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Costanza Casati is a fantasy fiction author from Texas that also works as a screenwriter. The author was born in Texas in the United States and when she was just two years old, she moved to Italy. It happens that her entire family is Italian and she spent much of her life in the provincial areas of Milan.

As a nineteen-year-old, she went to London to study Film and English at Queen Mary University. Costanza would then attend the University of Warwick where she graduated with a master’s degree in fiction writing.

She published her debut novel “The President Show” in 2021 and has never looked back since. She has over the years worked as a freelance journalist and during this time worked for both editions of “HOLR Magazine” covering the “Venice Film Festival.”
She has also been a screenwriter and has worked on a documentary alongside Eminio Perocco the director. The documentary was aired by Italy’s national public broadcasting company RAI, the Europen culture TV Channel, and ARTE.

Costanza is also the author of the bestselling title “Clytemnestra,” which she published in 2023.

Like many authors, Costanza Casati grew up in a house full of books and her parents used to read her all manner of books when she was a child. As such, writing is something she was always very much interested in right from her childhood.

In her late teenage years, she went to Queen Mary to study Film Studies and English which combined cinema and reading are her two favorite things. Before she enrolled at Queen Mary, she had been focusing on literature, philosophy, and classical languages in Italy.
During her studies, she also dropped into seminars and lectures on literature and philosophy in addition to ancient myth and these influences can still be seen in her novels. She also got introduced to many new family authors and this would become a major theme in her later novels.

It was at Queen Mary that she began contributing to the culture and arts magazine “CUB” and also enrolled in some Spanish courses. Later, she got her master’s degree from Warwick, where she was involved in the writing and publishing of an anthology that was the work of more than twenty students.

Costanza Casati was inspired to pen her debut novel by current events. These things included the rise of Europe’s populist parties and political sex scandals. She was also looking at the messaging TV shows tend to send on issues of morality and wanted to explore how people want to win at all costs which is relentlessly promoted on TV.

Even though she knew exactly what she wanted to write, she faced all manner of challenges just like any other author. She found it difficult to find illustrators, editors, and agents. However, she had a passion for sharing her novel with the widest audience possible.
Penning her first draft took her three months but ultimately she had to chop off a lot and add a lot too before she got the final manuscript.

“Clytemnestra” by Costanza Casati has to be one of the best books published in 2023. This is an illuminating story of the events that happened before the Trojan War that goes beyond everything that has come before it.
Reading this novel, it is clear that Costanza Casati the author has a lot of knowledge about ancient Greece, ancient Greek literature, and ancient Greeks. She expands on our knowledge and in doing this also expands on the existing narrative in a richly detailed story that results in a seamless and smooth narrative.

Right from the title, it is evident that this is A Greek tragedy told from the point of view of Spartan women. Most works that cover the subjects often start with a narrow focus and then expound on what the famous warriors would go on to do.
Nonetheless, Costanza Clytemnestra begins her work with a wide-ranging examination of the history, the religious and cultural practices of the time, references to topography, and even elements of modes of feasts and dress of the time.

She draws a rich tapestry that looks at the flaws of each character, the depths of relationships, and ultimately the tension that results in retribution and final confrontation. Costanza makes use of an effective and unique approach as she builds tension even when you are very sure how it is going to end.

It is a great story for anyone that is a fan of good writing in general and fantasy fiction in particular that is reminiscent of the likes of Elektra, Circe, A Thousand Ships, and Ariadne.

“The President Show” begins by asserting the rules that are to be followed in a sinister reality TV show.
The rules are never to leave the Golden Palace, never to get pregnant, never to fall in love with another lover and never to disclose any classified info gleaned in the rooms of politicians.

Iris who is a Lover in “The President Show” has to follow these rules or else she will be expelled or worse. On the show, young women go all out to get the attention of politicians.

They show their sly and conniving sides as they get into tentative relationships with everything being filmed despite the cutthroat competition. Costanza Casati the author writes a dystopian story even though there are many elements in this world that are similar to our world.

Sexual relationships of different couples play out for other people’s entertainment on screen while women are portrayed as powerful and glamorous even as they are abused systematically behind the scenes.

Hysterical social media posts are often reported as truth and enemies are all over as the contestants jostle for the top spot as politicians demand entertainment from the lovers. This is all done despite the extra few pounds, the wrinkles, and the cellulite among many other bodily imperfections.

However, there is one enemy who is more prominent than all the rest. All the Lovers see it as a big honor to one day entertain the president. Casati shows the president as a combination of Weinstein, Trump, and Berlusconi making for an interesting story.

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