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Courtney Summers is a Canadian author of young adult fiction. Born in 1986, she resides in Canada full time where she manages to find the time to write a few novels and maybe even read a few as well!

Summers was born in Ontario in the town of Belleville. She took an usual path through her life, dropping out of school at just 14. It was just four years later that Courtney wrote what would become her first novel at the age of 18.

Courtney Summers first became an officially published author with the release of her debut novel in 2008. It is titled Cracked Up to Be. She was twenty-two years old when that book came out and it won a CYBIL Award.

Courtney has kept writing since then and come out with several more novels. The second book of hers that was published came out in 2010 and is titled Some Girls Area. She has come out with several more books including a digital novella and its sequel. She was named one of the top sixty under thirty years old people by Flare Magazine in 2016.

Cracked Up to Be is the first book from talented writer Courtney Summers. Parker Fadley is a type-A girl that is known for being perfect. Things start to fall apart and all of St. Peter’s High School starts to notice when she begins failing out at her classes and drinking during school hours.

The cheerleading captain seems to have fallen far and quickly, but why? Parker seems to have everything in life. She’s always gotten good grades and everyone had all but accepted the fact that she was going to be valedictorian. Parker was also going out with the school’s most popular guy and now all of that seems to be in jeopardy.

The golden girl has clearly fallen, but why? Parker was once going to fly high but now it seems that she cannot pull herself out of this slump. People try to talk to her about it, but she doesn’t want to speak with anyone about the situation and would prefer to be either ignored or left alone.

Parker’s parents have even gone so far to put her on suicide watch. The counselors at school are trying to get her to tell the truth and now there’s a nice kid at school who seems to be the only one that gets her. He’s falling for Parker and she’s admitting to herself that she is starting to feel something– but would prefer that wasn’t happening, to be honest.

No one ever thought that the situation would get to this point, but at the same time, no one really knows the reasons why Parker is acting this way either. It turns out that something has happened in the past– something horrible that she might not be talking about. Could Parker be involved in something or done something that has caused her to be this way?

Parker may or may not be able to pull herself out of this mess. Will the truth set her free, or set her even further back than she already is? What will happen to the guy that likes her? You’re going to have to read the intriguing debut novel from an author that is already known in the young adult writing world and starting to get global recognition!

Read Cracked Up to Be to find out what happens to Parker and those around her and whether her world will ever be the same again.

Some Girls Are is the second fictional book put out by Courtney Summers. When it comes to being popular, it’s tough to climb your way to the top. Getting to the top can be tough, but when you’re at the top, the only way that you have to go is down.

Once you fall out of popularity’s good graces, it’s hard to get back to where you used to be. Just ask Regina Afton, a regular girl in high school that knows all too well. She was once at the top as a valued member of a five girl clique that ran the school. All of Hallowell High knew who these girls were, and looked up to them just as much as they feared them.

It was as close to being famous as anyone could ever be. Things are going great until rumors start spreading around the school about Regina and the boyfriend of her best friend. Whether it’s true or not, Regina has gotten the boot from the very group that she used to run with. Her friends used to run with her, and now they have turned their back on her and want to make her pay.

This is made all the more painful by the fact that Regina didn’t do anything, and now her former friends want nothing more than to make her pay. Revenge can be a double-edged sword, but right now she’s the only one getting cut by it. The truth may be even more different than the gossip, but how can she ever prove that to anyone?

With the exclusion and bullying that she faces getting stronger by the day, Regina has to find someplace that she feels safe. As it turns out, that may be in the company of another person who doesn’t belong. That would be Michael, a misfit that has a horrible past. She even used to be mean to him, but can they become pals against all of the odds?

Regina realizes that she hasn’t been that nice in the past and now is starting to realize the value of being kind and of true friendship as well. Even though Regina has been unkind to Michael in the past, they slowly forget a friendship that may be more than that.

Can Regina make amends and conquer her past? As the bullying gets worse and threats come at Regina, she must figure out how she is going to survive her senior year and what she can do to make the quartet of mean girls back off for good. Read this book to find out what happens in the end!

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