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Publication Order of Commissario Alec Blume Books

The Dogs Of Rome (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fatal Touch (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Namesake (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Memory Theater aka The Memory Key (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bitter Remedy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cardinal Witness (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Conor Fitzgerald is a best-selling author who is best known for the police procedural novels. During his early years, Conor has worked as an arts editor, is also a founder of a successful translation company and has also been involved in the production of a current affairs journal for the embassies that are based in Rome. Throughout his life, Conor has resided in different places such as Ireland, the United States, UK and Italy. Currently, Conor lives in Rome, together with his spouse with whom they have sired two children. Conor Fitzgerald is widely known for the Commisario Alec book series, which is a procedural police novel.

The Dogs of Rome

This is the first book in the Commissario Alec Bloom book series. The protagonist in this book is an American, who was raised in Seattle but later on during his teen years, moved to Rome with his parents who worked as historians. Once they were killed, Alec stayed where he was. He retained the apartment that they used to live in and ever since, he has become a police detective. A great portion of his time he spends his time talking turkey with the local Italian mobsters, wooing an American who resides in the United States Embassy and navigating the law enforcement mechanization.

This installment begins on a high note, a startling murder and a killer who portrays odd behavior by roaming through the victim’s apartment. Despite the fact that there is rivalry between the various agencies in Rome over the jurisdiction of the murder, Blume makes a breakthrough in the case by discovering that the victim was somewhat connected to illegal dog fighting. This breakthrough allows him to close in on some of the potential killers. Later on in the book, the focus shifts from Alex and goes to other character including the killer. A fair share of this book is a number of conversations together with some probing motivations, the protagonist’s family background and the killer’s connection to the mob.

Since there are almost four to five noticeable characters, the conversations in the book revolves around these characters. It is exceedingly important to note that the author does an exceedingly great job by creating well-drawn characters and giving these characters their own voices. The plot in this book is not only solid but also exceedingly interesting. With that said, this is an exceedingly crackling mystery story that is filled with so many twists and turns, redemption and screw-ups. Furthermore, there is even a surprising love interest.

The Fatal Touch

The Fatal Touch is an exceedingly superb sequel. In the first book, the author introduced the reader to Alec, Blume, the American who was left an orphan after his parents were brutally murdered. This being the second installment, the author creates a complex web of deception which to some extent involved the ghosts of the murder of Aldo Muro, the Italian Prime minister. Furthermore, it also involves the forgeries of the printings of the Italian Great Masters, international intrigue and love triangles. This book is a tightly written, intellectual and witty novel and a great sequel to the first installment.

The story in this book begins with the death of a forger who had specialized in the production of Baroque and Renaissance master paintings for sell to the gullible and exceedingly greedy sellers and collectors. As for Blume, he looks into the death of the forger and immediately finds a lead. This lead takes him to a messy mix of artistic betrayal, misdeed, broken relationships and the connections with some of the greedy government officials in the country. One character is the dishonest colonel Farinelli who works for the art theft department. Later on in the book, the protagonist discovers that Farinelli was a longtime partner in crime with the deceased.

The author does an excellent job in bringing this main character into focus and also does exceedingly well in presenting the reader with a great vision of the Orson well. Inspector Caterina Matteolli is also another outstanding character in the story who has been skillfully developed. From the moment she is introduced into the series, it is clear to see that she is destined to be Blume’s partner. With that being said, Caterina is an incredible and an exceedingly solid character who unquestionably brings real interest into the book. This installment has a well thought out plot, a terrific villain and a great amount of action. This is a truly great read for any person who truly loves mystery reads. However, if you are also interested in fine art and Italy, then this is definitely the book for you.


Namesake is the third and final installment in the Alec Bloom series. Like all the other two books in this series, this installment begins on a very high note as a Milanese accountant is killed. The accountant has a similar name with that of a magistrate who a strong oppose of violent crime. Her body is dumped on the front door to the office of the magistrate. Additionally, it also has an additional warning that is directed at the magistrate. Eventually, the novel broadens up and the author eventually includes Commissario Blume together with his entourage into the story. The author gives the reader a detailed look at the history, together with the operations and, also the personnel who are linked with Ndrangheta, a Calabrian Mafia group.

Inspector Blume is eventually recruited by the special operations unit who for a very long time have been busy trying to manage the activates of the mafia groups in Italy and also throughout every region in Italy. At this point, the author takes the main character deeply into the underground world of crime. By doing this, the author highlights one critical point; that the authorities have lost the war against organized crime in Italy. During his induction, Blume is sent on a road trip with a rugged looking German detective. This trip takes them south, towards the homeland of the Ndrangheta. From the word go, the purpose of the German is exceedingly unclear. All in all, Namesake is a truly great read, that takes the reader on a journey through the world of crime.

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