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Colter’s Legacy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Colters' Legacy Books

Colters' Woman (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Colters' Lady (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Colters' Daughter (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Colters' Promise (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Colters' Gift (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colter’s family at best, can be classified as an unconventional one. High levels of drama are assured when Colter brothers – Ethan, Adam and Ryan are involved. The brothers who contribute to the start of this series are Ethan, Adam and Ryan. ‘One mother and three dads’ is what every children in Colter’s family have. Every trio of Colter brothers wishes for one lady to part their lives with. It can be uncomfortable initially to get into the Coter’s concept, considering the taboo family concept. In most cases, the children never desire to know their biological dad. They just accept mom’s three husbands as dads. The scenes where all three husbands makes love with the wife can be gripping and intense for readers.

Book 1: Colters’ Woman

The story begins with three brothers- Adam, Ethan and Ryan. All three brothers are excellent ranchers and hunting guides. Holly Bradwell, a beautiful dame and the heroine of the series, gets married to a hateful husband. Holly gets to know about her husband’s real side during the wedding night. She witnesses her new husband killing another man. She escapes from her spouse, only to be found on a road side ditch by Adam. Adam realizes she is the one who would make his life sweeter, when he picks the almost lifeless body in arms. He has no clue about her mafia type husband, who wouldn’t have much trouble tracking her.

Colter brothers always wanted to get married to one woman. They already had tough time finding that one woman for all of them. When the brothers met Holly, they did know she was the one. How they convince Holly about this unconventional relationship and protect her from dangers of the past, forms the rest of story. Initially Holly didn’t know what to make of the Colter brothers. Their personalities hugely varied from one to another. As days passed she did realize, the Colters would die to save her any day. With more interaction and niceties, the love between the Colters and lady became stronger. Holly realized she has to deal with the dangers of past to think about the future with these three lovely men. Ending of book deals with accomplishment of her goal

Book 2: Colter’s Lady

The brothers and Holly’ have three sons – Seth,Dillon and Michael. None of the sons wish to follow their parents path in marrying one woman for themselves. Nevertheless the love they had for their fathers and mother was fierce. This time Seth Colter happens to be the one, who finds their woman. Serving in a homeless shelter, Seth finds love in a homeless lady. Lily Weston, the homeless lady stole his heart,when Seth saw her in line at soup kitchen. He followed her to find out, the alley she hovers is what she calls home. Like every Colter, he feels protective and convince the lady to accept his companionship. Lily Weston is then taken to Micheal’s apartment where the family history repeats itself. Michael is drawn to Lily, meanwhile Dillon has the same feeling towards her too. After spending time together, the brothers came to know her past was such a tragedy.

She has remained homeless for three long years. She lost a baby girl to SID, which made her husband to put the whole blame on her. She is welcomed by mother Holly and the dads. She doesn’t find the parent’s relationship usual at first. That was only until she realizes she too have exact same feelings for Holly’s sons. Like her mother-in law, she too has to fight her past to fancy a future with the junior Colters. She lets go off her immense pain after meeting with her husband again. She breaks the relationship with the hateful husband to become a Colter’s Lady for life.

Book 3: Colters’ Daughter

Finally the polyandry stops in the family, thanks largely to granddaughter of Holly, Callie Colter. Callie is an avid traveler who lives for adventure. She meets Max Wilder with whom she falls in love in Europe. The pair spends several romantic days in Europe before Max leaves, with a promise to return. Max didn’t come back as promised and it took a while for young Callie to find out why. Devastated Callie returns to the mountain for some Colter’s family love. Colter’s family provides her with the love and space, for her to recover mentally. Callie’s world gets peaceful, but it wasn’t the case for long.
Max strolls into Dillon’s bar, where the daughter Callie is working too. As the flash back unfolds, we come to know Callie’s dads have brought a land, ‘Callie’s Meadow’, which Max thought has made his family lose their ancestral property. Falling in love with Callie was never the part of plan of Max’s vengeance. Nevertheless, once he realizes the land was brought on good terms, he realizes his fault. Callie leaves him without accepting his apology at the bar. Later, he convinces the entire Colter family about his love for Callie. Eventually Callie understands his true love.

Book 4: Colter’s Promise

Through Lily has moved on from pain of losing her baby girl, getting pregnant again brought back her worst fears. Being a bad cook, Holly Colter asks for Lily’s help for the Thanksgiving feast. Lily’s husbands notice she is upset and wonder what she and their mother is up to. Lily starts spending time alone or with Holly mostly, which made her husbands doubt whether she doesn’t like having multiple partners anymore. Amidst all the events, Max’s sister Lauren has been abused by his boyfriend. Max brings her to Callie’s family, knowing it’s what Lauren needs heal.

Lauren tries to hide herself from the family which was until Holly showed up. Holly explains she has been through similar abusive boyfriend treatment in the past and promises Lauren she can recover too. Lauren recovers as Holly said, after getting the needed motherly affection. In a confrontation from one of her husbands, Lily reveals she is pregnant. The boys do well to convince her. it would go well this time. They promise to be with her during every step of pregnancy. On thanksgiving day Lily tells the entire family, she is expecting. The Colters celebrate knowing how blessed every member of the family are.

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