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Publication Order of A Cooking Class Mystery Books

Cooking Up Murder (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Menu (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Men Don't Get the Munchies (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dying for Dinner (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Has a Sweet Tooth (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Have you ever read a book that is quirky, funny, simple and detective at the same time? You must be thinking how a book can be funny and detective. Yes, it may sound too good to be true but Miranda Bliss has just nailed the right kind of book for us, ladies. It is a book which also revolves about women’s emotions and questions.

This book has been reviewed the best by the book lovers. It is so fascinating that it is one of the best bestsellers. You will definitely find it on a book shelf. Still feeling inquisitive? Read the article to get some insight:

About the book:

The book is old fashioned, as two best friends Anne and Eve decide to take up on cooking classes. The funny part is that they don’t know anything about cooking. You can expect those plots where food tastes bad and after some trial they end up very well. The friendship and the bond is portrayed very strong in the book that it will definitely remind you of your best friend. It is nicely interwoven with the issues and problems we face in daily life. However, these two friends make it through the book.

Sometimes, while reading the book you will go through some silly decisions of the two main characters. However, life is a mixed bag. Sometimes due to situational crisis we may land ourselves in trouble. A part of the book also suggests how to keep your fight on. The book cover is really simple. When, you start reading this book and you end up feeling reading the other parts of the series. Every part is worth reading.

About the plot

The story revolves around two beauties, who are in their mid thirties. The characters are Annie Capshaw and ex-beauty queen Eve DeCateur. Annie signs herself and Eve up for the cooking classes mainly to help Eve get over her recent divorce. Yes, the book opens up with a real life situational crisis that anyone can face. Eve was reluctant to join because she has never cooked in her entire life.

However, as the story moves both of them starts attending the classes. This is how they are spending their most of their nights. Slowly, they found themselves surrounded by other amateur chefs. Anne develops a crush on their handsome cooking instructor. However, by the moves he makes, Anne is convinced that he has more eyes for Eve.

The plot moves forward to an elegant Romanian mid-aged woman named Beyla. They caught her fighting with a hefty guy. After that you will find that these two friends will stumble upon the dead body of that particular man, Beyla was fighting with. The story plot turns into a mid climax because it happens on the same day. They will initially think that the man died out of heart attack. Later they will understand that it is a murder.

As expected a police scene occurs. To your surprise you will find that Beyla denies knowing the man. Now, you may think that Beyla is the murdered. Well, she can be or she cannot be. You never know who the actual murderer is. Then the plot gets more complicated with the entry of a policeman name, Tyler. Tyler is ex-fiancé of Eve. He mistrusts Eve for obvious reasons and thinks that Eve is misguiding him.

Therefore, he takes up the case in his hand and ignores them. Now, Eve’s ego is hurt and she also takes up the investigation. Anne will be reluctant to make the detective move along with her friend, but eventually she will dive in. you will get to experience the strong bond of friendship and trust, in the time of crisis. Soon the amateur cooks turn to amateur detectives and will start finding solutions to each and every problem.

The next part of the book will turn like a roller coaster ride as threats keeps coming in. Everyone is lying. John is lying about being with Beyla on the night of the murder. Someone is tossing in the dumpster where they found the dead body. Beyla was getting written notes saying “you are next”. Another mysterious character named Alba Stru jumps in. Beyla was caught searching for a computer disc. When situation gets hard these two friends face hard situations, when they decide how much they can endure. Will they learn cooking? What about love? Will the two past lovers Eve and Tyler re-unite? Or will there be another murder? Read the book to get the spicy yet intriguing story plot.

The book caught so much of attention that it had been made into a television show the Food Network. Like the book, the show is popular as well. Cooking Class Mysteries by Miranda Bliss is a delightful read. The first part of the book is filled up of funny and cosy mystery series. Bliss maintains her humour like “I chewed over the thought and I have to admit, I didn’t like the way it tasted”.

The plot is mysterious yet it depicts life. You will find Anne who was not interested to investigation, eventually takes up for her friend. Just like in life you will understand who your true friend is, the book has a undertone of decisions which are hard to make. Like any other cooking mysteries you should read the end, who knows how the mystery is cooked up.

About the author

Miranda Bliss is a pen name of Casey Daniels. In her real life she had once applied for a job as a tourist instructor for a historic cemetery. She didn’t get the job. Casey’s interest mostly lies in reading detective novels of Sherlock Holmes. Casey has her degree in English and her background is into journalism and teaching. She lives in Ohio.


This is just not one book and there are other books in the series as well. Once you start reading the first part, you will end up reading all of them. It has been suggested as a good read by most of the book critics.

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