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Publication Order of Corean Chronicles Books

Legacies (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darknesses (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scepters (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alector's Choice (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cadmian's Choice (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soarer's Choice (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lord-Protector's Daughter (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady-Protector (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Corean Chronicles is a fantasy novel series written by the author, L.E. Modesitt Jr. The series consists of eight different novels published from 2002 to 2011. The whole series is divided into a couple of trilogies along with a duology, which are set in different time frames but in the same world. These subparts have significant ties to one another. The first two trilogies have a gap of around a thousand years in their time frames. The Corean Chronicles depicts the adventurous life of the fictional hero Alucius along with other significant characters. The first trilogy consists of the novels ‘Legacies’, ‘Darknesses’ and ‘Scepters’ and introduces the world of Corus, which is ruled by a rich civilization, spanning over the entire continent. However, the world of Corus faces a major fall due to a magical disaster, which ends its golden age. The world of Corus is full of nations that keep on fighting among themselves to gain superiority over the others. The humans of the Corus struggle to live and the animals are dependent on the magic of Corus. Apart from these, rare creatures like Soarers and Sanders are also seen in Corus. These rare creatures are believed to be the entities of pure life force.

Although the fall of Corus has caused a great damage and that the people have forgotten its golden age, there are a few people who still command a certain magical power, referred as Talent. The Talent wielders are under constant danger of the lords of the world, who try to gain influence over them in order to control the magical powers. The special features of the world of Corus are commonly referred in the series with phrases such as Talent wielders, Talent creatures, Tlaent magic, etc. The second novel trilogy of The Corean Chronicles consists of the novels ‘Alector’s Choice’, ‘Cadmin’s Choice’, and ‘Soarer’s Choice’ and features the era of the lost civilization of the world of Corus. The trilogy introduces the caretaker minority of the civilization, the Alectors. The Alectors are like humans, who exist in the world of Corus and are linked to their previous worlds with a pure life-force. They are portrayed as the evils in the first trilogy of the series as they were the non-natives of the world of Corus. However, the second trilogy of the series depicts them as through their own viewpoint. The humans in the world of Corus are also the non-natives.

The Alectors consider the regular humans consisting of the Steers, Landers and Indigens, as inferior. They are the Talent wielders of the world of Corus, by nature. Alectors are the ones who created the glory and the infrastructure of the civilization by using their power of technical knowledge, which gets lost later. The first novel in the first trilogy of The Corean Chronicles starts from the childhood days of the central character, Alucius. Alucius is raised by his mother and grandparents after his father gets killed while serving in the Militia. He is raised on the Nighsheep farm of his family in The Iron Valleys, which is a small country in the world of Corus. When Alucius grows older, he joins the Militia to fight against Madrien, the western superpower who tries to invade The Iron Valleys. However, Alucius is captured and enslaved into the Matrial, armies of the monarch of Madrien. After several months of combat, he becomes successful in setting himself free from the magical collars, along with several other slaves and flees back to The Iron Valleys.

The first novel of The Corean Chronicles was published in the year 2002 by the Tor Books under the title ‘Legacies’. The novel depicts an era of around a thousand years back, when the great civilization of Corus was damaged due to a magical disaster, which ended its golden age. The countries in Corus fight against each other for superiority while the human and the animal races struggle to survive. The novel also introduces Alucius as a child, having a great Talent. He was told not to reveal his Talent to anyone otherwise he might get exploited. He goes on to serve in the Militia as a young soldier, just like his father. When he gets captured and enslaved by the invading army of the Madrien, Lucius uses his Talent to set himself free and fly back to his homeland, The Iron alleys. Slowly, the era of Corus is changing because of the evils of the armies of the monarch of Madrien, the Matrial. If these changes are not ended, then Corus will be under a great danger. At such hard times, Alucius and his Talent have an important role to play in order to change the fate of the world of Corus. The novel received great reviews from the critics as well as the readers. It became an instant hit all over the world. Author Modesitt Jr. was praised for his unique description of action sequences, character development, romantic plot and storytelling. The battle scenes of the novel are very well written by the author. People also liked the fantasy setting and magical system of the world of Corus in The Corean Chronicles.

The second novel of The Corean Chronicles was published under the title ‘Darknesses’ in the year 2003 by the Tor Fantasy. The sequel to the first novel depicted an era of a thousand years after the fall of Corus by a magical disaster, which ended the rule of Duarchy. Now, Corus is full of fighting nations, struggling humans and animals, and some supernatural creatures. Although, a great damage has occurred in the world of Corus, it is still considered a land of magical powers and consists of a few Talented people such as Alucius of the Iron Valleys, who try to maintain the glory of the civilization of Corus. Alucius becomes the youngest captain of the Militia in order to defeat the attacking nomads of the central plains. The nomads take the help of sorcerous creatures of legend to attack the MIlitia. Alucius faces a huge magical and military challenge. However, there is an even greater challenge from other enemies who not only conquer a nation but also enslave its citizens. The Twenty-first Company of the Militia led by Alucius is forced into an alliance with the Lord Protector of Manachrona and is dispatched to face the invaders. During the times of these great difficulties, Alucius’s Talent is the only hope of the Twenty-first Company, although his superior and inferior officers are unaware about this. In this novel, Alucius comes to know more about his Talent. He meets a number of supernatural creatures and even discovers the evil forces trying to gain power over the world of Corus. The novel reveals a lot about the magical world of Corus and continues to surprise its readers through the other novels of The Corean Chronicles.

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