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Publication Order of Corridor Man Books

Corridor Man series by Mike Faricy

Author Mike Faricy pens the “Corridor Man” series of mystery novels that he publishes under the pen name of Nick James. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “Corridor Man” was released.

Bobby Custer is a former lawyer that got disbarred for some rather shady dealings that he was doing. He is sociopathic, psychopathic, and is always charming. Bobby is able to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses so that he can exact revenge.

“Corridor Man” is the first novel in the “Corridor Man” series, which was released in the year 2015. After Bobby served four years of a seven-year sentence, and gets an offer he is unable to refuse that comes from the feds.

He is out of jail rather quickly, but gets totally cast out of his old life: working hallways and back alleys of the legal game, finding plenty of shady happenings, shunned by both his friends and family, living in a bare studio apartment.

You would almost feel for this guy, a young guy that is tempted by the high life that made a mistake he regrets and winds up losing it all. While the bodies begin piling up, you must wonder if there is something about Bobby that is just not all that right.

This is a taut and fast paced book that is well told, and James Faricy delivers a wonderful slice of classic urban noir. The book is rich with some detailed descriptions, well-drawn characters, and snappy dialogue. The way this one is written, you wind up being just as surprised as Bobby is by each of the twists and turns. By the end, you just want to read more of the story.

“Opportunity Knocks” is the second novel in the “Corridor Man” series, which was released in the year 2015. Bobby Custer is starting to crawl back up the ladder of society. On the way, there are different people that have his number, but Bobby has got his own special way of dealing with each one of them.

He is the friendly neighbor, the one at work that goes the extra mile only for you, there is just a price to pay. You will pay, baby. Yes you will.

The average person, after hearing of his employer’s “heart issues, rebellious daughter, and estranged wife”, thinks that it is a shame that these things could happen to someone. While Bobby just smells opportunity.

Part of his “boundaries issue” is really legit; the feds asked him to poke around and not ask any questions while he is doing it. The feds are in fact the good guys, right? The angles that Bobby is working are for only for his own benefit.

He destroys careers and lives with precision, and mops the mess up with the closest woman. The dark cloud that hangs over DASH law firm begins to swirl into a murderous tornado. It dispels any doubt about the psycho, lying, rapacious man the feds have let loose.

The book moves even faster than the first book, and some were glued to their books as the tension and excitement continues to grow. Bobby is an interesting main character, despite being the villain of these stories, and some cannot wait to read more about him and see what he does next.

“The Dungeon” is the third novel in the “Corridor Man” series, which was released in the year 2015. Bobby Custer keeps changing locks, yet somehow he never feels secure. A small wonder.

His women keep betraying him, despite his generosity with his drugs, and his fatal charm, of course. His mysterious new tenant and her group of muscular huge handymen, who all have a pistol jammed into the waistband of their work pants have done some wonderful rehab work on the house that he “inherited”. Suddenly, there are a far too high amount of killings in the neighborhood.

Even though he tries hard to break free, Bobby’s present existence is coming with some strings attached. There are the feds that got him the job at the law firm, the disagreeable partners there, and then the mobster named Morris Moncreff, a guy that knows where the bodies are buried. Just not necessarily how many or whose.

Bobby is never more than a step ahead of Montcreff, and perhaps it is time to change this while he is drawn into the middle of Montcreff’s sticky web.

These books have hooked readers as readers enjoy seeing just how rotten and low down Bobby can get in these books. The books have a great story and excellent characters in them. Faricy does an incredible job of getting Bobby into scrapes and tight spots throughout each one of these books.

“Dead End” is the fourth novel in the “Corridor Man” series, which was released in the year 2016. Bobby just is unable to bring affairs to their own natural end. Against all the odds, Noah Denton, his boss, has survived all of the unfortunate events while his health steadily declines. A closer inspection of the events shows the extraordinary coincidence that they all occurred right after Bobby, his “adopted son” visited him, although nobody seems to be looking that closely.

This far, Bobby has been able to stay in the game by cultivating and relying on the absolute worst characteristics of human nature found in all the people he meets. The game keeps changing and Bobby’s life is going up in flames piece by piece. Forced into a position roughly right in the middle of two opposing crime lords, Bobby is unsure who exactly is trying to kill him at any given time. Question is: will he be able to convince just one of them that he is worth more alive than dead?

The plot lines, writing, and characters are fun and provide a nice way to escape for a little while. This one was just impossible to put down for very long. The dark themes, the focus, are all great. Mike has a superb imagination and he puts it in overdrive while writing these books.

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