwiss’ “The Flame and the Flower” and soon after “Sweet, Savage Love” by Rosemary and Shanna Rogers.

She was so taken by the love, passion, and bravery of the novel that she stopped reading the intellectual and artsy classics. Pamela Clare now writes contemporary romantic and historical romance novels. She has said that there is nothing better than seeing her characters come to life in the interesting worlds in which they live.
When she is not writing her novels, she loves to watch wildlife and birds with Benjamin and Alec, her two teenage sons. Her other hobbies include reading and travel, painting and drawing, traveling the world, quilting, horseback riding, and listening to music.

The “Colorado High Country” series of novels is set in the small town of Scarlet that Pamela has asserted is inspired by Nederland, a similar town in Denmark. It is a city of love and reconciliation where several protagonists try to make it in love and life.

In “Barely Breathing” the debut, we meet Lexi and Austin who had a bad breakup while they were in senior year high school. Lexi had left town after graduation but is now back to find Austin is now a sexy paramedic, park ranger, and lead climber for the search and rescue team in the Rocky Mountains.

In the second novel, Eric Hawke, a paramedic and fire chief of the small town of Scarlet meets Victoria. They initially have a rocky start but then love blooms and their intense attraction peaks just before Austin and Lexi’s wedding. But being in a relationship with Eric means Victoria has to make some hard choices.
The third novel of the series tells the story of a Gold Star wife Ellie Meeks and Jesse Moretti, a former Army Ranger. Ellie has to deal with raising twins on her own following the death of her husband in active duty while the PTSD afflicted Jesse uses climbing to cope.

“Barely Breathing” is the first of the “Colorado High Country” series by Pamela Clare. It is the story of Austin and Lexi that were once upon a time high school sweethearts. Twelve years earlier, Lexi had left her hometown in Scarlet Springs and headed to Chicago.

She is now back as a thirty-something-year-old who has lost her job and come back to live with her father. It is inevitable that she will run into her first heartbreak and first boyfriend Austin Taylor. She believes that she is over him until the sexy man steps out of a pickup truck with his search and rescue uniform.

On his part, Austin believed he was over Lexi ever since she had left him and ripped his heart apart in their senior year. But from the instant he sets his eyes on her, she is all that he can think about.

They set up a friendly date only for it to turn into something they never intended as they become friends with benefits. However, it is not long before Lexi starts saying she is going back to Chicago and Austin knows he has to do something to not lose her forever.

In Pamela Clare’s “Slow Burn” which is the second novel of the “Colorado High Country” series, we meet Victoria Woodley and Eric Hawke. After a terrible nightmare of dating, she leaves Chicago to go back home to Scarlet Springs, where her best friend is getting married.

She is picked up at the airport by the sexy as sin, charming and cocky man before whom she had embarrassed herself last time they had seen each other. Woodley’s unending attraction to him just proves that he is bad for her and she needs to ignore him but she can’t.

Besides, she is the maid of honor and he is the best man. She finds it impossible to tell him to take a hike particularly since his lips are so delicious.
Hawke works for the county’s search and rescue team as a volunteer and also runs the firehouse and says he cannot manage a relationship as she is too busy. But from the instant he looked into the big brown eyes, the attraction between him and Victoria is too much to deny.
But can he convince her to stay with him in the small nondescript town before her time in Scarlet is up?

“Falling Hard,” the third novel of the “Colorado High Country” series tells the story of Ellie Meeks and Jesse Moretti. Meeks had promised her pilot husband that she would live a full life if anything ever happened to him.

But three years after his death, she was all alone and taking care of the twins he never met. She does not want to meet or date any other men until she meets a former Army Ranger who helps her out one snowy night.

The irresistibly sexy, tall, and rugged man is Jesse Moretti of the search and rescue team in Scarlet Springs. Moretti had moved to Scarlet to try to put Iraq in the rearview mirror using high-risk mountain rescue and extreme sports to ward off PTSD.

However, getting into a romantic relationship with Meeks might just be the biggest risk he could ever have taken. They have explosive chemistry and she is making him start to feel things he has not felt in a long time.

On her part, Meeks feels more alive than she has for a long time. But she knows she has to help him fight the demons of the war to make him the perfect man for her.

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