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The “Colors of Crime” is a series of romantic crime fiction novels by suspense, crime, and romance author Sophie Lark. She lives with her family in Rocky Mountain West from where she writes her intelligent and intense romances featuring capable and strong heroines and men ready to do anything in the quest for their hearts. Lark has three children and hence her days can be chaotic though she always manages to get some writing done. She will often bring her laptop to Chick-fil-A, school pick-ups, basketball practice, and pretty much anywhere she can. Lark wrote her debut novel, “Sapphire,” the first of the “Colors of Crime” series in 2019 and has never looked back since. She now has more than a dozen novels in the “Colors of Crime,” “Classic Billionaires,” and “Brutal Birthright” series of novels. Her novel the “CEO of Cristo” is inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The “Classic Billionaires” series is also inspired by classic literary works while her “Colors of Crime” novels are crime and suspense romance fiction mostly based on the Russian mafia. When she is not writing her novels, she may be found hanging out with her husband, taking the kids out to enjoy Harry Potter World, bodybuilding, attending live comedy shows, and hiking. She also loves reading and can often be found on her porch with a good romance and a huge bag of vinegar and salt chips. She keeps in touch with her fans on Instagram, Goodreads, and Amazon.

The “Colors of Crime” is Sophie Lark’s most popular series. She has said that she was inspired to write mafia romances given that she has always had a fascination with the dichotomy between the loyalty, love, and the close bonds inherent in every mafia family and the utilitarianism and callousness that characterizes that world. She got the idea for “Sapphire” her debut novel when she watches an episode of “Eastern Promises,” the movies where a Russian mob boss plans the murder of a range of young women while teaching his granddaughters how to play the violin. Lark has said that her novels are all about the nature of relationships. Her stories assert that the best relationships are usually born when two people with shared characteristics and values connect. Even though opposites do attract, Sophie believes that long term relationships that are full of life are usually based on commonalities of values. As such, many of her novels combine aspects of polar attraction and repulsion to make for intense and suspenseful romance novels. Therefore, even though many of her characters tend to be opposites at the start, it is when they come to understand how alike they are at a deeper level that they fall in love.

The “Colors of Crime series is a mafia romance series in which handsome and strong heroes try to win the love of feisty and capable heroines. With titles of the series taking on several colors the main characters of the series are the Blacks. Byron Black is the hero of the first two novels of the series, he is a thirty-something-year-old police detective that saved the day in a hostage situation sixteen years ago. In the present, he is a morose and jaded man living in a cramped but nice apartment after a series of tragic happenings. “Sapphire” the first novel of the series is about Byron Black going after Lex Moore, a woman that had broken his heart. She is a renowned international thief who is also involved with Luca, an Italian thief with the mafia. In “Black” the second novel of the series, Byron goes back home to attend his sister’s nuptials and meets childhood friend Holly. He has never felt such a flood of attraction as their chemistry is off the charts even though the past is coming back to haunt Byron by making Holly a target. “Violet” the third novel of the series is the story of Violet who is Byron Black’s sister. She is a talented songwriter and musician whose life is turned upside down when she gets noticed by a mafia boss and his number two.

“Sapphire” the first novel of the “Colors of Crime” series is an entertaining story that is very different from the usual run of the mill romances. Lex is an exceptional international art and jewel thief that is loved by the handsome Chief of Police Byron Black. But while he is a detective, he does not know that the object of his fantasies is a thief of world renown until she goes missing after one of her operations goes haywire. Byron is heartbroken and spends nearly two years trying to track her down since he intended to propose and still has the ring in his pocket. After he became the laughing stock at work and almost lost his career, he is back on track and is now in charge of a task force under the Federal Bureau of Investigations, charged with investigating international theft and fraud. Meanwhile, Lex has set up in Italy and has already conducted several high-profile thefts until she meets the inimitable Luca. Just what will happen between the two, and could a love triangle be in the offing with Black still interested in Lex?

In “Black,” the second novel of the “Colors of Crime” series, Byron Black is back home to attend his sister’s wedding. It is at the wedding that he bumps into Holly, a childhood friend. They had grown up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school though she is now an aide to Tom Morris, a popular politician in Washington. Tom had lost his mother a decade back when she was the victim of an explosion in the city’s downtown. Black had been working as a cop for less than a year at the time of the tragedy though he had stepped up. He had saved everyone from the aftereffects and got everyone out of the building save for Tom’s mother. The Citizens One which was an extremist group had claimed responsibility for the bombing though they are now believed to have disbanded. While he has every right to hold a grudge, Tom does not and infact asks Byron if he would be interested in a security job. He turns it down preferring a more supplementary role. While they could not be any more different, the more time Holy and Byron spend together, the more they start to get into each other.

“Violet” the third novel of the series opens to Violet Black having a very bad day. She had her money and guitar stolen, and then she gets an invite to sing at a club run and frequented by the Russian mob. She is a talented songwriter and singer who gets to perform at some of the most exclusive spots in town. It is not the first time she is singing at the club, but it is the first time she got a special invite to sing as the mafia don has specifically requested her. But when she is called to meet the don at his table, her heart meets a beat but she has no choice but to go as he is one of those people you cannot say no to. It turns out that the don is interested in dating her and the whole thing becomes even more complicated when she is kidnapped by his second in command. Anton is a man who gets her heart racing but now that he has kidnapped her, the lust is rising to even higher levels as they spend more time together. It is a dangerous situation and she does not know if she wants to escape the mafia or lose herself in the arms of Anton.

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