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Publication Order of Dragon Mage Academy Books

Princess of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poacher of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plague of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Protector of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prisoner of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pariah of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Patron of Dragons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Dreamer of Dragons Books

Publication Order of The Princess Trials Books

as Cordelia K Castel
The Princess Trials (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Games (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Crown (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Purge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Strike (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Seven Kingdoms Books

Cordelia Castel is a published author. She writes children’s fiction or young adult fantasy. Her full name is Cordelia K. Castel.

Cordelia not only loves writing, she loves spending time in the world of fantasy, where she can do everything from wear glass slippers or go for a wild ride on top of a dragon. She enjoys writing stories featuring brave heroines that carry weapons, that work to take down the villain, that switch the script and end up being the one to rescue the prince, and do it all with time to get to the ball.

She has written several series for young adults. One is the young adult series The Seven Kingdoms, which first came out in 2018. It’s full of action and all of the villains and heroes that you could ever want from the fairy tales come to life and interact. Castel also created the followup series that takes place in the same world as The Seven Kingdoms, the next generation of novels titled Dragon Mage Academy.

Cordelia Castel is the creator and the author of the Perrault Chronicles. The series first became available to readers in 2017 with the publication of the debut novel, which is titled Cendrilla. This was followed by the second novel, The Academy, and the third novel, The Witches. If you are a fan of fantasy or love fun young adult series, this is an awesome series to check out!

Cendrilla is the first novel in the Perrault Chronicles by author Cordelia Castel. This is the debut story where readers are introduced to the main character, a young woman named Rilla Perrault.

Rilla has step-sisters, but they seem so much better at naturally being a woman than she is. Rilla looks at herself and does not think that she is charming, and she does not feel that she moves in an elegant fashion. On top of that, she lacks the graces that a woman ought to cultivate.

Rilla is not good at dancing. She does not have the ability to serve a refined tea effectively. Her mother says that when it comes to her ability to curtsy, it could use some work. Things only grow worse when she is betrothed against her will to a man named Lord Bluebeard. Not only does she not want to get married to him, the man is suspicious and off-putting. The rumor is that his previous wives disappeared because he murdered them. Naturally, this man is the last person that Rilla wants to be around and she cannot go along with this marriage.

Rilla finds a solution by getting out of there and not waiting to find out what happens. She makes her way to the capital, accompanied by Jack, slave to Bluebeard. Lord Bluebeard is informed of what has happened and has his mercenaries go out and try to track down the two of them. He’s furious because not only have the two run away, but he already paid a large bride-price to be wedded and the dowry is not cheap.

Rilla and Jack are on the run and making their way to the capital. They must get there because it’s safe. Bluebeard and other ogres are not permitted entry and forbidden access to the capital. The man that she is betrothed to is not giving up easily and is willing to track both his slave and his soon to be wife and bring them back.

Can Rilla and his slave escape a horrible life full of service and misery? Will the murderous fiance be able to find them before they get to sanctuary in time? Find out by picking up a copy of this book and reading to the end!

The Academy is the second novel in the Perrault Chronicles by author Cordelia Castel. The first story of this saga continues in the second installment of the series.

Cendrilla is back and she’s doing what she can with new prospects in mind. The story of Rilla being engaged to marry a man that she does not wish to continues, and now she’s left with two very dangerous choices. Either of them could easily result in her death.

Rilla was promised in marriage to the man known as Lord Bluebeard, who is not marriage material. The betrothal coming to fruition would mean the end of her life as she knows it. All she knows is that it would be a nightmare, so she fled to try and make it to the capital to get away.

Cendrilla actually has magical powers, and wants to go to the Academy. The only problem is that magic is expressly forbidden at the Academy. However, it’s a huge opportunity and Rilla vows that she must keep her secret to herself and be accepted.

Attending the Academy as a student would be amazing. She would be safe from Lord Bluebeard and also learn skills that could help her protect herself. She also has feelings for the Prince, who is handsome and occupying much of her thoughts. She admires him, but will it be another man that comes for her instead?

Can Rilla survive long enough to make it out of her horrible engagement and into freedom? Read the exciting second story of these chronicles to find out!

The Witches is the third novel in the Perrault Chronicles by Cordelia Castel. If you loved the first two books in this series, be sure to read this one too!

Rilla is following a group of trolls and tracking them down and is now a kingdom’s only hope. The kingdom’s been broken down, split up and made weak by ambition and fear. Rilla’s saved women from the Academy, now only to find out that trolls have abducted them. She has to pick up the pace and try to track them down and save them before something horrible happens, with a team by her side that isn’t exactly the team she would have chosen if she had more options available to her.

Rilla and her crew will have to go on a journey through forests and over mountains to try and find these women, facing their fair share of evil and challenges along the way. Anything could happen. Can Rilla save those women? Pick up a copy of this book and read to the end to find out!

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    Did this author die? It looks like the last anyone heard anything or any books were released was September of 2020. I have searched and searched and can’t find anything.

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    I would sure love a third book to the dreamers of dragons books!

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    Why can’t I find The Gauntlet Trials anywhere? I get an error message on Amazon when I click the link to it.

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      Hi Kristen – it looks like that one ended up not being released. I can’t seem to see why.


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