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Publication Order of Concannon Sisters / Irish Born Trilogy Books

The Concannon sisters series is an exciting book series of contemporary romance, chick lit, and women’s fiction stories. It is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 1994 and 1996. This series is yet another romantic masterpiece from the pen of Nora Roberts. In this contemporary romance series, she has described the love and lives of the 3 Concannon sisters named Margaret Marr, Brianna, and Shannon Bodine. While Brianna and Margaret Mary are real sisters, Shannon Bodine is their half sister. All the stories’ settings are done in the beautiful landscape of Kilmihil, County Clare, Ireland. Each of the 3 novels revolves around the life of one of the sisters and depicts their struggles and joys in finding love, satisfaction, and happiness. The series gets its name from the family name of the lead characters. However, it is also known in some places by the title of the Born In Trilogy series. This is because each book has the words ‘Born In’ as the initial words in their titles. Besides Margaret ‘Maggie’ Mary, Shannon Bodine, and Brianna, there are some other important characters that help take the series forward. These include Rogan Sweeney, Grayson Thane, and Murphy Muldoon. This series’ is the winner of the RITA Award by the RWA in 1996 in the Best Romance and Best Contemporary Title of 1995 category.

Nora has depicted Margaret Mary as the eldest among the Concannon sisters. She is described as being a stubborn, reclusive, and a free spirited lady. Margaret works as a glass maker in County Clare and is quite efficient in this art form. On the other hand, Brianna Concannon is seen as a capable, thoroughly domestic, and cool woman. She runs a small bed and breakfast restaurant in Kilmihil. During the cold winters, her restaurant becomes empty and customers begin to flow in large number only after the cold winds go away. Brianna doesn’t mind the reduction in the number of customers as she likes the peace & quiet. Shannon Bodine is the youngest of the Concannons. She learns that she is the half sister of Maggie and Brianna only after knowing about the truth about her real father being Thomas Concannon. Prior to that she used to work in an advertising agency in New York. Shannon is described as having a talent for graphic arts. She visits Ireland to meet her family and get rid of the loneliness of her life. Each and every novel of this romance series achieved great success and went on to sell numerous printed copies throughout the world. They came to the notice of many fellow writers of Nora and numerous prominent critics, all of whom appreciated her efforts and praised her for the interesting stories and character depictions. They increased her confidence with their motivating words and gave her the inspiration to keep working and publishing many other interesting romance stories in the future. Nora Roberts became highly overwhelmed with the tremendous positive responses for this series’ novels. She liked the praising reviews from all the critics and readers, and enjoyed the series’ overall success.

The debut book in the Concannon sisters series is given the title ‘Born in Fire’. It was released by the Jove publishing in the year 1994. The book has the main characters as Rogan Brianna Concannon, Rogan Sweeney, and Maggie Concannon. The plot’s setting is said to have been done in County Clare and Dublin in Ireland. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Margaret Mary is the Concannons’ eldest daughter. She is often referred to as Maggie and has the characteristics of a reclusive, free spirited and stubborn woman. Maggie has a heart filled with love and works in the glassmaking business. Being an artist of glassmaking, Maggie works independently and her streak seems equally fierce to the volatile temper possessed by her. Even though blowing glass by hand is an exacting and difficult art, Maggie is capable of doing it with ease. She is quite efficient in producing fragile and delicate art pieces of glass. Her personality and her attitude makes her appear as an opinionated and strong woman. Maggie considers herself a woman from Clare having the turbulence of the west country. Rogan Sweeney is introduced into the story as the owner of an art gallery in Dublin. He has seen that various arts of Maggie and has become a fan of her. He is of the opinion that Maggie’s art appears to be the best because she puts her soul in her glass work. Rogan approaches Maggie and asks her to let him help in building up her career in this business. The day he visits the studio of Maggie, she becomes absolutely fascinated by his personality. The two indulge in a fierce attraction that causes sparks to fly between them. Rogan Sweeney’s love helped Maggie forget her difficult past and dream of a happy and joyful future.

The next installment of the series is called ‘Born in Ice’. This book was published by the Berkeley publishings in 1995. It consists of Rogan Sweeney, Grayson Thane, Maggie Concannon, and Brianna Concannon in the chief roles. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Brianna owns a small bed-&-breakfast in Kilmihil. When the climate becomes rough in the harsh winters, hardly any customer visits Brianna’s joint. The locals prefer to stay indoors and the visitors fear to step out. Due to this, Brianna’s small breakfast joint becomes all empty and cold. But, Brianna seems absolutely fine with it as she gets to enjoy the quiet and peace. She spends her time experiencing the icy winds howling through her window. A time comes when the cool, thoroughly domestic and capable Brianna Concannon expects an unusual visitor. He is none other than a mystery writer hailing from America, Grayson Thane. Grayson is described as a restless wanderer, who is trying to overcome his painful past. Arriving in kilmihil, Grayson Thane decides to live through the chilling winter all alone. But, his fate makes him come in touch with Concannon. Immediately after they see each other, a fire starts burning inside them, enabling them to have a passionate relationship.

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