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Publication Order of Copper Canyon Books

Winter Hawk's Legend (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Power of the Raven (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Lynx (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falcon's Run (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undercover Warrior (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eagle's Last Stand (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Aimee Thurlo was one of the best novel writers to have graced the world and her prowess in authoring timeless novels got her all manner of accolades across the literary world. As a specialist fiction and romance writer, she was born to Silvia and Armando Salcedo on 1st June, 1951 in Havana, Cuba. She naturalized as a US citizen and got married to David Thurlo with whom she wrote a good number of her novels with. One commonly known thing about her life is the fact that she was a typical animal lover. She had five dogs for a pet at one point in her life and a bull snake.

Her illustrious writing career began after unfruitful attempts to work as a receptionist of an employment agency as well as an optometrist’s assistant. Such painful outcomes sparked up her desire to write which began with an intriguing romance novel.

Her writing career began while David was a middle school teacher. He joined to read her stories and helped edit her work. That was the beginning of the climb up to becoming the great writer she had has been. The first piece faced 60 rejections before a New York editor gave her the much-needed debut exposure. Remarkably enough, the second piece she wrote and David edited made a national bestseller list. Jointly and separately, Aimee and David had written over seventy-five novels in various genres. Over the years, her unique writing style and thrilling novels earned her prestigious laurels. Together with her husband, they earned the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, the Willa Cather Award for Contemporary Fiction as well as the New Mexico Book Award for Mystery and Suspense. Her books have been no far from the national bestseller lists including Amazon, and the Barnes and Noble’s bestseller lists.

She and James had many novels jointly written to their name that were translated into various languages and distributed in over eighteen countries. Some unforgettable novels she wrote were Blackening Song’, Changing Woman’, and Death Walker’. Though she began as a romance novel writer and had won awards and written bestseller romance novels, she widened her writing scope as she began to write a couple of intriguing series as well.

Lee Naz vampire series, one of her series, was optioned by a Hollywood production company. She authored the fascinating Sister Agatha’ series as well which is a story in which is a nun finds herself solving mysteries. It features a nun that rides a motorcycle with Pax, the monastery’s dog, in its sidecar. It has interesting scenarios where the nun runs errands in the ancient car of the monastery that has a weird name – The Antichrysler.

Prided with her writing artistry, the Copper Canyon is one of her most intriguing series and the longest among her series collection. The series consists of six suspense-filled and fascinating books. It is a contemporary romance suspense series. The first of which was published in November 2011 and the sixth or the final being published in December 2014.

First from this series is the Winter Hawk Legend’ which was published on November 1st 2011. The book features Holly Gates as a female main character who sought refuge from Daniel Hawk, the main character of the story. The novel portrays Daniel Hawk as a fearless Navajo security personnel who is completely committed to ensuring safety from numerous criminals. Apparently, Holly Gates is an innocent lady that has fled from a ferocious killer and was glad to be seeking safety in Daniel’s cabin. She had Daniel’s sworn words of protection. It appears that Daniel himself, a typical example of the Native American tradition in all respects and sexiness, would eventually pose a greater threat to her. She was quickly falling for him and an impending heartbreak wasn’t farther from near. In sharp contrast to Holly, he neither yearns for home nor family – he loves being the free hero he has been. As their desperate flee for survival grows, Hollys courage, emotions, and hope in Daniel magnifies. It appears she may not be broken hearted after all if he could save her one more time. This novel, as the first of the series really made strides in the writers’ world. It remains among many best seller lists.

After the first novel on the series chalked so much success and sales, she came up with the second of the series after three months. Power of the Raven’ is second in this series. In this book, there is Gene Redhouse, who is a strong believer in signs. With time, Lori Baker bumps into his life and then, he loses the Navajo upbringing and wisdom he had ever learnt. Lori is being followed by a strange man and is enduring the most frightful moments of his life. They both seem to be at the far ends of life. Yet, they have an instant emotional connection and this would grow into an intense sexual relationship. It turns out that Gene Redhouse would exploit every bit of her body for as long as she can be kept alive.

His strong physique and strength gave her much courage and a hope of safety. Due to her past life and trouble, her thoughts get stuck at a crossroads, wondering which step she ought to take. Not knowing which of the two was more a perilous situation than the other – the stranger monitoring her every step or the one requesting for her trust.

The following four books in the series have been of tremendous success with the last, Eagle’s stand’, being published in December 2014. The Eagle’s Stand was finalized a few months prior to her death and had begun a revision of Looking into Darkness’.

Since her death, her readers cannot bear that they would not see any more of her work. Her unique style, approach to stories, and the completeness in which she developed the characters in her novels are a few of the things that many writers have admired and praised her for. Her writings have been a revelation and serve as a good source of reference to writers all over the world and have inspired even more people into the paths of greater achievement.

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