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Publication Order of Condor Heroes Books

A Hero Born (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bond Undone (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Snake Lies Waiting (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Heart Divided (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Condor Heroes
Legend of the Condor Heroes is a fantasy-fiction series by Jin Yang. The series is set in ancient China, where some of its citizens are under the rule of their oppressors. When a father is killed, a son is destined to take revenge on his father’s behalf. He will travel back to China on a revenge mission but discover a lot about his father’s land when he sets foot in the country. The series also features events and places with historical significance. There is also a lot in martial arts and corruption that dominates the country during this era. These stories were originally written in Chinese, and the translators have done a great job of ensuring that the books do not get distorted during translation.

A Hero Born
A Hero Born is the first book in the Condor Heroes series. This book set in 1200 A.D. China features Guo Jing, a son to a Song patriot murdered by the enemy. Guo Jing must go back to China to fulfill his destiny. At the Garden of the Drunken Immortals, he expects to meet his opponent and make him pay for the crime he committed a long time ago. The realities on the ground are much different from his expectations. Guo Jing encounters a divided land characterized by war and betrayal. Here, his loyalties will be tested in every possible way.

The Song empire is under attack from its Jurchen neighbors. The warlike people have invaded the empire, and currently, the enemy controls half the territory, and this includes its historic capital. The poorest of the Song empire toil under the annual tribute set by the invaders. At the same time, a different nation on the Mongolian Steppe is about to get united by a warlord named Genghis Khan.

Guo Jing is humble and loyal, and even though he does not feature among the wisest men in his kingdom, he is fated at birth to confront an opponent who is so different from him. His opponent is not just cunning, but the man is privileged and comes with excellent martial arts training. Guo Jing’s father is murdered before his birth. His mother takes him to Mongolian, where he grows up in the care of Temujin Great warlords, later known as Genghis Khan. The seven freaks from the south take Guo Jing through history training that includes some real-life events. In Mongolian, he prepares for his maiden trip to China.
Get to read about the Chinese Dynasties and empires characterized by corruption and greed. This book will also offer an opportunity to learn about the emergence of heroes who go to great lengths to fight for their motherland. In this story, dynasties will rise and fall, and unlikely heroes will deliver their kin from oppression. There will be magic and poisons as well as medicine that will nurture wounded men back to health. In the end, the good will rule over evil, and the oppressed will get the relief they need.

A Hero Born is a story of destiny and the struggles that are beyond people’s control. Initially published in 1957 in Chinese, this historical book in now available in English. While some of the gists have been lost in translation, the story is quite solid and comes with that Jin Yang awesomeness. The main themes here are honor, loyalty, and the greatest of them all, love. The book also comes with its fair share of corruption, greed, and all associated evils — definitely an excellent read.

A Bond Undone
This is the second book in the Condor Heroes series. Here, we get to meet Yang Kang, a young prince who has known nothing but abundance. Yang Kang is torn between fulfilling the duty bestowed to him by his family, and he decides to take a tour in the country of his parents. Here, he encounters martial art heroes and, at some, gets entangled in the supreme martial text struggle. Things change when Yang Kang discovers that his past is catching up with him. A son to a wicked man he killed by accident has tracked him down, and the young man wants nothing but revenge.

Again, Guo Jing finds himself at the mercy of deceitful people. The young man goes on a journey that not only comes with challenges but also makes him a target of envious people as well as those looking for revenge. The young man with a good heart often struggles with decision making as some of the situations he encounters go against everything he believes in. On the plus side, Guo Jing’s martial arts skills are improving as well as his reputation among the people he interacts with during his travels.

Referred by many as the Chinese version of the Lord of the Rings, this is a well-written piece. A bond Undone comes with a well-woven tale of love, revenge, and loss. The main characters are pushed to choose between their head and heart decisions. Do they have to settle feuds that have been passed down generations? How are the two rivals going to act once they get to meet? Will the enmity be resolved once and for all?
This book starts where A Hero Born ends, meaning that you may want to read the debut novel to enjoy A Bond Undone fully. That said, you can still choose to read this as a standalone. The plot is complex, and the book is perfect if you are looking for something to challenge your mind. There are many characters to meet, numerous journeys to undertake, and fights that cannot be avoided. The book is action-packed from one page to the next, and the setting in ancient China adds some sauce to the story.

It is impressive that this book, originally written in Chinese, flows well, and none of the action is lost in translation. With vivid prose and an author who has a way with words, this book is sure to transport you to ancient China where corruption reigns, but a new generation is ready to liberate the oppressed. Quite a captivating piece that will be worth your time.

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