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Publication Order of Colter Shaw Books

Captivated (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Never Game (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Hostage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Goodbye Man (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forgotten (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Twist (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deadline Clock (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunting Time (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colter Shaw is an absorbing and amazing series by an award-winning author, Jeffery Deaver. It’s a series about a protagonist named Colter Shaw, a son of a survivalist and an expert tracker. Shaw makes a living working as a reward seeker, where he goes from one country to another to help the police solve crimes and private clients find missing persons. There is a prequel novella called “Captivated” and the first novel in the series is The Never Game.

Jeffery Deaver introduces his lead character, Colter Shaw, in this captivating story, which captures the reader’s attention. In this fully packaged novel, get a gripping and suspenseful tale. The author allows the reader to get a better understanding of Shaw’s childhood growing up in rural California with his educated father, Ashton, his mother, Mary Dove, and his siblings, Russell and Dorion.

Their home was where all the children were homeschooled without exposure to modern life and technology. This means there are no televisions or phones, only a well-equipped library.

Colter has knowledge of guns and the environment, so he’s learning skills to become a forensic tracker. Brought up by a father with rules and philosophy and a certain lifestyle, Shaw is a man of few words and a loner. He’s also emotionally and physically tough but with a defining sense of restlessness that pushes his inability to commiting to a long-term relationship.

There is some mystery around Shaw’s life, including the financial resources at his disposal. He has settled into a successful career in locating missing people. Shaw is guided to missing people, and rewards are offered for finding them by his friends who ensure his home is secure.

Shaw has group background players who help in his investigations. Soon he makes a way in his Winnebago to Silicon Valley, in California, where his father like figure, Frank Mulliner, is offering a reward that he can’t afford to anyone who can find his missing 19-YEAR-OLDS DAUGHTER, Sophie.

The police have shown little interest in the case, so Shaw decides to look into her disappearance. With his vast experience and research, Shaw calculates the percentages into possible options for what might have happened. There are many factors affecting the decisions he makes.

He is interested in maps which he uses to locate areas that the investigations take him to. Shaw soon finds himself in the unfamiliar world of murder and gaming. The acquisition of stolen papers takes him back into his personal history and what happened to.
Jeffery is a genius in weaving an engaging thriller with his new main character. Colter Shaw is an extraordinary character with a unique personal history that brought out the man he’s today. He is a man who needs to live at the edge risking his life for him to feel alive.
The author throws in some twists and turns, so when you feel like you’ve figured out what will happen, the story swiftly takes an unexpected turn. The detailed insights and observations of the US gaming industry for game makers and those who live to the game are a unique highlight. People whose lives are consumed by their need to meet the challenges that competitive gaming companies provide.

The premise in the book about where the gaming industry could end up is realistic, given the fake news, dirty politics, and political machinations. The Goodbye Man is the second in the Colter Shaw series. The protagonist is not your usual character as he is a professional reward seeker and always active man, always traveling across the US in his 30s Winnebago.

Colter was brought up in a remote area of California with his family, where he acquired the skill of a survivalist from his father, Ashton. His suspicious death at Echo Ridge is something that Colter is still trying to process.

He even takes a break from his usual mission to go to Gig Harbor in Pierce county in Washington state for a $50 000 reward that is being offered for 27-year-old Adam Harper and 20-year-old Erick Young. The two are accused of being Neo-Nazis committing deplorable hate crimes; Erick’s parents promised an extra $900 for their son.

After Colter finally locates the young men, he tries protecting them from triggered law enforcement officers but watches in horror when Adam commits suicide by jumping off the cliff.

The wanted men had been finding their way to the Osiris Foundation, which helps those mourning with a terminal illness, depression, loneliness, and anxiety through the first three weeks training course shrouded in secrecy.

Is it a community that consoles those mourning? Or is it a dangerous cult that their leader sways? The more Colter gathers more information regarding the cult that evades all publicity, the more concerned he becomes. This forces him to go unleash a covert mission as Carter Skye at the foundation, which David Ellis, aka Master Eli, leads.

Eli is known for preying on the less fortunate and gullible using a highly isolated environment. He has put up a controlling structure enforced by a brutal, punishing regime for any infringement of the conformity required.

As Colter learns more about master Eli during his most dangerous and challenging assignments, the truth about advancing in the cult becomes evident as he discovers that there are murders and worse things planned to be executed. As he unveils the truth, Shaw finds that some people will not rest until they ensure their secrets remain hidden. Colter and others soon find themselves caught in the middle of fatal dangers.

Jeffery weaves a unique, fast-paced story with the charismatic and fascinating Colter Shaw, who’s needed for freedom. He’s also a man of compassion and conscience with an unusual skill set in making decisions based on the likely percentages. Colter draws his father’s survivalist rules making good use of Mack and his friendship with ex-FBI agent Tom Pepper.

Colter makes good progress on the secrets that his father was hiding and the truth behind his death. The Goodbye Man is a thrilling adventure by a master of crafting suspense, Jeffery Deaver

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