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Publication Order of A Cooper & Quinn Mystery Books

The Cooper & Quinn Mystery series is a popular book series of mystery, crime fiction, and thriller novels. This series is written by a famous Australian author named Catherine Lee, and is comprised of a total of 6 novels and 2 novellas, which were released between the years 2013 and 2017. All the books of this successful mystery series take place in Sydney, Australia. They feature the lead characters in the roles of Charlie Cooper and Joe Quinn. Cooper is depicted as a Detective Sergeant working in Sydney and Joe Quinn is shown as his partner. Throughout the course of the series, Quinn & Cooper take on numerous mysterious cases and try to solve them with the help of their intelligence and wit. Other than these two characters, author Lee has described many other interesting secondary characters in all the novels, who have played important roles to carry the series forward. The characters are developed so well by author Catherine Lee that they succeeded in attracting a large of readers from across the world. This helped in the sale of the helps to a great extent and resulted in the selling of millions of copies of the copies altogether. Also, the huge sale allowed the overall series to be become a grand success. It even helped author Lee in becoming a notable author of the mystery genre.

The debut novel of the Cooper & Quinn Mystery book series written by author Catherine Lee is entitled ‘Dark Heart’. It was released by the Amazon Digital Services in the year 2017, after its first release in 2013. The primary characters of the book as mentioned by author Catherine include Fraser Grant, Charlie Cooper, Eva Matthews, Joe Quinn. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Fraser Grant was a murderer, a vile, a kidnapper, and a sociopath. But now, he has died mysteriously. Fraser Grant was killed in his own house. When this news is made public, the women in Sydney breathe a sigh of relief. They feel that they can now sleep safely in their homes. However, there was a woman who was still facing the wrath of this sociopath kidnapper. She is the last victim of Fraser Grant and is has still not been found even after looking for her in all the possible places where Fraser could have kept her. She lies all chained up without much time left and awaiting for the return of her captor, but does not know that he is coming back. Detective Sergent Cooper is very desperate to find this woman alive and return her to her family safely. He is assisted in this mission by his parter named Joe Quinn. Charlie Cooper has been trying to catch the brutal killer for the last 10 years, but could not track down his tracks. And now that he is dead, Cooper hopes to save the woman and sees it as his final chance of atonement for all those victims he has victim he has failed to save in the past. On the other hand, Eva Matthews receives the heart of Fraser Grant after a long successful operation of a heart transplant. Eva has not idea that she has been given the serial killer’s heart and only wants the things in her life to get become normal as soon as possible. But, when she becomes aware of the identity of the heart donor, Eva Matthews starts getting nightmares that keep plaguing her all the time. Now, she just hopes that the nightmares stop plaguing her somehow. In addition to being a detective story, this novel is also a desperate race against the running time for saving a life. Author Lee has explored the cellular memory, which is the intriguing phenomenon in the field of medicine when the receiving patients acquire the memory of the organ donors. This story paints a very difficult picture of the medical field’s advancement, and the shows how it affects the life of the patients.

The next exciting installment of the series is called ‘Dark Past’. This book too was published in 2017 by the Amazon Digital publication. Author Catherine has created the main characters in this book as Beth Fisher, Charlie Cooper, Joe Quinn, Jill Fisher, and several others. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Jill and Beth Fisher are sisters. While Beth becomes a corporate lawyer, Jill Fisher becomes the heir to the big shipping business of her parents. Just after Jill takes over the company’s command, she is discovered dead in her posh apartment. The initial investigations show that a random intruder has killed Jill Fisher. But, Cooper and Quinn seem to have different opinions in this matter. After the sad demise of her loving sister, Beth Fisher finds it very hard to cope up with the grief of losing her. In order to honor the love of her sister, Beth Fisher decides to complete the ancestry research program that Jill was very passionate about. Beth sees this as her last duty that she can perform for Jill. The investigation of Joe Quinn and Charlie Cooper and the research program of Beth Fisher uncover a number of truths about the family of Beth. They also come to know a great many details about the business dealings of the Fisher family, that raise a lot of questions that Beth needs answered for herself. Cooper knows that after revealing all the secret information, he does not have much time left to prevent other innocent victims from getting killed. So, he must act as fast as he can and prevent the loss of lives. For Beth Fisher, it becomes very difficult to live with the load of information that she wished had not learned about. The killer will not stop at anything to remove Beth from the picture, just like he removed her sister. Cooper & Quinn are all set with determination and dedication to not the same fate come to Beth Fisher. They keep her under their personal protection and do not lose sight of her anytime. In the meantime, the two also try to work out a plan to hunt down the killer. Other than an intriguing mystery, this novel also deals with family history, genetic research, wealthy shipping business, and a secret past. Just like the previous book, this book was also well appreciated by everyone. It was even reviewed with many positive reviews from various literary critics. All of this helped it to become widely successful. Catherine Lee was able to achieve new heights of success in her career as a writer of mystery novels.

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