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Publication Order of Colorado Mountain Books

The Colorado Mountains is a book series that takes place between two fictional towns in Colorado situated close to each other, Carnal town and Gnaw Bone. The series features eight novels, it follows the stories of eight connected men and women within a rocky road.

The Gamble- Nina Sheridan

The Colorado series starts off with The Gamble, a novel where Nina Sheridan is on a relaxation exploration out in the Colorado Mountains. Nina wants to keep away from her impractical fiancé. This distance gives her a chance to choose if she would like to spend her whole life with the impractical man that cared less about her. The experiences that await her are bound to change her whole life.

Arriving close to the Colorado Mountains, Nina gets stopped by a blinding snowstorm, she chooses to rent a room for two weeks. Her fate seems well planned when she meets one of the most amazing man she has ever met. A few days later, this man forces and kicks her out. With much pain, she can no longer take any such form of mistreatment, she goes on with her journey and leaves him.

Beyond anger, she is flown to a world with timeout adventure. Not forgetting she lives in a world of perpetual hurt, she heads to the mountain. Quite unfortunate, during her journey, she falls in a ditch, a deep ditch. She attempts to get out unsuccessfully, she gives up hoping for rescue as she falls asleep.

Nina wakes up the following morning at an amazing man’s bed, she is sick and unable to move. The man that had found her was Holden Maxwell, he spends all day with her and nurses her buck to being health. After that, the following two weeks are spent convincing her to give the Colorado Mountains adventure a further thought. Nina takes the gamble on him with this adventure.

What follows is that Nina faces a tough time trying to fight her unexpected attractions to Max. It gets more difficult when it seems that Max’s mother, friends and probably many people in the Gnaw town seem them fit to be together. Worst of all, Max and Nina get entangled in the killing of Max’s enemy, a most detested resident. Everyone in the town wanted him dead, especially Max.

Kristen Ashely, author of the book delivers a deeply emotional installment with the first book series of the Colorado Mountain. The chaos and scandals that surround the contemporary romance series are exclusive. These scenes are punctuated by blistering hot sex scenes and fascinating glimpses in a tough world ruled by motorcycle clubs. Romance is the heart of the story. Nina’s love story takes every reader up to the final page of the novel.

Sweet dreams- Lauren Grahame

After an enthusiastic premier love story, Sweet dreams is the second novel in the Colorado Mountains series. It features a change of character from the initial novel. Lauren Grahame is 40, divorced, overweight and jobless. She is looking for a way to find herself. She is new in the Carnal town, in Colorado. She finds a job as a waitress within a popular biker bar. She meets a sexy new boss, Tatum Jackson. Life seems to take a new turn as she expected, she is sure going to enjoy her time in the town.

Lauren left her cheating husband and is looking for a way to reinvent her life and herself. Jackson walks in her life, and Lauren has never seen such a man in her entire life, one with such good looks, attitude and muscles. However, when he insults her, she does not want anything whatsoever to do with him. Things turn quite complicated because he is the bar’s partial owner and a bartender.

Life goes on and when things get to a very rough edge, Tate comes to Laurens life. Tate is another guy who sets his mind on Lauren. He finds that there is more to Lauren than it meets the eye. Before long, the desire between them is heats up in the cold mountain air. However, violence sets up and Tate has to reveal secret that could bitter their sweet dreams.


This is the latest series of the Colorado Mountain series. Released on February 2014, this is a book that features a more exclusive love story. Sexy, gifted and loyal Jacob Decker is a tall, cool guy and is perfect for Emmanuelle Holmes. This relationship starts with Emme’s best friend keeping them apart for years. However things change when a case brings Decker to Gnaw Bone, Colorado. A chance is now open for the two lovers, Deck and Emme to explore something more adventurous and hotter than they had initially imagined. Emme, however sabotages the best things that could ever happen in her life.

Throughout the whole story, it is not easy to catch Deck off guard, but Emme achieves this when she walks back into his life after a whole nine years. Her curvy brunette and her charms left her back in the early days, and now she only wants to rekindle their friendship. Deck, however wants more. Emme seems to be the one, she excites Deck’s body like no other woman. However, the dark chapter of Emme’s past life is hidden, it will soon overshadow their future.

While the Colorado mountain series have received negative reviews due to bad writing such as grammar errors and typos, this will not bother you if you like romance books. You will also love the fact that the main characters that feature are over 35 and are portrayed with much excitement and passion. It shows that you do not need to have 25 year old characters to create a full angst, passion and create conflict that is powerful enough to pull readers. The series has been wonderfully written and moves at a thrilling pace.

All the novels within the series are simply very addictive, you end up caring so much about the characters and pity them in their distresses. Basically, there are tons of hardcore alpha males that add enthusiasm to the whole story. The heroines’ intensity for bad boys is also outstanding. Quite often, they can never help but fall for the bad-boys.

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