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Publication Order of Coming Home Books

Harper Sloan is an American best-selling author of fictional novels that often feature love stories between a man and a woman. She has authored such series as Corps Security, Home Town, Hearts of Vegas, Loaded Replay, and more.

Sloan lives in the United States. She resides in Georgia with her cats and a dog and has three daughters that live near her. Being published independently is like a dream that’s come true for her!

Harper Sloan has also had three of her titles published in the traditional sense with the help of the publishing company Pocket Books. She is consistently and constantly writing, working on the next novel that will be published. You can usually discover this author wandering around holding a book in her hand.

She is the creator and writer of the Coming Home fictional series. This series launched in 2017 and readers have been able to pick up the first of three books in this series and be launched into a new world that is full of love and intrigue. The first novel to be published in the Coming Home series is titled Lost Rider. The second and sassy sequel is titled Kiss My Boots. Cowboy Up is the third story to be published in this popular series.

Coming Home kicks off with the publication of the first book, Lost Rider. This is where readers first get to meet the main character of Maverick Austin Davis. He used to have a thriving career and worked hard as one of those rodeo riders. He was a star at what he did and was able to do it for a decade. However, once Maverick realizes that the injuries have been adding up and affecting him, he decides that something needs to be done.

Maverick must go back home to start again after his head injury list means that he is going to have to leave the circuit– perhaps for good. Luckily for him, he has a business to fall back on. Horse farming isn’t quite the lifetime job that he had in mind, but it doesn’t really matter that he doesn’t have a natural kinship with this line of work.

Maverick knows that the horse business was the legacy of his father and now is doing everything that he can to honor the memory of his dearly deceased dad. The duty of the family is calling to him, and now Maverick is going to have to try and find a way to get through the world and honor his father and his own individual talents through this task.

The only thing he is worried about is how he is going to find a way to go through the world now that the dream that he had has ended. Perhaps a lady will be able to show him a new side to himself. However, Maverick was never prepared to have a girl such as Leighton Elizabeth James ride into his life.

Leighton is the type of girl that blossomed as she grew older. Even though they knew each other when they were kids, Maverick would have never guessed that she would grow up to be so beautiful or wise. She was the best friend of his baby sister, so he never thought of her that way. He had even perhaps broken her heart ten years ago, when she had confessed that she had a crush on him and he gently let her down.

She has now entered into his life and Maverick has no idea what to do. She is a totally different woman from the way that she used to be when she was a teenager and in love. He now is seeing her in a totally different way and knows that if he is not careful, this could turn into something totally serious– maybe more serious than he is ready for.

However, the chemistry is really there between Maverick and Leighton. They know that they have something special between them. Leighton is doing her best to try and play this one cool, but knows that she was crushed when this guy let her down all those years back. This is the only man in the world that ever hurt her, so how can she open her heart to him again?

Lost Rider is a romantic story with plenty of drama that keeps things going from start to finish. Pick up a copy of the first novel in this series for yourself and discover whether Leighton and Maverick are destined to be together or if fate will tear them apart.

The Coming Home series is set in the Western region of the United States. In this engaging series, Harper Sloan reveals another romantic tale that may be destined to end in happiness or total despair and sadness.

Meet Quinn Davis. This main character stands a good chance at getting the beautiful life that she always dreamed about. The only problem is that she has no idea whether she is ready to let love come into her life.

Kiss My Boots is the second story in this series and readers will get a kick out of the tomboyish character that is Quinn. This main character has two older brothers that have always done their best to try and keep her safe. They are the ones that keep the cute cowboys from coming too close and the last thing that they would want is any guy to be with their sister.

Then Tate Montgomery arrives, and it seems that she might be able to fall for a handsome guy like this one. However, the way that they first meet is less than romantic. From then on, Quinn is convinced that she should stop wasting her time on guys and just focus on herself.

Tate grew up in Texas on a farm owned by his grandparents in Pine Oak. The summer months would stretch on forever in those days, and he felt truly at home when he was there. Now he has come back to the sanctuary that he found in his childhood to begin again. Quinn was his first love, and now she has returned. Will sparks fly? Pick up this book to find out!

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