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About Courtney Kae

American author Courtney Kae is well known for writing extremely engaging romance novels that deal with a whole range of different issues. Knowing her audience well at this point, she really understands the format she’s writing within, pushing it to its full potential. Allowing her writing to speak for itself, she ensures that it speaks to her audience in a manner quite unlike any other. Giving her work her own unique and singular voice, her stories really stand out as books with something different to say.

Telling stories of romantic relationships and passionate lovers, she’s a gifted writer with a lot of humor and heart. Establishing fully-fledged worlds for her characters to inhabit, she really immerses her audience in her stories, allowing them to explore fully. This approach to writing has developed for Kae over the years, allowing her to create her own unique style and overall tone. Setting herself apart, she really understands what it is that she’s saying with each of her books, getting right to the heart of matter.

The characters that Kae creates are also notable, in that they all feel wholly authentic and down-to-earth in their depictions. Ensuring the reader feels like they really know her protagonists, she paints them in a realistic light, while also providing a sense of escapism in her work as well. Making an impact on the reader, each of her characters really stands out, as the audience roots for them right till the very last page. Continuing to work and write, Courtney Kae has a lot more books to come yet, with plenty more titles planned for the future.

Early and Personal Life

Always interested in reading and writing from a young age, Courtney Kae would develop her passion for the craft from a young age. This interest would continue for much of her life, as she would come to refine and hone her skills as an author with something to say. Allowing her work to speak for itself after some time, she would find her own idiosyncratic voice, taking her stories into new realms.

Largely focusing on romance novels, she would primarily write about couples finding love, many of whom were LGBTQ. Bringing a whole range of different characters to her work, she would provide something new and fresh in her writing, which would see her becoming an international bestseller. Currently living in Southern California, she continues to write to this very day, living with her husband and their child.

Writing Career

Starting out in 2022, Courtney Kae would begin her literary career with the novel ‘In the Event of Love,’ which would be a romance novel. It would also become the first in her ‘Fern Falls’ series of novels, as each book would contain a separate romance story. The second book in the series would be ‘In the Case of Heartbreak,’ which would come out in 2023, just one year after the first.

Both of these books would feature LGBTQ romances, as this would become one of the key features of the series, with it being set in Fern Falls. Reaching readers far and wide, she would see book sales both nationally and internationally, gaining scores of readers from around the world. A bestselling novelist, she continues to write regularly, as she maintains a presence both online and off.

In the Event of Love

Initially brought out through the Kensington publishing imprint, this would first arrive on the 30th of August in 2022. A romantic-comedy, it’s the first in the series of ‘Fern Falls’ romance series of novels, with each book being its own romance. While the books themselves all take place in the same small American town, they can be read in any particular order.

With her career working in event-planning falling apart following a recent tabloid controversy, Morgan Ross is heading home from Los Angeles. Moving back to Fern Falls, Morgan must contend with meeting her best friend now turned crush Rachel Reed, and their memory of a past kiss. The family tree farm Rachel runs is all that’s standing between Fern Falls and corporate greed, as the two of them work together, while also dealing with their shared chemistry. Will they be able to face what’s in their path, where will their journey take them both, and what will happen in the event of love?

As a romance story with a compelling narrative and characters, this works in every department, really bringing its world to life. Establishing the series as a whole, it does a really good job in establishing the tone and overall style of the books to follow. The story itself really grabs the reader too, with its heartfelt central couple being really engaging right from the outset.

In the Case of Heartbreak

First published on the 25th of April, this would arrive in 2023 through the Kensington publishing label to much acclaim as the second ‘Fern Falls’ romance series. Once again set in Fern Falls, this follows another self-contained romance taking place in the small American town. The series itself doesn’t need to be read in any particular order, as each book is a stand-alone title happening in the same location.

Baking cinnamon rolls using his grandma’s recipe, Ben has been working at his family cafe for years, all the while secretly in love with Adam Reed. A mechanic and musician, Reed isn’t aware, and Ben hopes to change things after heading down to Maywell Bay in California for his grandma’s eightieth. Bringing in Adam Reed for the musical entertainment, things could turn around for Ben as the big day soon arrives. Will they come together at the end of it all, can they face the future together, and what will happen in the case of heartbreak?

Another strong romance story in the Fern Falls series of novels, this really makes for an engaging and entertaining novel. Capturing the essence of romance with its two leads, it definitely manages to keep readers continually gripped. Bringing the world fully to life for her readers, Kae really paints a rich and vivid portrait with her thoroughly engrossing story.

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