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Connor Sullivan is an American author of thriller books best known for his book Sleeping Bear. He attended the University of Southern California, awarded an Edward W. Moses Award thanks to his creative writing skills.

During his college days, Connor Sullivan worked for Warner Brothers, where he’d read screenplays. He would later relocate with his family to the Gallatin Valley located in Montana.

And just like the old saying goes- like father like son, Connor is Mark T Sullivan’s son, one of the most famous American authors of suspense, mystery, and historical fiction novels.

Connor’s debut book Sleeping Bear shares similar twists and turns and a smooth storyline like his father’s books.
Sleeping Bear
The Sleeping Bear is not just a great debut novel but also one of the most suspenseful thrillers you’ll ever read.
The book opens with the fact that most of us are not aware of. Did you know that since 1988, there have been over 16000 cases of a missing person that have been recorded by Alaska State Troopers? Well, now you know- and that’s only the documented cases, yet some are never reported, and as we all know, the numbers could be higher than reported.

Most of these cases of missing people have been reported in the Alaskan Triangle. The area between Anchorage, Utqiagvik, and Juneau comprises extensive hectares of barren tundra, boreal forests, and icy peaks. According to studies, people have been reported missing at four of every 1000 people, two times higher than the national average.
Even though the novel opens up with a factual statement about the Alaskan Triangle, what follows next is a fictional narration of the possibilities behind these figures, and the solution the author has offered is shocking enough to freeze your blood in the veins.

The author introduces us to Paul Brady, a retired SEAL team member who suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, camping in Chicken, Alaska. His trip is soon cut short when he’s approached by mysterious people who knock him off and take him away.

The action then shifts to Yukon Territory in Canada, where we meet an ex-Army veteran Cassie Gale as she is preparing to guide an expedition of rafters in Alaska, but she won’t make it to that job. Thank the events that unfold in the following few chapters.

Cassie is making dinner and some drinks at Northern Breeze Lodge and Bar, where she’s staying. She makes friends with Billy, a young hiker who’s seated next to her in the bar. The two have a short, violent clash with some of the local goons, but the fight is soon broken up by the bartender and his beautiful wife- Ned and Darlene.

Cassie and Billy finish their meals before they share some tips about Alaska and recommend some great places to camp out. Billy accompanies Cassie, but their first day in the wood doesn’t end up to good. There’s a large crash that alerts Cassie and her dog named Maverick.

Upon investigation, she discovers gunshots with gas canisters being tossed into their camp, which immediately knocks her out.

In the meantime, we are transported to Lincoln Ranch in Montana, where we meet Cassie’s father, Jim working alongside his son-in-law Trask, and his daughter Emily and the rest of their crew. Their day is immediately interrupted by a phone call informing them that Cassie never showed up for her expedition guide.
Jim immediately contacts the cops in Alaska only to discover that missing person cases are normal in that part of the world. With the cops not helping, he opts to fly to Alaska with Trask and Emily to investigate. Cassie has been struggling with some serious depression after her ex-army husband committed suicide in the past few years.

When Cassie finally wakes up, it will take time for her to figure out what transpired. She will soon discover that she’s imprisoned underground somewhere in Russia for reasons unknown to her. She eventually crosses paths with an American named Paul Brady- not only are they in the same prison but also with a man named Marko from the Ukraine army who ends up being Billy.

They are all being analyzed by Russian psychologists and other scientists as they prep them for a trial to some sort of a simulated military battle where they’re preyed on by some sadistic killers, all in the name of a filthy game where bets are placed on who survives and who dies.

While Jim is working with every law enforcement department to see his daughter back safe, Cassie soon learns the reasons behind her abduction. It isn’t long before Connor Sullivan’s novel becomes a mature Cold War saga between Russia and the U.S. seemingly never ended. The book’s final section will leave you breathless as Cassie and her counterparts attempt an escape from this hellish prison.

As the story gradually unfolds, each character role is revealed, and the plot becomes increasingly intricate. The author does a fantastic job presenting the bureaucracy in waging war against the Russian intelligence agencies. He also, in a way, criticizes the lack of law enforcement in Alaska to help find and rescue the missing persons and the links between the Russian spies in the U.S. that facilitate the extraction of America from Alaska to Russia for over three decades.
The Sleeping Bear makes for a fantastic read, full of adventures and non-stop action from the first page to the last. Sullivan writes with an intensity that makes it difficult to put down book. This fiction account of what happens to the missing people of the Alaskan Triangle leaves the readers with more questions and theories of precisely what happens when one vanishes in these vast lands.

Are people abducted and taken to Russia? Or do they simply disappear forever in the Alaskan wilderness?
The author has undoubtedly woven a story that proves he’s a master in his own niche. If you enjoy reading thriller books, then be sure to grab one of Connor Sullivan’s books.

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    Chilling read. Couldn’t put down…had to put down.


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