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Cordina’s Royal Family Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cordina's Royal Family Books

Affaire Royale (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Command Performance (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Playboy Prince / Starlit Winter Nights (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cordina's Crown Jewel (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cordina’s Royal Family is a series of romance novels written by Nora Roberts. The books explore the romantic lives of Cordina’s Royal Family.

+The Story
The Coridna’s Royal Family series began publication in the early 1990s with ‘Affaire Royale’. The first book in the series, many a reader has attested to ‘Affaire Royale’ being the one book that made them a Nora Roberts fan, not only because of the simplicity of the writing but also the flow of the story, the well-written characters, and the romance.

The book definitely sets the foundation upon which the rest of the Cordina’s Royal Family series is built. Affaire Royale introduces readers to Her Serene Highness Gabriella, daughter to Prince Armand of the Royal House of Cordina.

When Gabriella is first introduced to readers, she has no idea who she is or where she came from. She is found wandering on the side of an abandoned road, at which point she is reunited with her family and told that she was kidnapped.

It seems like her efforts to escape her captors took its toll because Gabriella now has amnesia. The people around her, her closest friends and family, they are all strangers to her, and that is problematic because it means the princess is incapable of revealing the identities of her kidnappers.

It is for that particular reason that Armand calls upon Reeve McGee. He realizes that the only way they can protect Gabriella from further harm is to find the men who took her before they strike again.

Reeve was a police officer but he left that life behind to settle down on his farm. The people who know him believe that he only agreed to answer Prince Armand’s request because their fathers were friends.

But in truth, Reeve is acquainted with Gabriella. They met ten years earlier and fell in love. So the idea of rekindling that passion and pursuing the relationship that they allowed to fall by the wayside is more than enough incentive to send Reeve running to Cordina.

While Affaire Royale is primarily concerned with finding Gabriella’s kidnappers whilst also exploring her relationship with detective Reeve, the book also introduces the various players and components that will drive the rest of the series.

Chief amongst them is Cordina, a beautiful kingdom rich with history, color and culture. Then there are the various members of the Cordina Royal Family each of whom is given an opportunity to shine in books down the line.

Each Cordina novel focuses on the romantic trials and tribulations of a particular member of the royal family. All the primary players in the Cordina royal household have a tendency to fall for individuals with little to no royal blood in their veins.

The encounters that bring the hero and heroine together tend to vary; though, the first one is the most serious of the lot, what with kidnappings and assassination attempts happening all over the place.

As the series progresses, it becomes a simple matter of the hero and the heroine being in the right place at the right time, seeing one another and then struggling to make sense of their feelings.

As tends to happen with Nora Roberts novels, the connections in the Cordina’s Royal Family series are always instant. But more often than not, the hero is the one who first realizes what he is feeling, accepts what it means and then takes steps to pursue the heroine.

The heroine isn’t necessarily averse to dating the hero. However, they definitely play hard to get, making the hero work for their prize. Nora tries to make the couples of each book as different from one another as they can possibly get.

You have Alexander who is stiff and reserved in the second Cordina novel as he courts a cheerful, social, captivating woman in Eve. With book three, you have the playboy in Prince Bennett courting the quiet reserved and prim Hannah.

It is because of the differences between them that the hero and heroine of each Cordina novel are drawn to one another. Each of them is determined to wear the other’s protective walls down so as to find the soft interior that truly represents the personality of the person for whom they have fallen.

+The Author
Nora Roberts is one of the most successful romance authors to ever live. Born in 1950 to a family of five children, Nora’s household was always chocked with books and it did not take her long to pick up the reading habit.

A student of Catholic education institutions which instilled in her a sense of discipline, it took a blizzard in the 1970s to put Nora Roberts in a situation so isolated that she had no choice but to write to pass the time. Though, once she began, she realized that she did not want to do anything else.

+Affaire Royale
Gabriella knew she wanted Reeve McGee from the moment he laid eyes on her. The daughter of Prince Armand of Cordina, it took a harrowing experience to bring Gabriella and Reeve together.

She was a child when the two of them first met, and while they never acted on their feelings, she felt the connection tagging between them even then. A decade passed and Gabriella was kidnapped, only to re-emerge on the side of an abandoned road, having escaped her captors only to lose her memory.

Prince Armand calls upon Reeve, a detective, in the hopes that he can jog Gabriella’s memory and identify her kidnappers. It doesn’t take long for their close proximity to spark romance between Reeve and Gabriella.

+Command Performance
Prince Alexander and Eve got to know each other a little better back when Gabriella was kidnapped. Some years have passed since them. Alexander never gave Eve much thought when they first met.

A powerful but reserved man, Alex always seemed to disapprove of Eve’s ways and ambitions. But that was a long time ago. Eve has changed and now Alex cannot help but feel captivated by her.

He might have spurned her interest in him years earlier, but now there is nothing Alexander won’t do to show Eve that he is the only man that could ever satisfy her.

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