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About Corine Solomon:

Novel writing has reached a stage where it has broken free of the traditional genres and entered a world where fantasy and fiction merge with fact and reality. This is especially true for the young adult market, which is a big fan of work that is unique, rich and innovative. Although there are a number of really great writers that weave indulging stories, there is a select group of exceptional authors whose command over language and talent in creativity takes novel writing to a whole new level.

Ann Aguirre can be easily classified among this group of writers. Her writing appealed to the readers from the moment she put out her first novel, Grimspace, in 2008. The story was an instant hit and received terrific reviews from both readers and critics. Many leading critics described it as “dazzling”. Ann quickly grew in popularity and rose to fame in the US. Within a few years she was labelled as a bestselling author by USA Today.

Ann’s novels and stories can be broadly described as speculative fiction. She takes in ingredients from well-established genres and creates a totally new flavor which grasps the audience and impresses critics every single time. Although a lot of her writing centers around romance, each novel is distinctly different and has a bespoke construction of plots and twists. Her smooth writing flow keeps the mind engrossed in the story, and as the story progresses, it becomes harder and harder to put down her books.

Young Love and Fantasy

Like all successful authors, Ann has a great sense of knowing what the market wants. She understands her audience and is familiar with details of their social behavior and perspective of life. The reason why so many of her novels take romance as an integral component is because the feelings of love and affection are particularly strong in young minds. As teenager hit their early adult hood, a mature sense of love materializes for them. The content of Ann’s novels creates a picture of romance that rings true to the feelings that many young adults have. With this acting as glue, her rich talent constructs a fabulous world of characters and a brilliant atmosphere in each story.

The Unknown and Mystical

A lot of the novels revolve heavily around fiction, particularly of a paranormal nature. Ann combines this with themes that add weight to the ambience such as apocalyptic suspense and dystopian hues. Like many other popular novels for young adults, the plots are often of an urban nature and do not totally create a discrete future setting. This makes it easy for readers to visualize the writing and relate to the characters and their feelings.

Corine Solomon: The Star of Urban Fantasy

Perhaps the best example of Ann’s talent is her character Corine Solomon. Corine was introduced as a lead in the novel Blue Diablo, an absolutely spectacular piece of work which Ann released in 2009. Many critics applaud her for the swiftness with which she created such a wonderful world of fantasy. In just over a year, Ann had become a sensation and a refreshing addition to the young adult market.

In Blue Diablo, the she merged supernatural ideas with a detective like thriller, which resulted in a winning formula. In addition to its primary appeal, the diversity that was possible in this theme led her to further develop more stories. This has made Corine a superstar among her fans. After Blue Diablo, Corine made her next appearance in Hell Fire, which was published in 2010. She returned again the next year in Shady Lady, where she finds herself in circumstances which put her right into the jaws of danger. These initial three books were followed by two more: Devil’s Punch in 2012 and Agave Kiss in 2013. For the last 5 years, Corine Solomon stories have become regular annual additions to Ann Aguirre’s portfolio and her fans’ bookshelves.

Corine Solomon’s Supernatural Magic

Corine Solomon is a star of the urban fantasy series by Ann Aguirre. Corine is a young attractive lady in her twenties with a special supernatural power. Corine can tell the history of any object that she touches. Her ability to read the past by holding objects enables her to have access to information that other people can simply not see or know. In the various stories, Corine finds herself in suspense filled, and often paranormal, situations where her supernatural powers and connections empower her to fight demons and other mythical phenomenon.

In the first story, Blue Diablo, Corine helps her ex-partner find her mother who has mysteriously disappeared. Before the author dives in the main story, she provides a very detailed and interesting biography of Corine herself, and how she nearly loses her life while using her supernatural powers for illegal activities.

The Corine Solomon series are often laced with involvements of the main character with the criminal world, particularly the drug networks. Given her young adult audience, Ann Aguirre relates to problems of drug abuse and the negativity this brings to the society. By adding this world to her novels, she indirectly helps young adults experience what it is like to be involved in such activities, and to show how it slowly ruins life. However, her excellent style of writing and vivid details of plots ensures that communicating these messages doesn’t feel like preaching. The journey that the author takes the reader on with Corine Solomon is feels very real in both material and emotional aspects. This makes reading her novels a nearly real-life experience, at least emotionally.

Other Series by Ann Aguirre

In addition to the famed Corine Solomon series, Ann is also famous for her Sirantha Jax series. Unlike the supernatural and mythical world of the novels discussed above, Ann takes on a science fiction atmosphere for her Sirantha Jax novels. It is interesting how well she can write about both mythical and science-fiction worlds. The two series have completely different styles of writing. This is really impressive, given that her science-fiction and urban fantasy novels are often written simultaneously.

To properly express her talent in the paranormal genre, Ann has a complete paranormal romance series called The Skin Series. In these novels, she explores and exercises the darker side of her writing and firmly grips readers in masterful narratives. The experience of reading one of her paranormal novels is totally unique.

However, for readers new to Ann Aguirre, the best idea is to start with the Corine Solomon series.

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