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Cora Carmack is a New York Times best seller author who is in her 20’s.She was born in the USA and has done lots of thing in her life which inspire her to write different novel series and novels. This ranges from boring jobs, fun jobs, and stressful jobs to dream jobs (writing). She was raised in a small Texas town but she now has to split her time between Austin, Texas and New York. She particularly loves to spend her time writing, traveling and watching various television shows. In most of her books, she likes to put a character in an awkward situation with the hope that a boyfriend will save the situation. Most of her writings have been suggested to target her age bracket. This includes those in there 20s.She believes since they do similar things, she is in the best position to write books which will be of interest to this group. Despite addressing challenges and events for the 20’s group she has a huge fun base which includes all age brackets. She love to write novel series and some of her famous writing include: Rusk University, Losing it series and the Muse series. Though she is considered young she runs a book blog with a million hits. She has not faced any major challenges due to her age but only the minor criticism from misguide fellows who have not had a look at her work .At one time of her life, she enrolled in a MFA program for creative writing and ended up working in a literary agency and a small indie publisher. She claims that she is a very practical person despite her many writings revolving on romance.

Cora Carmack early works include the losing it series. These series contains four novels and this includes: Losing it, keeping her, faking it and finding it .She personally published her first losing it novel. Within only four days of releasing it, she had sold 32,000 copies within the first week it had reached No. 18 on the New York Times combined print/e-book bestseller list. Established publishers came calling, they wanted to sign her. She signed at New leaf for a three book deal. Most publishers thought that self-published books are under exploited by the market but Cora’s losing it changed that perspective. Losing it is about Bliss Edward who still has her virginity and it about to graduate from college. She goes out one night to get a man who would help her break the virginity. She picks one random guy who is at the bar reading Shakespeare works. This guy is Garrick Taylor a British native. Garrick Taylor had locked himself out of his room and decided to wait for the locksmith in the bar while reading his novel. When the time comes to loss her virginity she chickens out and leaves Garrick in her bed. The following day she comes to learn that Garrick is her new visiting professor. They develop a love connection and Garrick cares less about his professional working ethics and codes. This story has been narrated in Bliss point of view, meaning that the audience doesn’t have a chance to learn of Garrick’s thought process and also what he says. One of Bliss friend Cade has been in love with Bliss for years and decides to revel it after a night of spin the bottle among students. Who will Bliss choose amongst the two? She might end up choosing the wrong guy.

This book was followed by’ Faking it’ novel. The main character here is Mackenzie Miller – Max. She is faced by a problem when her parents visit her unexpectedly. She has dyed her hair, has a tattoo and piercing on her body. If they discover this they might end up disowning her. They expect to meet a whole some boyfriend named Mace. They have no clue that Mace has a neck tattoo and plays in a band. All her lies are about to be uncovered. Cade had moved to Philadelphia to further his acting career and also to leave his problems in Texas. He so far has brought his problems to Philadelphia and has a very slim chance of taking the stage .Max approaches him in a coffee shop and requests him to pretend to be his boyfriend. With nearly no option he agrees .Cade ends up playing the role too well and they are forced to keep the relationship going. The more they fake the relationship the more real it becomes.

Rusk university series is another prominent series by Cora Carmack. This is a series of companion novels which surrounds people and players connected to a Texas college football team. Some of the novels in this series include: All lined up, All broke down, All played out and All close out. In the All lined up, it bring the concept of football and gossip in Texas as the driving force for the lives of the citizens. The main character (Dallas) life has always been ruled by sports from her childhood. When she finally gets to go to college she sees this as an opportunity to put the field part of her life in her past. This however does not go as planned. She goes to the same college as her ex and her father who is a school coach gets a coaching job at that university. She finds herself getting involved in her father sporting life and football activity. She falls in love with Carson McClain who has just realized how valuable he needs a scholarship that football provides. Carson does not know that he is dating his football coach daughter while Dallas has no idea that Carson plays football. Both of them don’t know how to walk away from attractions that they have. In the second book All Broke down, a young woman discovers that you can’t always fight for what you believe in, sometimes, you have to fight for what you love. Dylan fight for a lost cause and the most probable reason is because she used to be one. She has been involved in all nearly all protest; her last protest lands her in jail. She meets Silas Moore- he fights a different kind of fight. He is arrogant and infuriating but she can’t help but think of him. Football and trouble are the only things that come naturally to Silas. Silas think he is not a lost cause while Dylan thinks he is. This leads to heated arguments.

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