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Conor O’Shea / The Tour Books In Order

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Publication Order of Conor O'Shea / The Tour Books

The Tour (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Safe at the Edge of the World (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Story of Grenville King (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Homecoming of Bubbles O'Leary (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Billie Romano (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kayla's Trick (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jean Grainger is a published Irish author of fiction.

The USA Today best-selling author hails from Cork, Ireland. She is known for writing not only Irish historical fiction series but wonderful and heart-warming contemporary novels. Many of her works frequently reach the top best-seller lists on Amazon. She has been compared in writing style to writer Maeve Binchy, which is very flattering to her since she was a huge fan of her works.

Prior to becoming an author, Jean worked as a tour guide showing people around Ireland. She was also employed at a university as a history lecturer, a playwright, and was a teacher at a secondary school. She also attempted selling things but did not have much success with that. She enjoyed all of the careers equally but is happy with her choice to write and be able to spend a large portion of every day in her pajamas, typing made up things and being surrounded by crumbs and empty teacups.

The author resides in a stone cottage in Ireland. She is married and shares four children with her husband as well as two adorable micro-dogs that are fairly clueless.

Jean first started writing fiction when she was given the idea by others. Her clients enjoyed her stories as she guided them on a tour through the Emerald Isle so much that they suggested she write fiction. She has used her experiences in this and other fields to come up with interesting stories that have helped propel her to be a best-selling Amazon author.

Jean had started out as a tour guide of Ireland in the early nineties, when she began training for the job. She didn’t have any better ideas at the time, and did not want to pursue a real job, however sensible that idea might have been. She didn’t know anything about what the job involved, and so set out to learn every name and every story that she could, so that she could show her information off to the many tourists and visitors that come to Ireland every year.

The author says that deciding to become a tour guide was one of the best choices she ever made. She had the opportunity to meet some great people. She says that the majority of them were interested, easy-going, and fun, and easy on her in her early days as a novice. She enjoyed her time as a guide and the position also had the enhanced benefit of deepening her appreciation for the place she had been born in.

Her father also was a storyteller, and thought it was handy that she got paid for something (talking) that was essentially already her hobby. Jean admits that she talks a lot and even talks to herself if she’s lost, something that is known to happen because she doesn’t have a sense of direction. When being a guide, she also told poems, sang songs, and told Irish stories. She says that amazing things happened, like friendships formed, marriages fixed (or finished), and long-lost families reunited, frequently having tour clients confide things in her. After many visitors saying that she should write stories down, she sat down one winter and did just that.

The result was The Tour, which would become the first of several books in the series. She thought that the book was a masterpiece and sent it off to the larger publishing houses. Ultimately, she was turned down and felt disappointed and discouraged. She put the manuscript in a drawer and reconsidered her choice to be a writer. So, Jean went back into teaching, instructing students at secondary school and university in history and English.

As her academic specialty was Irish women in World War II, something she has written a lot about, one day Jean decided to take the facts that she knew and use them to tell a story. The result was So Much Owed, her second book. She also discovered something helpful to her career, the landscape of self-publishing. With the help of Amazon, she was able to make her dream of becoming a writer and selling books come true. She says that enough people enjoy what she writes and even though it can be hard work, she really loves it and finds the career rewarding.

Jean Grainger is the creator and author of The Tour, or the Conor O’Shea, series. The series began in 2013 with the publication of the first book The Tour. It was followed by Safe at the Edge of the World, then the third book The Story of Grenville King, the fourth book The Homecoming of Bubbles O’Leary, the fifth book Finding Billie Romano, and the sixth book, Kayla’s Trick.

The series features Conor O’Shea, a charming and handsome Irishman that is very nice and good at solving problems. He’s been working as a tour guide of Ireland for a while, where he meets many people, some of whom are looking for something. The series is so vividly written that the reader may feel as though they are actually in the Emerald Isle!

The Tour is the first novel in The Tour series by Jean Grainger, also known as the Conor O’Shea series. If you’ve been looking for a new series to enjoy, check this one out!

Main character Conor O’Shea is a tour guide. Each week, he goes to Shannon Airport to get a new group of American visitors to take them on a special tour of Ireland. But even though Conor has been doing this for a long time, this time around he’s got an interesting group with a lot of funny characters.

They include Corlene, a woman that has been divorced multiple times and is a gold-digger on the prowl. Then there’s Patrick, a Boston cop who’s just looking for love. There’s Dylan, the goth uilleann piper, and Elliot, a shark on Wall Street. There’s also Ellen, who has come back to Ireland after many years and finds out a truth that she never would have guessed. That is just a few of the cast of characters along for this guided tour!

With the experiences they have, the sights they see, and the locals that they encounter on their journey, they’re in for an interesting time. Conor is there in the middle of it all, fixing problems and tending to the tourists. But when it comes to hearts, what about his? Check out this book to follow along from beginning to end!

Safe at the Edge of the World is the second novel in The Tour series by Jean Grainger. Pick up where the fun left off in the debut!

A standard Irish vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but on an Irish bus tour, a visitor may be hiding a secret that he could love to keep concealed. Conor O’Shea is leading his classic tour of Ireland, and it includes a shady couple. Even the calmness and serenity of the landscape of Ireland seems like it can provide temporary shelter against their stormy life that they’ve left behind.

The couple has left the United States behind because they’re on the run from a mob boss. They’re looking for peace in the Emerald Isle, with their goal being to just blend in with the rest of the tourists. Behind them is a mafia family a priest caught between his debt to the cloth and the truth. Will Father Sullivan be set free from those he has betrayed? Will the couple be able to escape a criminal who’s after them? Read this book to find out!

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