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Confluence series by Jennifer Foehner Wells
Author Jennifer Foehner Wells writes the “Confluence” series of science fiction novels. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “Fluency” was released.

In the year 2014, “Fluency” rocketed right up the Amazon charts, selling over thirty thousand copies in the first three months of its release and over eighty thousand in the first year, and it was also a frequent KDP Select All-Star. The sequel, “Remanence”, was a finalist in the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2016.

When naming things, she often considers Latin roots (or sometimes other languages) for inspiration. In the case of the starship in “Fluency”, she combined the words for refuge and hope to make a brand new word that described what she wanted the ship’s name to mean. She put together a list of possibilities and Speroancora sounded the best to her.

“Fluency” is the first novel in the “Confluence” series and was released in the year 2014. NASA found the alien ship just lurking in the asteroid belt during the sixties. They kept the Target under intense surveillance for decades, allowing the public just believe they were exploring the entire solar system, as they worked feverishly to refine the tech required to reach it. The ship itself stayed silent, and drifting.

Dr. Jane Holloway is content just documenting nearly-extinct languages and never thought about becoming an astronaut. However NASA recruits her to join a group of scientists for an expedition to the Target, and it is an adventure that she cannot refuse. The ship, however, is not vacant, like they first presumed. A disembodied voice rumbles inside of Jane’s head, telling her she’s home.

Jane battles the growing doubts of her colleagues while attempting to decipher what this alien wants from her. While the derelict ship devolves down into chaos and the crew ends up getting cut off from their escape route, Jane has to figure out if she’s able to trust the alien’s help for survival.

There’s such a great amount of suspense in the novel, and the early chapters are tight and technical, filled with emotion, anxiety, and gore. Jennifer is able to also set up the attraction between Jane and Alan fluidly even in the middle of a military science fiction book.

“Remanence” is the second novel in the “Confluence” series and was released in the year 2016. Jane Holloway (the linguist of the Providence expedition), in defiance of NASA, commandeers the alien ship that her crew explored. She sets off to return the ship’s marooned navigator back to his home world, determined to learn just who was behind the genocide that destroyed his original crew.

However once she gets there, she finds his world has been devastated by the same plague. The remaining people of his race, who are uniquely gifted at navigated through the stars, are stranded on the other side of the galaxy. And somebody, it would seem, does not want those lost navigators to be located.

While Jane unravels the mystery of this plague and works to ensure the survival of Ei’Brai’s race, she learns that the life of every single sentient being in the galaxy could be in jeopardy and the clock is ticking down.

There is magnificent plot development, exploration, and some fantastic plot twists too. Jennifer delivers an incredible follow up to the first novel, making you have a better feeling for and connection with these characters, and the complicated and ever changing dynamics keep you interested throughout.

“Inheritance” (also known as “The Druid Gene”) is the third novel in the “Confluence” series and was released in the year 2016. Abducted and forced to fight. Darcy has got a ten thousand year old secret that is buried within her genetic code. Being a second year medical student, her life revolves around studying, classes, and her boyfriend Adam. Until she journeys through the desert, touches some mysterious stacked up stones, and a network of glowing blue lines radiates underneath her skin.

The she saw the spaceship, and it was coming for her. She faces some impossibly bad options and a missing boyfriend. Darcy struggles to accept her heritage and master these newfound powers while navigating danger, betrayal, and deception so that she can prevail in the galaxy’s most dangerous game. And survive so that she can save Adam.

Darcy is a fantastic main character, who is surrounded by aliens for the whole book and she struggles, learns, makes allies, and is determined to break free. Jennifer’s writing is excellent in this novel, which sits on a plot that does not disappoints.

“Valence” is the fourth novel in the “Confluence” series and was released in the year 2017. Earth’s days are numbered. There are two incredibly different women racing to prepare for the battle that is coming. Earth’s future is in their hands.

One struggles to resurrect her wrecked ship so that she can navigate the politics at the galactic core in a desperate effort to recruit some allies. While the other strives to master alien tech to supply the Earth’s forces with the tools required to defend themselves against the ravenous Swarm.

Between the two of them, Jane and Zara offer humanity its very best chance at survival, however the odds are stacked against them and their best just might not be good enough.

“Vengeance” is the fifth novel in the “Confluence” series and was released in the year 2018. Five long years have passed since Darcy Eberhardt left Raub for dead back on Ulream.

Darcy and her ragtag multispecies crew have used this time well, looking for her lost love, Adam, throughout the disreputable fringes of galactic society—although the odds are stacked against them. Along the way, they are able to liberate the vulnerable and make some allies, even if some of them are dubious. At the same time, Darcy works on mastering her newfound powers in secret.

One cryptic message raises up a ghost from the past to haunt her, pushing her to a crossroads that might lead to a reunion with Adam, or just keep him beyond her reach forever.

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