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Every Last Kiss (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
With My Last Breath (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
My TatteredBonds (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
House of Thebes (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Confessions of an Alli Cat (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Necessary Roughness (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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One Size Fits All(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Courtney Cole is an American author of fiction. She also sometimes goes by the pen name of Courtney Evan Tate. She lives near Lake Michigan in a quiet area along with her partner and their children.

She is an author of full length novels and loves mythology so much that she would eat it as her first meal of the day every day if it were possible! While she went to school for business and earned her degree in it when she graduated, she admits that the real world of business and corporations is not as fun to reside in as mythological or imaginary worlds.

She had two novels debut in 2011 to make her an officially published author; one stand alone fiction book and one that started off a series. Every Last Kiss would be the debut novel of the highly unique Bloodstone Saga. Courtney Cole’s Guardian would stand on its own, a paranormal romance story for young adults about a young girl named Whitney Lane.

Courtney Cole kicked off the Bloodstone Saga with Every Last Kiss and continued the series with the exciting sequel, Fated. The third book came out in 2011 and is titled With My Last Breath. My Tattered Bonds came out after that, and the fifth book House of Thebes makes this a very well-rounded and complete series to read! You can also check out a version of the collected works in The Bloodstone Saga.

Every Last Kiss is the first novel in the Bloodstone series by fantasy author Courtney Cole! What would you do if you were born a goddess? Not everyone is, but sometimes you can’t control what is your destiny. Even if you were born a deity, your rule may not be own. The Fates have a certain sway over what happens to you, even as a god or goddess.

Macy Lockhart is just seventeen years old, but she’s far from being your normal teenager. She’s just about as different from any girl her age as one could be– but she has no idea what to do about that. Mary finds a bloodstone pendant left mysteriously at her doorstep one day without any note and without any warning either.

She doesn’t think that it’s from UPS, but you never know. Who could have left this mysterious necklace here, clearly done with the intention of having Macy find it? Once this thing appears in her life, things start to change for Macy in a way that she never saw coming. The alteration of her reality is significant and while she could be crazy, it may also be likely that in life sometimes things can be very different from what they seem.

Macy is now set on a course that she never saw coming and will eventually understand that her entire perception of her life has been a confused mess of lies and see that it is the Fates that control our destiny, pulling the strings and forever altering our fate. Macy will find out something quite astonishing; that if she cannot return to a life before this one that she may threaten to end the world.

This is what she’s led to believe– that in her past life she was the hand maiden of Cleopatra and served her in totality. She thinks that if she does not go back to that life in ancient Egypt, the entire world may be at risk and history as we know it may be destroyed. Macy finds out eventually that she has had thousands of past lives and many of them have ended in tragedy. Could this life be on the same path?

Macy decides to go back to Egypt and find out the truth and whether she can save the world. Back in the ancient world, she finds out that she might be able to save her soul mate, who is going to die while leading armed forces against Rome. That is the plan that the Fates have for him– and the one thing that she is supposed to protect.

Can Macy go against her destiny of being the protector of the fates, or will she risk it all in the name of love? Even the very balance of reality and the world itself? The heart wants what the heart wants, but sometimes you just can’t tell what a 17 year old girl is going to do– particularly one as stubborn as Macy.

Can she make the right choice, or is she doomed either way? Can Macy risk the fate of the world to save the one she loves or find a way to save him before he dies without endangering all of existence? It’s a very big deal to have all of Fate in your hands. Read this stunning debut novel to find out the ending for yourself!

Fated is the second novel in the Bloodstone Saga. If you love fantasy based series and want an interesting new read to check out, this is the series for you! Courtney Cole has done it again in a fun new novel that once more introduces the reader to the spunky 17 year old main character, Macy Lockhart.

Macy has life all figured out, until life decides to tell her that she actually didn’t really know anything in the first place. In the debut novel, the reader finds out that she belongs to an ancient organization as the Keeper of the Order of the Moirae.

With fate held in her very hands, Macy is going to live life after life as she cycles through many different past lives as individuals that go through something tragic at the end of their lives. It’s not exactly a pleasant experience of reincarnation and rebirth. However, they do serve a purpose as they do benefit humanity in the greater good.

Now she is the one that protects and controls Fate. She learns lessons along the way, but always fails to take in the one lesson along the way that she needs to know; nothing really ever is what it appears to be.

As she struggles with a constantly changing identity and sense of her place in the world, Macy will have to roll with the punches once more as she finds out more about her destiny. Can she save the people that she loves most and still stay true to her fate? Read Courtney Cole’s Fated to find out!

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