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Courtney Pearson
Courtney Pearson is a young adult USA bestselling author known for The Chosen series, The Chuzzlewit Chronicles, and Curse of the Pirate series. She creates fantasy worlds filled with adventure, romance, loyalty, wizards, and others.

Apart from being a writer, she is a mother and a musician living with her husband and three children. when not writing, Pearson loves listening to classical music and watching slow-burn kissing scenes.

Such A Secret Place
The book is the first in the Stolen Tears series and features Ambry Csille. Ambry is a 16-year-old girl whose powers are still not visible. She lives in a world where people had magic until a spell disabled their ability to cry and stripped their major human feelings.

It’s said that many years ago, a wizard cast a spell on the world so that people would have little emotions. Sometime later, the Arcaians invaded from another planet and began stealing the people’s magic. With their lack of emotions, they no longer cared even when treated harshly and hunted like slaves.

Ambry, our protagonist, hasn’t got her magic and her emotions are still intact, unlike everyone around her, but she cannot cry. Gwynn, Ambry’s friend has lost all her emotions and has become a constant victim of her stepfather’s abuse. It’s said that in some rare occasions, some people experience a dream that is so powerful and make shed tears and get their feeling back for some time.

One night Gwynn dreams getting back her emotions, and goes straight to Ambry. The two sneak out to attend a private market that comes only once in a long time. Their aim is to look for tears that are said to be magical. If you are in town that night you’ll be among the lucky people to attend. Gwynn wants the tears badly so that she can defend herself from her stepdad, while Ambry wants them to get her magic and fit in the society.

However, things don’t go as planned as the Arcaians invade the market, and Ambry is lucky to be saved by a mysterious boy. Together they begin a journey to take back Ambry’s tears. In the process, her brother is captured and she’s more than determined to find him.

The more she dives into the journey, the more she discovers that the tears have selected her for something she has never imagined. While Ambry fights her way to her destiny, she comes across love and betrayal. The duo begins a journey of keeping the tears far from the hands of the bad guys while she learns to tap into her magic. Ambry also tries to find her brother as society is busy transitioning to the revolution.

The author does an excellent job of developing the characters. Ambry is lovable, and even though she is stubborn, she is a dedicated and hilarious character. She does not give up on finding her brother and doesn’t listen to any nonsense from Talon.

Talon is a mysterious man and does not answer any of Ambry’s questions, and at some point, you will think that his intentions are pure, then doubt him the next minute. Courtney Pearson takes the reader on a roller coaster as they try figuring him out.

Courtney Pearson presents Talon in a way that you feel anger, frustration, and affection for him like the protagonist. Gwynn changes from the submissive and agitated girl she was before getting her emotions back. The mystery surrounding Ambry’s magic is intriguing, and the book keeps tipping some suspense to keep the reader engaged to the cliffhanger ending. The thrilling adventures, romance, and deception made the book more fascinating.

Courtney builds a compelling story with a lot of emotions and superb dialogues. The story is full of enchanted tears, magic, rebellion, action, mystery, tension, adventure, and romance.

It’s the debut novel in The Forbidden Doors series. The story features Piper Crenshaw, a fifteen-year-old girl, and as an ordinary girl, she is suffering from bullying by some girls. She is seen as an outcast and is frequently mocked for acne and not being like other children. Her friend has been with her since she was seven, but she has joined the crew that is bullying her, leaving no one on her side.

Her mother is said to have killed a man then hid the body in the house. Piper’s father passed on ten months ago, and the mother is in prison, leaving her with her older brother, Joe. Their house becomes haunted and alternates from terrorizing and protecting Piper to locking her inside and, other times, beating her bullies. The house whispers at her and other times regenerate itself when it’s damaged, and it has never required renovations for hundreds of years. All those years, it has been looking new.

The house has stairs that seem to lead nowhere and steaming blood pools where the ordinary and bizarre, the past and the present, all exist in it. Piper has grown to get used to the situation and ask no questions. However, she is tired of inactively taking everything that comes her way, and soon she starts investigating. She later learns that her family is trapped in a madman’s hundred-year scheme forever, and she is the only person able to save them.
What secrets does the household have? Who are the ghosts that appear to Piper, and why does she feel the urge to help? Why did Piper’s mother kill? Why is she forbidden from opening some doors in the house? What is behind those doors? Read to find out more.

Phobic is a fascinating young adult paranormal that will leave you wanting more. Even though the story seems to be horror, the author does an amazing job balancing all the elements so that it does not lean on one side. The description of the house is perfect, and while reading, one can imagine the creepy atmosphere in it. Piper’s determination and courage as she faces bullying are admirable and inspiring.

The story is narrated in first person and told in present tense to give the reader a dynamic reading experience.

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