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Publication Order of Conspiracy 365 Books

Conspiracy 365 Series
The Conspiracy 365 series’ Sydney-born author Gabrielle Craig Lord (February 1946—) attended Sydney University, wherein she pursued Victorian literature and minored in anatomy. Arguably Australia’s foremost female author; Gabrielle has been writing since 1978, when the then public servant quit formal employment. Niches: non-fiction and fiction, particularly young adult.

Books in the Conspiracy 365 Series
Gabrielle’s bibliography has several series—including Jack McCain, Gemma Lincoln, Black Ops, and 48 Hours—but the Conspiracy 365, which has predominantly month-inspired book titles, is her most extensive series. First dated November 4, 2009; January is book one in the Conspiracy 365 series. The teenage protagonist is Callum Ormond whom a seemingly mad man urges—before ambulance attendants whisk the informer away—to run for his life, and stay alive for an year (thus the series’ title), from his father’s murderers. Thus, Callum (his father had travelled to Ireland before dying), who has already survived a targeted capsizing that may have claimed his uncle, must outwit assassins tracing—and beat them to it—the hitherto unknown, family-related puzzle called Ormond Singularity.

Initially dated January 2010; February is book two in the Conspiracy 365 series. Callum, whom authorities also seeking for allegedly attacking his family members, has already survived one month. He nearly dies in an oil pit, but a girl named Winter Frey rescues him. The January 2010 book March is third in the Conspiracy 365 series. Now in America and financed by his friend Boges, the fleeing Callum experiences more problems; including relatives being attacked, run-ins with mobsters, stolen riddle, and surviving a vehicular accident and snakebite.

The January 2010 novel April is fourth in her Conspiracy 365 series. Callum—he falls out his mother—is now hiding in a boathouse, thanks to a helpful woman named Melba Snipe. Winter, funder Boges, and the newly befriended Griff Kirby help Callum find the connection between his ancestry and the Ormond Singularity. In the series’ fifth January 2010 book May; Callum finds himself in a mental health hospital under the disbelieving Dr. Snudgeglasser’s care, where he is a victim of identity theft and has lost crucial personal items.

In the sixth January 2010 book June; after successfully escaping from pursuing criminals and the police, Callum traces Winter’s adoptive father Vulkan Sligo—the mobster who stole the riddle. After breaking into Sligo’s home and locating his safe, Callum recovers the Ormond Singularity, despite a threating text message and a beach accident. Released in January 2010; July is seventh in the serialized Conspiracy 365. The hang gliding-related (while escaping) beach accident results in Callum’s entanglement in a fishing net, prompting fishermen’s conditional assistance in his escape.

Released in January 2010; August is eighth in the Conspiracy 365 series. Callum has since demystified the Ormond Singlarity, thanks to his unspeaking great aunt-and-nun Millicent’s assistance. Unfortunately, a graveside meeting turns tragic when Callum’s kidnappers bury him alive. First released in January 2010; September is ninth in the Conspiracy 365 series. One of Callum’s pursuers is a female thug named Oriana “Tracy” De La Force whom he is spying on for her possible connection to her then kidnapped sister Gabbi whom he found unconscious by a riverside. Also, Callum wants to reacquire the stolen riddle and its code from a deposit box in Zurich Bank.

First dated September 22, 2010; October is book ten in the Conspiracy 365 series. Spying on his relatives for their safety aside and before the authorities close in on him; Callum eavesdrops on both Oriana and Vulkan in his efforts to trace the riddle and its code, which—after accessing the bank’s safe box—he discovers have been replaced with counterfeits.

In the January 2010 book November—eleven in the Conspiracy 365 series—reconnects with his hitherto unknown twin brother Ryan “Samuel” Spencer and is abducted by mobsters while tracing Winter who is wrongly presumed dead. Ryan assists Callum’s escape but his Boges, a person of interest, is arrested. Also, Callum—whose disguises help him evade authorities—learns how a certain Durham Toe Cutter, now in his deathbed, separated the twins. Dated January 2010; December is twelfth in the Conspiracy 365 series, wherein Callum—now trapped in a tank—has since traveled to Ireland to retrace his father’s last moments before his death; and how it relates to the Ormond Singularity/Riddle/Jewel whose answers are in a sainthood book that redirects them to treasure in a castle.

The October 2011 book Revenge is thirteenth in her Conspiracy 365 series. After the elapse of the forewarned 365 days; Callum freely socializes with his loved ones, but a newly received message notifies him of his ongoing danger that has been prolonged by 30 more days. His associates are now finding Callum whom kidnappers want to murder by poisoning. The October 2012 book Malice is fourteenth in the Conspiracy 365 series. Winter will be in danger for the next 30 days; friends help her reacquire stolen ownership documents, wherein the motive is to dispossess her of a willed mansion called Perdita.
The February 2013 book Missing is fifteenth in Gabrielle’s Conspiracy 365 series. In his new occupation as a governmental operative in an investigative outfit called SI-6; Callum successfully traces his missing twin brother Ryan before a 90-day deadline elapses. The May 2013 book Hunted is sixteenth in her Conspiracy 365 series. Operative Callum and other friends are now behind enemy lines in the tropical Shadow Island, wherein they are conducting search-and-rescue missions and probing into suspiciously highlighted cities. In the August 2013 book Endgame—seventeenth in Gabrielle’s serialized Conspiracy 365—the twin brothers are blackmailed by a terrorist called Damien Thoroughgood. There is a looming regional volcanic eruption and a 30-day deadline for Callum to forcefully become Damien’s accomplice, otherwise his brother Ryan dies.
TV Show Adaptation

In the Circa Media-produced 2012 Conspiracy 365 TV series, the starring actors include Harrison Gilbertson (Callum Ormond), Taylor Glockner (Boges), and Marny Kennedy (Winter Frey).

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