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Publication Order of A Cordell Logan Mystery Books

Cordell Logan series by David Freed

Author David Freed pens the “Cordell Logan” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2012, when “Flat Spin” was released.

Cordell Logan is a retired military assassin and fighter pilot who became a flight instructor who is tasked with solving a new mystery in each novel. He is an aspiring Buddhist with a shadowy past and dwindling savings.

“Flat Spin” is the first novel in the “Cordell Logan” series, which was released in the year 2012. “California’s Monaco”, which is what the wealthy minions of Rancho Bonita call the city. His gorgeous ex-wife, named Savannah, turns up out of the blue to let him know that her husband has been killed in Los Angeles. This news quietly pleases Logan. The guy was, after all, the one she left Logan for, a man named Arlo Echevarria.

Logan and Echevarria used to be comrades-in-arms assigned to “Alpha”, a top-secret military assassination team. Only problem, the LAPD is unable to find any record of Echevarria ever working for Uncle Sam. Savannah would like Logan to tell the cops what he knows. He refuses, but then, while relying on his aging and small airplane (Dubbed “Ruptured Duck”), as well as the skills he honed in Alpha, Logan hunts down Echevarria’s murderer.

His journey takes him from the most dangerous ghettos in Oakland’s inner city to the glitzy Vegas strip, to Arizona’s deserts, and to darkened Russian Mafia haunts in West Los Angeles. This is the least of his problems, actually. It is his love-hate relationship he has with Savannah, who is a woman that Logan still pines for in spite of himself, and one that threatens to consume him entirely.

This is an exciting, an amusing tale, and this character, Cordell Logan, is able to soar right alongside the best of ’em. Right from the beginning, the book holds you hostage. It has smooth writing filled with genuine humor, some pitch-perfect dialogue and some absorbing authenticity. David Freed is able to conjure up a creative plot in his books.

“Fangs Out” is the second novel in the “Cordell Logan” series, which was released in the year 2013. Right before he is executed, the murderer of a famed Vietnam War hero-pilot named Hub Walker’s daughter makes a stunning allegation. She claims the real killer is a close friend of Walker, an important U.S. defense contractor. Walker wants to hire someone that is willing to spend time digging up information that is going to refute the convicted killer’s groundless yet widely reported accusations, and help restore his buddy’s good name. That person, as fate would have it, is Cordell Logan.

A Medal of Honor recipient that is married to an old Playmate of the Year, Walker lives in a San Diego enclave called La Jolla, which overlooks the Pacific. Logan is sure that working for Walker is going to be little more than just a paid vacation. A shot at rubbing shoulders with a living legend and rekindle his relationship with his own enticing ex Savannah.

After he flies to San Diego in the Ruptured Duck, he is quickly pulled into a lethal and vexing jigsaw puzzle. The more he digs, a murkier truth turns up. It increases the danger on his back. Who actually killed the war hero’s daughter? Why did they do it? Someone in “America’s Finest City” would like to stop Logan from asking questions, and is going to stop at nothing in order to silence him.

“Voodoo Ridge” is the third novel in the “Cordell Logan” series, which was released in the year 2014. The year is 1956. a plane that bears some mysterious cargo takes off at a small airport just outside of Los Angeles and vanishes right into a raging storm. Sixty years later, while Logan flies over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, he sees a glint of sunlight on metal. He sees what might be some aircraft wreckage. His life is sure to never be the same again.

Logan and Savannah are planning a reconciliation in Lake Tahoe. When landing in Ruptured Duck, Logan is willing to put these plans on hold to help show a search and rescue team to the isolated, mountainous crash site. The team uncovers not only the long-missing airplane, completed with the mummified remains of the pilot still behind the controls. There is also the more sinister and recent: a young man’s body, who was just shot to death a few hours before.

Somebody beat the rescuers to the site and is clearly going to stop at nothing to profit off what the plane had been carrying. Including kidnapping to Savannah and threatening to kill her if Logan does not help them carry out their plans of getting away. The clock is ticking down and the love of his life is in peril. Logan is pulled into a vexing vortex as potentially lethal and personal as any that he has ever known.

“The Three-Nine Line” is the fourth novel in the “Cordell Logan” series, which was released in the year 2015. Over four decades after their release from the notorious “Hanoi Hilton”, three American POWs go back to Vietnam in order to make peace with their most brutal ex-captor. It is a guard they have dubbed, “Mr. Wonderful”. The US State Department is hoping reconciliation is going to help cement a major trade agreement between the Vietnamese and Washington. When Mr. Wonderful is found killed, the three prisoners of war are accused of murdering him and the multi-billion dollar deal on the table threatens to unravel. This is where Cordell Logan comes in.

Logan, who is working with a newly formed covert intelligence unit that answers to the White House directly, gets sent to Hanoi in order to identify. This is right as the trade agreement threatens to blow up. He quickly finds something that proves to be an increasingly dangerous and puzzling mystery. Why was the guard killed? Who did it? Unlocking all the answers is going to test every ounce of resolve and ingenuity Logan has, all while risking his life like he never has before.

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