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Publication Order of Connor Reed Books

The Bootneck (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lessons in Blood (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ares’ Thirst (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Northern Wars (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Counterpart (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Outlaw's Reprieve (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Puppet Master (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A King’s Gambit (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Connor Reed” novels are a series of crime thriller novels by contemporary, crime and thriller fiction author Quentin Black. The author started out as a corporal in the Royal Marines and spent more than a decade in the Corps. During this time, he was sent on an advisory mission in Iraq and to Afghanistan on an operational tour.

He made his debut writing “The Bootneck,” which was the first novel of the series in 2017. It was in this work that he introduced Connor Reed, who would become the most entertaining, politically incorrect and unhinged anti hero in thriller fiction.

The author is a master martial arts practitioner that can often be found competing in several Brazilian type tournaments.

Connor Reed, the lead of the series, is introduced at a time when she is just embarking on an exciting new career. The former Royal Marine is to undertake special assignments and training and work with a special unit of men. He is a lovable rogue that is the farthest thing from Jack the lad.
What makes this so great is that Quentin always keeps his readers guessing throughout the stories. Despite appearances, the man has a chequered past as he was once found administering justice on a corrupt MP without authorization.

These are realistic stories and the storylines are enriched by the distinctive writing style of the author. While the novels have been classified as thrillers, Quentin adds in a dash of anything from suspense to humor to make for an interesting read.
The inclusion of a glossary in the back of each novel also gives some good information on character.

Quentin Black’s debut novel in the Connor Reed series of novels “The Bootneck” introduces the lead as Connor Reed. He is a former marine from a northern crime family that finds himself working in a black ops organization.

The Black Operations unit nicknamed “The Chameleon Project” is headed by an amorphous man named Bruce MacQuilian that is virtually unknown in most intelligence circles.

There are several threads in this first novel of the series that include the kidnapping of a British surgeon and the kidnap and torture of a corrupt politician known to have an appetite for preteen girls. The politician had been taken while under the surveillance of the “Chameleon Project” leaving McQulian in quite a bind.

He needs to assert his authority and punish the commando that was in charge if he is to maintain discipline. The stakes soon escalate as there is a sinister plot involving an influential French arms dealer, a Russian Bratva triad and one of the most influential men in the intelligence services.
McQuilian is at a loss and he thinks he may have to trust a man known for having a three and a half century ethos and a tendency for sadism.

“Lessons in Blood,” the second novel of the “Connor Reed” series of novels is a great followup to the first in the series. The novel combines a relatable character with an action packed storyline to make for an engaging read. The novel opens to the body of a young girl that is the daughter of Darren O’Reilly being found thrown by the roadside.

Her kidney has been taken out of her body and even though the police have arrested Egyptian immigrant Ubaid Almasi for the crime, O’Reilly does not believe the man is responsible. The man’s quest for truth soon comes to the attention of Bruce McQuilian who heads up the shadowy Chameleon Project.

Initial investigations indicate that there could be a massive conspiracy and with his years of experience, Bruce knows that a man of exceptional ruthlessness and exceptional skill would serve them well.

He wants someone comfortable working in the underworld who can be as predatory as needs be and the best man for such a job is Connor Reed.

“Ares Thirst” the third novel of the “Connor Reed” series is set a few years following civil unrest in Ukraine. The country finds itself balkanized as Western superpowers and a resurgent Russia compete for influence and the land.

When an English aid worker goes missing in the Crimea, the British government wants her back quietly and quickly. Neither Interpol nor MI6 has significant assets they could offer to Bruce McQuilian who leads The Chameleon Project.

But underneath it all, some dark Machiavellian operators are looking to fuel the flames of Islamic bile against Russia. Some ruthless and cunning criminals are in control of the darker edges of the world and to win against them, McQuilian needs to set a wolf among them.
This needs to be done before someone strikes the match of war that could result in a worldwide conflagration.

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