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Publication Order of Children's Books

The Book of Mistakes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse (With: Marcy Campbell) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tree in Me (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Patchwork (With: Matt de la Pena) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Share Your Rainbow: 18 Artists Draw Their Hope for the Future(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Corinna Luyken is an American published author as well as illustrator that has always loved drawing.

Luyken writes as well as provides illustrations and has been the author and the illustrator combined on two of her books. She has been the illustrator for two early books where she was not the writer.

Corinna worked on a book titled Weird Little Robots with Carolyn Crimi. The middle school grade novel has been very popular and the world rights were bought to this novel by Candlewick. The book is about a young girl named Penny Rose that makes robots to keep her company. Some magic is all it takes to have everything change!

Luyken would go on to illustrate another book, titled Adrian Simcox Does Not Have a Horse. It was written by Marcy Campbell. It is the story of a boy named Adrian that tells everyone that will hear him out about his horse, which is the most beautiful and the best horse to be found anywhere in all the land. But one person does not trust his tales, and Chloe knows that he lives in a small house that doesn’t seem to have much room to house a horse. Adrian has shoes with holes, so it’s difficult to see how he could pay for one. Adrian keeps talking about the horse, and Chloe starts to get angry. But she may learn an important lesson in the end of it all and possibly even get to meet Adrian’s horse– if it ever existed at all.

Corinna Luyken came out with books of her own with the release of her book The Book of Mistakes. She is also the author of My Heart. Mistakes came out in 2017 and received a lot of praise. It has received reviews where it was given four stars and has been given high marks by such media outlets and publications such as NPR, Wall Street Journal, and Entertainment Weekly, among others.

Corinna currently resides with her family, her daughter, husband, and their cats. They live in Olympia, Washington together.

The Book of Mistakes is the first solo book illustrated as well as composed by Corinna Luyken! This is a picture book for young people that is truly special and a great first book for this author. It’s all about the process of being creative and focuses on the ways that sometimes mistakes can grow into huge blossoms and sources of inspiration for you.

So if you are drawing and one eye is drawn larger than the other as a mistake, you can just pass it off as your creative intention. A strange animal that doesn’t exactly look incredible can be transformed into an even better piece of shrubbery or a tree. Smudges of ink can often appear to be something abstract, like leaves in a pond of water.

If you can incorporate spots and mistakes and splotches or things that you don’t draw well and accept them into art, maybe you can end up with something that you really like! Corinna is sharing with readers the way that she changes pieces in ways that can be sometimes quirky and sometimes unexpected.

Get an up close and uniquely personal look at an artist and her process told through drawings and text that may be minimal but still is upbeat and playful! This is a bit more than the average children’s book and the engaging nature of this work means that you can learn a bit more about art through the experience of hearing this author out.

Corinna knows about writing and illustrating, and this book is a strong showcase of how she does both and can explain it as well! This story shows those who are reading it that when you are engaged with the creative process, sometimes your biggest mistakes are able to be part of the best ideas and create art that you might not have crafted otherwise.

All art is a work in progress, and this book reminds us that we are all much the same way sometimes! We are all continually evolving and attempting to learn more. This is a fun art book that never takes itself too seriously and urges the readers to just stick with the process and try to make the most out of things.

Told from an interesting point of view of the artist and funny and poignant at times, The Book of Mistakes can make a great gift or just a book to enjoy on your own or with others, like your children or nieces and nephews! It’s a great book that encourages you to be optimistic even as you face the various obstacles that life throws at you.

My Heart is the second book to come out from illustration and composition specialist Corinna Luyken. This is a picture book that is sure to interest you if you are a fan of books like these with lessons and things to take in about them!

This well illustrated book is full of wonderful pictures and words with topics about how to care for your heart and continue to live practicing empathy and kindness. These are the most important things to learn that will keep you nourished and in a good place, and it is a picture book that is far ahead of others in terms of the approach to an important topic.

Hearts can be closed or open, and this book explores the concept of feelings and the experience of being alive and being human as well. In this lyrical story with rhymes that have a meaning, there is plenty to digest and take in as well as think about and discuss!

The combination of great words and illustrations to go along with it means that this is definitely one picture book that you should check out. The art is amazing and the moral of the story may end up making you glad that you got it!

Love is all around us, and when our hearts are open to love as well as self-acceptance, incredible things can happen. Check this book out for yourself and see Luyken’s work in this fantastic second work from this artist!

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