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Connor Franta
Connor Franta is a memoir author and a global trendsetter. The talented creative has several million followers on YouTube and other social media platforms. Connor also founded Common Culture Coffee, and he raises money for The Thirst Project that supplies clean water for millions in Africa. After being a member of Our Second Life YouTube group for a few years, Franta left to operate on his own under Big Frame Network. On social media, Connor curates music for his Common Culture albums and works on his various entrepreneurial enterprises. He is also involved in numerous philanthropic projects.

A Work in Progress
A work in Progress is an intimate memoir of Connor Franta’s life. The author details his transformation from a small-town boy to a successful YouTuber and an internet sensation. Growing up in a home with three other siblings, Connor had to fight for his place in the family. His school interactions also made him self-conscious, which led to struggles with body image, sexuality, and identity. Teenage for the author was hard, but as he entered adulthood, Connor decided to follow his heart and not his head. By following his artistic and creative passions, the author built a successful career online at a time when the world was warming to YouTube.

Connor explores his past with humor and his presence in such a humble way. It is also clear that he is hopeful that his future will bring even more opportunities. The memoir is raw and honest and comprises many wise words that young people can put into good use. For those coming of age in this digital era, this book comes with many relatable messages. The author also encourages people to be themselves and resist the temptation to abandon their dreams no matter how outrageous they seem. In a world riddled with mediocrity, it pays to be original and unique. Connor has also included photos of his most defining moments and clippings dating back to his childhood.

Connor’s memoir touches on many areas. First, the author talks about mistakes and how important it is to learn from them. All of us are imperfect, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up if we err. All we should be focused on is continued growth and always rising after a fall. The author also touches on family and friendship. At the end of the day, those around us will determine the quality of our lives. For Connor Franta fans, this book is an inspiration, and it offers a peek into his life outside Youtube. It is amazing how a choice to follow something he loves turns out well for this author. Young people just discovering themselves can learn a lot from Connor’s journey and experiences.

A Work in Progress is an inspiring memoir on one of the most successful Youtubers ever known. Connor talks in such a warm way to his readers, and the images add a touch of visual pleasure. If you have watched Connor’s videos, you can hear his voice throughout his memoir. His honesty about his struggles also makes him more relatable to his audience. He talks more like a dear friend who is not afraid to share his fears and weaknesses. It is admirable that at just twenty-two, Connor had so much wisdom to share with the world. The writing is simple, but the story remains intriguing to the end.

Note to Self
Note to Self is another intense memoir that focuses on Connor Franta’s life. This book explains why millions fell in love with Connor on YouTube. He connects with the reader on such a deep level you will feel like you have walked with him on his journey. While Connor is majorly successful, a Note to Self is mostly focused on the experiences he missed out on when growing up and some of the things he wishes to accomplish in the future. Written in diary format, this book takes us through the author’s struggles with clinical depression, acceptance, and self-love.

One message that comes clear in Connor’s story is that he wishes to be authentic to himself. This sounds easy enough, but when you are on social media, where people are more focused on likes and shares, being authentic can be quite challenging. The author also touches on love and loss and his desire to form true connections. You will be touched by his short letters and essays to his future and past selves and the rawness therein. The book also comes with some poetry and outstanding shots, thanks to Connor’s love for photography. Whether you are a fan of Connor or not, you will find his story inspiring and somehow identify with most of his struggles.

Even if you don’t learn anything from Connor’s writing, this book will confirm that you are not alone. Many people are struggling with self-love, acceptance, and anxiety. If you are depressed, you have nothing to be ashamed of where your thoughts are concerned. While the horrible thoughts are a part of you, your feelings and emotions do not define you. Connor also highlights how we feel about ourselves in such a transparent way. You may think that you are confident, but a deeper look into your life will reveal you have been unconfident more than enough times. The book has an audio version read by Connor, which is perfect if you want to enjoy the content while driving all engaged in other activities.

Note to Self is an honest memoir that offers a fascinating look into a young creator’s world. In this book, the author goes inwards in search of answers and tips on how to move forward. This is the kind of memoir you wish you read as a teen or a young adult. There are so many emotions, and the experiences mirror what most people go through when trying to understand themselves. How can you deal with the thoughts that fill your head in a non-damaging way when going through depression? Is it possible to do what makes you genuinely happy, or do you have to conform to society’s expectations and blindly follow what others are doing? Connor answers these and more.

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