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Publication Order of Corrupted Royals Books

Corrupted Royals (Series by Michelle Heard)
Michelle Heard writes the “Corrupted Royals” series of Mafia/Bratvia romance novels.

“Destroy Me” is the first novel in the “Corrupted Royals” series and was released in 2023. Their first meeting was at a nightclub, and it was something right out of Aurora’s most romantic of fantasies. Her ovaries exploded right at the sight of the Russian God. By God, she thought he was deadly attractive, ripped, dark, and tall. There were enough sparks between the two of them to light up an entire city. Then this explosion blasted right through the night club, and they got trapped together for three hours, and shared their most personal details, all of it except for their names.

Then, two years later, their second meeting is the total opposite of their first. It is obvious that Misha Petrov, who is a Russian enforcer for the Bratva, despises her. That emotion filled night they shared meant nothing to him. Because her family is sworn enemies with the Italian mafia and Bratva, which means that Misha considers her to be a threat.

Aurora wishes that she could hate him the way that he hates her. But no, Aurora’s dumb heart wants what it wants. Each rough touch from Misha makes her skin tingle. Each low rumbling threat growled through his clenched teeth gets her breath speeding up. They may be sworn enemies, however she cannot keep herself from wanting such a dangerous man.

Then there is the other issue. If she can, by some miracle, get Misha to fall in love with her, they’ll then have to face the whole bratva and her family. So what could possibly go wrong?

This is a very well written and entertaining novel. It’s got the charm that readers have come to know and love in Michelle’s mafia novels and writing. It’s got that perfect combination of spice and plot in it.

“Control Me” is the second novel in the “Corrupted Royals” series and was released in 2023. Abbie wanted to be a painter. However that is just a dream because a mafia princess does not get to select her own future. Still, she never lets it get her down, she always tries to make the best of everything.

Up until she is forced to go in for some brutal training, and she meets Nikolai Vetrov. Way too attractive and forbidden, the guy turns out to be her worst nightmare incarnated. He is ruthless and cold, and she is pretty sure there would be no heart to be found in his chest, unlike Abbie’s which won’t quit beating overtime at the mere sight of the guy.

Only because she flirted with him, he is dead set on making her life just as miserable as he possibly can. And as if the hell she has been thrown into is not enough, the worst possible thing happens to her. It strips her of her light and it drops her into a darkness that is so suffocating there is no chance of her escaping. There is a lot that she can overcome and endure, however the trauma and Nikolai Vetrov are two things that Abbie cannot handle. One of them is just bound to be the end of her.

Unless some miracle happens, and it’s time to face it, she is well past the point of believing in miracles.

The novel was a number one bestseller in organized crime, romantic suspense, organized crime thrillers, and number 22 on all of Amazon.

“Brutalize Me” is the third novel in the “Corrupted Royals” series and was released in 2023. Home, it is the only thing that Tiana wants more than anything else. A husband that she can love. Kids she can give the whole world to. A house that she can call her own. To many, this is a stupid wish, however to her, it is everything. So when her adoptive dad demands that she marry one of his business partners, named Karlin Makarova, her dreams becomes nothing more than that: a dream.

Karlin is a nightmare for any woman that he crosses paths with. He’s truly a vile monster. Tiana dreads the time that she must spend with Karlin and hides the bruises that fill her with deep shame. However then her beloved brother steps in and sets up a marriage with one of his best friends. Armani DeSantis is known to be calculative, cool headed, and aloof. Sure, the guy is heartbreakingly attractive, with an emphasis on heartbreakingly, however it is obvious that he sees her as his friend’s younger sister that has become his problem.

But then again, Tiana would much rather get her heart broken by Armani than be the punching bag of Karlin. And so, her dream of a happily ever after becomes a cold blooded war between these two men, and she finds herself praying that somehow she will be able to survive. However life’s taught her that prayers are never answered.

“Restrain Me” is the fourth novel in the “Corrupted Royals” series and was released in 2023. Camille’s hobbies include sleeping, shopping, and eating. Doesn’t sound like she’s got too much going for her, however what’s a girl to do when she’s got this overbearing dad that does not allow her to be anything but a socialite? She is used to being in the spotlight, however when her dad begins getting threats on her life, he hires a bodyguard for her.

Maxim Levin, a Russian god, with a face carved from stone and intense eyes. Camille does not believe the guy has ever cracked a smile. He is scary as hell, domineering, and broody. The more time that she spends with him, the more that his secrets begin coming to light. It turns out that the guy is not just a regular bodyguard. Camille’s dad hired an assassin. An assassin, or a guy that unalives people for a living.

Maxim has got one more secret yet to be uncovered, and when she is finally able to crack this hard shell of his unforgiving exterior, she is in for the shock of her life.

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