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Cometan biography

Cometan is a British author and a rising star in the fields of philosophy and theology with his founding of the philosophy of Astronism. Cometan wanted to be an author from the age of fifteen after receiving a intensive series of ideas that flourished into what is now known as the Spacefaring World, a book and multimedia franchise that encompasses all of Cometan’s fictional works.

Cometan was born in the city of Preston in the English county of Lancashire on 1st July 1998. He spent the majority of his childhood alongside his cousins and his grandmother, Irene, an ardent Roman Catholic whose influence over Cometan perhaps was only realised later in his life during his adolescent years when he committed himself to the study of philosophy and religion. Feeling a sense of displacement in the world and without a solid identity or message, Cometan’s childhood was filled with his inability to dedicate himself to any hobbies.

One of the most important aspects of his childhood was the separation of his parents when he was four years of age. After that, he never lived with his father again and although the two continued to get along as father and son, they had little in common with one another which lead Cometan to drift more towards his maternal grandfather, William “Bill” Warbrick. He saw his grandfather as more of a respected father figure with whom he had many more things in common.

Cometan left Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School in 2014 with good grades. A year earlier however, Cometan, on the day of his fifteenth birthday, experienced his first revelation to become an author. He knew he wanted to create a fictional mystery detective loosely inspired by the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys characters he had grown up reading about which brought about the character of Jesse Millette. To add to this, Cometan also received the ideation to create his own philosophy that would guide his character through his adventures. This philosophy was initially called Millettism and it is this philosophy that transformed over the course of eight years into a fully-fledged religion which is now named Astronism.

Astronism began to take on its own identity that soon eclipsed the character of Jesse Millette as Cometan began learning about religion and philosophy. He became a prodigy of the subjects, able to write extensive philosophical discourses throughout his adolescent years which eventually culminated in the completion of his seminal work called the Omnidoxy which was 2 million words in total length upon its completion, making it one of the longest books in history.

Travelling from China to Los Angeles to Armenia all before the age of 21, Cometan had plenty of inspirations for both his non-fictional religious and philosophical works as well as for his fictional Spacefaring World writings. Cometan attended Cardinal Newman College in his hometown of Preston from 2014 to 2016 and then went straight on to study for a bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Lancashire from 2016 to 2019. On 15th July 2019, Cometan graduated from university with a first class degree in business and marketing along with the CMPR Divisional Prize for Best Project and a placement on the prestigious Dean’s List, both of which were awarded by the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise.

As Cometan began to learn more about the religion of Astronism that was forming before his very eyes, his attention turned towards astronomical religions that had existed prior to his own. He began to learn about the astrolatry, astrology, and wide variety of archaeoastronomical religions interpreted from ancient sites like Stonehenge. Cometan was the first person to outline a distinct tradition of religion to sit alongside the already established Abrahamic and Dharmic religions. He named this tradition the Astronic tradition.

As the founding of Astronism reached his climax with the completion of the Omnidoxy, Cometan’s attention once again turned towards the fictional works that had started it all; the Jesse Millette character and the book series based on his adventures, called The Original Jesse Millette Series. Cometan became set on incorporating his newly formed Astronist beliefs with the narratives of the Jesse Millette books. This intertwinement lead to the development of the Spacefaring World franchise, a pseudo-fantasy fictional universe set in a time in which the Spacefaring Age is well underway and the inhabitants of the Earth are scrambling to get aboard ships to exotic faraway worlds full of rich resources and economic prosperity.

As of late 2019, Cometan is still just 21 years old. That just leaves one big question. What other achievements await this author, philosopher, theologian, and now-emerging religious figure as his ideas, his identity, and his profile continue to gain more notoriety.

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