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Coulson Family Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Coulson Books

Coulson's Wife (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coulson's Crucible (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coulson's Lessons (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coulson's Secret (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coulson's Reckoning (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Coulson Family Saga is a series of novels written by Anna J. McIntyre. The books delve into the exploits of one family through the generations.

+The Story

The Coulson Family Saga series is one Anna’s more epic undertakings. The books are relatively small and can be read in a few sittings. However, the fact that they explore several lives over a multitude of years and eras sets them apart.

As one might have guessed, the Coulson Family Saga series is about the Coulson family, a clan of men and women with more demons and skeletons in their collective pasts and closets than they know what to do with.

The Coulson Saga begins in 1918. It is there that Mary Ellen Browning, the only daughter of a family of ten, is married off to Randall Coulson. Randall is a wealthy man with a troubled past. And when he marries Mary, all he wants from her is children. The fact that Mary is only seventeen casts a distinctly negative light on the marriage, but Randall cares little for the opinions of the people around him.

And once he determines that she has the social skills to survive in his world, Randall wastes no time in dragging Mary to Philadelphia and getting to the business of making sons. Coulson’s father was a brutal man and it affected his upbringing. He grew up determining to not follow in his father’s footsteps.

As such, his behavior towards Mary is mostly cold and distant and he runs off to Chicago the moment he concludes that Mary has conceived, uninterested in any notions of love and friendship that Mary might have to offer.

It isn’t long before William Hunter comes into the picture. A close friend and partner to Randall, the warm and kind William is initially opposed to his friend’s marriage to the seventeen-year-old. When Randall insists, William makes it his goal to look after Mary and to check in on her when Randall is out of town. And it doesn’t take Mary long to realize that she has finally found the loving and caring husband she has been looking for.

This story sets the stage for the Coulson Family saga as a whole. The actions Mary takes come back to haunt her. She is forced to deal with secrets that will not let her be down the line. As the series progresses, light is thrown upon the other members of the Coulson family, new and old.

They include Anthony Marino, a bad man who falls in love with a Coulson woman. His progeny returns in the future to unleash vengeance against the Coulson family for the sins they committed against the Marino name.

Then there’s Garrett Coulson who cannot overcome his love for the wife of another man and who goes to great lengths to unite with his true love.

Much of the Coulson Family Saga drama revolves around infidelity. You have a lot of women that are placed in impossible situations. And in straying outside their marital beds, they create wounds that prove impossible to heal. The men of the Coulson family are no more faithful than the women.

In fact, the Coulson Family Saga series has a lot of sex. That is one of the more prominent complaints that have been raised against the books. Anna J. McIntyre’s characters are very promiscuous. And this promiscuity grows with the progression of the series and the passing of the decades.

Anna sets out to explore and analyze gender roles throughout the decades. Starting from the early 1900s, the author throws a light on the manner in which society affected the way men and women treated one another.

And sexual intercourse becomes a notable aspect of the manner in which gender restrictions and freedoms are manifested. For some readers, the sexual aspects grow excessive as the series progress. Other readers believe the mature language is even more of a challenge than the sex. Skipping the naughty bits of Anna’s story is pretty easy. Things get complicated when one is reading a conversation in which one character is constantly throwing expletives around.

A smaller circle of readers have been known to complain that, while there is plenty of sex in the Coulson Family Saga series, the sex scenes are slow and boring. This sentiment is only shared by a select few readers, though it tends to arise more frequently than one might expect.

Despite the contentions over the sex and language, the Coulson Family Saga is beloved amongst fans of Anna J. McIntyre. The books are dramatic tearjerkers that feature heartbreaking heroines and complicated heroes.

+The Author

Anna J. McIntyre is the pseudonym of Bobbie Ann Johnson Holmes. The books Bobbi writes under her real name are normally family friendly in nature, and possibly even nonfiction. When Bobbi unleashes the Anna pen name, it is to produce more mature content, though typically in the romance genre.

Anna began writing before her passion for reading even took root. For a few years, Anna was more interested in creating her own imaginative tales than reading someone else’s stories. It wasn’t until she got to the eighth grade that the author discovered the reading habit.

She remembers being drawn to James Michener, Julia Garwood and the like. Even as a child, the author had a taste for romance and she made the genre her goal once she took up writing on a professional level.

Anna wrote the Coulson series inconsistently and out of order. Life just kept getting in the way. Once she finally sat down to write the full tale, the product astounded even her.

+Coulson’s Wife

When Mary Ellen’s father arranged her marriage to Randall Coulson, she played the obedient daughter and went with the wealthy man to Philadelphia. Handsome as he is, it doesn’t take the seventeen-year-old long to realize that Randall doesn’t want love or friendship from her. All he cares about is the children she will have.

Their bittersweet story of love and lies plays out during a turbulent point in history.

+Coulson’s Crucible

Anthony Marino has a problem. He wants Vera Coulson. He has wanted her since he first laid eyes on her.

But Vera is the jewel of the Coulson Empire, married to a powerful man and out of Marino’s reach. When the demons of Vera’s life begin to haunt her, she struggles to play her role as a wife and mother.

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