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Publication Order of Corrigan Books

Corrigan Fire (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corrigan Magic (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corrigan Rage (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corrigan Politics (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corrigan Lust (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Corrigan series is a series of romance and thriller novels written by the well known Scottish author named Helen Harper. There is a total of 5 books published in the series between the years 2014 and 2015. The series also related to one of the other novel series written by author Helen Harper titled Blood Destiny. Even this series contains 5 novels, which are named similarly as the novels of the Corrigan series. The novels of the Blood Destiny series were published between the years 2012 and 2013, and tell the stories which are continued in the novels of the Corrigan series. All the novels of the series are told from the point of view of Corrigan.

The first novel of the Corrigan series was published under the title ‘Corrigan Fire’. It was released as a Kindle edition in the year 2014 and depicts the story of the first novel of the Blood Destiny series titled Bloodfire, as told from the point of view of the predator named Lord Alpha. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Corrigan has just started his role as the Head of the Brethren, who are the de-facto rulers of the shifters of the country. It seems already clear that he is not going to have an easy ride being the head of the organization. Initially, Corrigan has to deal with several brutal deaths in Cornwall and London. This is followed by an interaction with one of the curious were-hamsters, who is believed to have a lot more power, strength, and mouth than he should actually posses. This way, Corrigan seems to have his hands full with a lot of work. Before coming into this hectic world, Corrigan had desired that he would modernize the world of the shape-shifters.

But, after witnessing the actual scenario, he begins to think that he might have been mistaken with his intentions. In the Bloodfire novel, it is shown that Corrigan had to deal with a normal looking female called Mack. She was believed to be living with a pack shape-shifters in the rural England areal of Cornwall. She has been living there from the time her mother had dumped her there when she was just a small child. Now, Mack desperately wants to be completely accepted by her new family, but it seems to be a difficult talk as a lot of them hate her for being a human. Also, due to some reason she was not able get transformed. With the passage of time, the shape-shifters come to know that Mack has a fiery temper and has an extraordinary ability to fight. She decides to use this ability to take vengeance after her alpha pack gets brutally murdered. Unfortunately, with her extraordinary abilities, Mack draws the attention of the Brethren, who is the head of the shape-shifter world, named Corrigan. He seems to be determined to slaughter each and everyone in the small rural pack of Mack, if the Brethren come to know about the true identity of Mack. To add to the worries of Mack, Lord Alpha of Brethren named Corrigan, who is green-eyed and very muscular, does not let anything slip by him.

The second novel of the Corrigan series written by author Helen Harper was published under the title ‘Corrigan Magic’. It was released as an ebook edition by author Harper on Wattpad in the year 2015. The plot of this novel deals with the events following the events described in the novel titled ‘Bloodmagic’, as told from the point of view of the Lord Alpha named Corrigan. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Mack has gone too far away from the shape-shifter world of Cornwall in the rural area of England and all the efforts of Corrigan to find her have proved to be fruitless. As a result, he is forced to stop looking for her and turn his attentions as well as that of the shape-shifter world towards other matters. Soon, it is learned that the vampires are trying to get in the way as well as the Brethren are trying to resist the attempts of Corrigan in trying to bring the vampires in the 21st century.

To add to the worries of the world of the shape-shifters, Corrigan learns that the shifters are getting sick by acquiring a mysterious disease. In the end, it seems that he might be powerful against this foe as all his attempts to stop the mysterious disease prove fruitless. Later, it is learned that after escaping from the deadly web of Corrigan, Mack is trying to live a quiet and lonely life in the Inverness of the rural Scotland. She seems to have distanced herself from all those who happen to have the qualities of a shape-shifter. But, she ends up meeting an elderly woman who owns an old bookstore. As Mack gets a job to work in her bookstore, she comes to know that the mysterious old woman has a familiar passion for the herbal lore and knows much more than she could think of. Eventually, it appears that Mack has been caught in a deadly male-storm between the Fae, the ministry of Mages, and the Brethren. Now, in order to save herself from the deadly web, Mack has to make a decision between facing the challenges and staying hidden. She also has to make up her mind to confront the real feelings that she has for the green eyed and powerful Lord Alpha named Corrigan. The novel went on to become a highly successful one just like the first novel of the series. This success helped author Helen Harper to gain a lot of motivation and encouragement which helped her to keep writing the further novels of the series.

Helen was appreciated a lot by her fans and readers for her efforts in writing this exciting novel. Even the critics and her fellow authors praised author Helen Harper for her unique style of writing and characterization. All these factors allowed author Helen Harper to establish herself as one of the prominent authors of the novels based on the romantic life of the shape-shifters. The success of the first and second novels of the Corrigan series helped Helen to write three more novels in the series. She also went on to write a few other novel series based on similar stories but different characters. The unique writing style and characterization of author Harper helped to work wonders for her. Eventually, she went on to enjoy a more wonderful and prosperous writing career.

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