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Publication Order of Corcoran Team Books

Publication Order of Corcoran Team: Bulletproof Bachelors Books

The best way to read any book or a journal is to have the habit of reading novels a lot earlier. The Bulletproof Bachelors are one of the famous works written by international award winning author of the year. HelenKay Dimon is dedicated to work on a special genre of novels and she is a renowned writer who has written numerous number of novels and short stories. Most of her works have been successful and people prefer a lot in buying her novels and books a lot. Her popularity in America is more than other countries. The recent book which she wrote for Bullet proof Bachelors was highly successful because of the theme of the story. It is liked by all individuals who purchased the book and she was the award winning author of the particular year.

The series consist of a set of different genres and it especially deals with the action sequences with a group of individuals. The Corcoran team is a featured book which has different series like cornered, sheltered and tamed. Each book has its own taste and flavor and all the books were published in the consecutive years by the same author. The story plot clearly says that it is an action oriented story and it revolves around the undercover agent who struggles hard to find the most wanted criminals in the story. The cornered series has many plus points like it was the first series of books released by the author in this particular genre and it was successful directly in the market. The initial stages of the book sale were interesting because people were surprised to see the author dealing stories related to criminal lines and action line. As soon as the Corcoran home team was put in twos, HelenKay Dimon began announcing the travelling team, the Bulletproof Bachelors and a group of retired soldiers who can be of service at various locations across the nation. Meanwhile, at an island offshore of Washington State, Julia was trying her best to gather her father’s assets and move on. Unfortunately for her, she had not planned for any gunshots or the undercover agent Cameron comes with for the ride.

As a lady, Julia was incredibly impressed by how she handled the crazy things which came into her life after Cam decided to deny her the privacy she required. From the irregular meetings which led to an unplanned relationship, the cornered series was truly defined by its name. Now, Cameron and Julia are trapped on a small island by bad guys. Will they trust one another to earn their salvation and solve the crime that Cam had gone to investigate? HelenKay Dimon brings out romance, intrigue and suspense in one of her books from Corcoran Team series.

The sheltered series was another work by the author in the same genre “Bulletproof Bachelors”. It was a sequel and since the popularity of the book and author grew in that year, the author decided to introduce new characters and with some modifications to the story line, another interesting action sequenced story got ready and was released to the people across the world. The online stores involve a lot in promoting the books and novels. The best part about the author is it was the same continuation of the cornered series book which made it look more interesting and thrilling. The user reviews and comments were amazing. The leader in the story was very brave and strong enough to overcome the ruthless enemy. The battle between the leader and enemy will make the story line stronger than the previous series. The author has always been unique in handling things differently and she has curved the story in such a way that is matched with the earlier plot and ends with a strong beginning for the next series.

As planned the next series of the “Bulletproof Bachelors” was eventually known as tamed series. This time the author deiced to end the story with this series as it will become boring for the readers to enjoy the same genre over the years. The idea was really successful as they had the largest number of sales of copies of this particular series as it was the last series of that particular book written by the author. Another interesting fact is that the author has ended the story with a happy ending that the hero claims the beauty of his friend’s younger sister finally.

All the names and books are very special when it comes to this author because she prefer to choose rare titles and they have a good meaning to reveal the story in simple words. The author always concentrates more on the majority side of the reader’s choices. Falling hard series is another new release in the market, which claimed to be the New York Times best seller of the year. All the books written in this series are emotional oriented genres. The author tries to add the fun part of all life incidents into the books. Since many read across the world not only read novels for time pass but there are many who passion about reading books and novels. This will encourage both readers and authors to involve themselves. The sellers are trying to promote globally about the selling practices of these novels.

The Corcoran team has come up with many other such books and series like ruthless series, relentless series, lawless series and Traceless series. Most of the works by this author are emotional, romantic and action genre. Not many authors are well experienced and popular enough in all genres. She has the best capability to manage various genres and entertain people with her works. She has received a number of awards for romance related books over the years. She is very active in social networking websites and people can find her easily on twitter or Facebook pages. The fan following is very high for this author and there are many more books lined for release in upcoming years.

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