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Publication Order of Corps Security Books

The American bestselling author of romance novels Harper Sloan has been producing highly regarded titles for a number of years now, creating a variety of books for readers worldwide. Knowing her audience, she really speaks to them on an almost personal level, giving them what they want in a unique and idiosyncratic style. Passionately writing from an early age, she’s enjoyed putting work out on a regular basis, reaching scores of readers from across the globe, reaching a diverse and ever increasing audience. This has grow exponentially not just in terms of the worlds she creates, but the characters she establishes and the relationships they have as well. Over time she has also created many series too, as they’ve continued throughout the course of her career, all whilst attracting more and more readers every day. The ‘Corps Security’ series of novels is a perfect example of this, as they manage to hit all the right notes when it comes to a sizzling collection of romance novels. Featuring strong men and equally strong women, they capture what it is to fall in love, whilst also setting up a sense of romance and suspense. Each of the men themselves work in security, being a part of the ‘Corps family’, as each title features a separate romance unique to the story. With minor links between each one, they also manage to provide returning readers something to appreciate along the way too. Set in a dangerous world, they offer the reader a sense of escapism, transporting them, which is something that they’ll carry on doing for some time to come.

Running for five novels in total, along with a novella offshoot from book three titled ‘Uncaged’, the series would run from 2013 to 2014. Working in conjunction with the ‘Hope Town’ series of books itself, it would have an omnibus edition in 2015 titled ‘Corps Security: The Series’ bringing all five books together for the first time. Largely released by Harper Sloan herself, they’ve gone on to achieve a huge amount of success over the years, making their mark on readers with both their characters and stories.


Setting up the Corps Security series of books, this marks the first title in the franchise, as it manages to establish both the world and the characters. First released in 2013 on the 7th of July, it manages to set up the many themes and ideas of the story that is to follow, along with foreshadowing the books to come. Branching off from the ‘Hope Town’ series of books too, with it being linked to that particular franchise, it manages to create its own unique world all of its very own.

Featuring the Corps family, it sets up how they establish as a whole, whilst also differentiating it from ‘Hopes Town’ at the same time. The core relationship at the heart of the story is what carries it along though, as it allows the reader to invest themselves in this world, whilst also telling them a singular story. Set in a contemporary setting too, it really allows itself to come into its own, entertaining and speaking to its audience directly.

Isabelle West feels that fate has been unkind to her over the years, taking everyone she ever knew and loved away from her. Looking to put her past behind her and move on finally, she seems to have everything planned out ahead of her, that is until her ex-husband shows back up on the scene. Not wanting to deal with this, she must face the ghosts of her past, coping with history in the best way possible, as Axel must deal with his own anger. Needing to protect her though, he must also put aside his own grievances and move forwards as best he can, in order for them both to reach happiness. Will they both finally find what it is that they are looking for? Can they overcome their own past? What will become of Axel?


Originally coming out in 2013 on the 8th of September, this would once again be released by Harper Sloan herself. This would also be the second title in the ‘Corps Security’ series of novels, with it featuring another romance in the same world as before. Using the Corps family, it manages to further establish the premise overall, giving it an extra level of development, taking it farther than ever before. It would also be followed by the novel Beck in 2013 that very same year, along with ‘Cooper’ and then ‘Locke’ the following year in 2014.

Born to protect those that he loved, Greg Cage had sworn to be there for his sister and mother, until he couldn’t, leaving him to carry guilt and vengeance in his heart. Then there’s Melissa Larson who’s also been a solid rock to her family, never needing anyone else, that is until elements spiral out of her control. Meeting Melissa, Greg instantly feels the need to protect her, wanting to keep her safe, which finally puts him to the test again when everything changes. Meeting up with his old friend Braxxon Breaker, who comes from the Motorcycle MC, the two of them find that they must fight to protect the one that Greg loves. Will they be able to neutralize this new threat? Can Greg keep Melissa safe and happy? What will become of Greg Cage?

The Corps Security Series

This is a series that really wears its influences on its sleeve, enjoying and revelling in them, whilst having fun with the form itself. That’s not to say that the series doesn’t have innovations of its own, as Harper manages to set herself apart from the other series and franchises in its particular field. Saying exactly what it is that she wants to say, she takes a fresh look at modern and contemporary relationships in the current world. It is her characters that speak to the readers too, with their fully fleshed out personalities that really come across on the page, with their flaws making them feel wholly real. With room to continue growing, this is a premise with enormous potential, as readers continue to discover the series every day.

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